Is Teamfight Tactics a Matchmade game?

Hello, dear League of Legends enthusiasts. Or let’s say, Teamfight Tactics enthusiasts because, in this article, we will look at the features of this relatively new gaming franchise produced by the Riot Games factory. 

Teamfight Tactics has set out to win the sympathy of gamers around the world, so we can freely say that it is in the race to become one of the most popular games in the world at the moment. 

In this article, we will answer one important question that is often encountered in the community of Teamfight Tactics players, and that is – is Teamfight Tactics a matchmade game? Stay with us and find out the answer to this question soon.

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What Is Meant By “Matchmade” In League Of Legends?

You’ve probably heard of the term “matchmade game.” Matchmade game is a term often used in the League of Legends community and can be explained quite easily. League of Legends has a lot of game modes, ranked duo, ARAM, or normal mode. The matchmade game is any of these mods, provided it is not custom-made.

And custom-made matches are mostly reserved for gaming competitions, where professionals decide for themselves what the match will look like, whether they want to pause it, and other options available to them. This is actually the best and simplest explanation of the difference between a custom and a matchmade game.

Also, if you play custom-made games, you lose the ability to win a key or shard, so remember that if you want to try the option of creating a custom-made game.

What are Teamfight Tactics?

As we said in the introduction, Teamfight Tactics is a product of the Riot Games factory that decided to make a spin-off of the world-famous League of Legends game. Teamfight Tactics was released on June 26, 2019, and on March 18, 2020, this game received its mobile version. This is also a multiplayer game, and its genre is auto-battler.

Currently, if you want to access this game via PC, you can only do so through the League of Legends client, as another one of the game modes within the League of Legends. This is a game for eight players, and each player chooses strong champions, deploys them, and fights to remain the only winner.

The match is divided into rounds, and during the rounds, you can buy items to upgrade your game. Also, Teamfight Tactics have their own ranked system that is very similar to the League of Legends ranked system, only without the promotion series. As soon as a player in Teamfight Tactics reaches 100 League Points, he will move to a higher rank. Check out Riot’s official website for other details on how the Teamfight Tactics ranked system works.

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What Does It Look Like To Play Teamfight Tactics?

The first thing that differs from League of Legends gameplay is owning your own Little Legend. The Little Legend is a character that represents the player, and the player controls his Little Legend with the right mouse button. 

The Little Legend collects item orbs and chooses a champion from the Carousel, so you can see there is not much gameplay with him. But if you are interested, you can upgrade and customize your Little Legend to make it different from others, so go ahead and have fun editing your little friend.

Unlike Summoner’s Rift, Teamfight Tactics uses an island-shaped Arena that features a battlefield for champions, Gold Generators, and the champion bench. Like Little Legends, Arena can be customized to your liking, and there are different skins for Arena that you can buy in the store or earn during the game.

Well, gold is a familiar item to you. You can win gold during the game and spend it on champions, experience, or re-rolls if you don’t like some of your units. In time, you will learn that there are different strategies for properly spending the earned gold.

As the game progresses, so does your experience, and the more experience you have, the better your chances of upgrading your champions. Champions in Teamfight Tactics serve to protect the Little Legends; how noble of them. 

Unlike League of Legends, here you don’t control champions when fighting on a battlefield. You’re kind of like a shadow ruler, buying items and upgrading your champions, but you can’t control them when the fight starts. You choose your champions in Carousel, and Carousel is a special round when units are chosen.

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PvP and PvE rounds

PvE is the next round, a neutral round where there is no fight. Here you can re-run a shared draft, carousel, or meet a group of minions or monsters. If the player does not take the item during the PvE round, a monster will appear that will drop the gold. Also, epic monsters, when they lose, always drop a random item.

In PvP rounds comes the fight. Finally, huh? Opponents are determined by random selection, and one of the players, together with his team, switches to the map of his enemy. A real fight takes place on the battlefield, which lasts until one team loses or passes 40 seconds. 

After a player loses, he takes damage, a certain amount that is determined by the tier and upgrade level of each enemy champion who survived the battle. If neither team wins by the end of the time, both teams will be considered defeated, and both teams will take damage.

When there are only three players left, the player with the most health fights with the duplicate team, the so-called ghost army, which is a copy of the team from another player. In this way, two weaker players can fight, but also use this time to upgrade their champions and thus be stronger so that they can face the strongest player. 

In this way, Riot enabled a fair fight in the first place. Also, we must not forget to mention that each player starts the game with 100 Life Points, and if during the game he loses all Life Points and reaches 0 Life Points is considered defeated.

So, with all of that information, is Teamfight Tactics matchmade game?

After this brief description of Teamfight Tactics and its most important rules, it is important to answer this question. Yes, Teamfight Tactics is a matchmade game because it belongs to the game modes of League of Legends and if you don’t play a custom-made match it is a matchmade game and has all its benefits. Once you read this article and find out what a matchmade game actually means you will no longer have dilemmas about whether the game is matchmade or not.

Final Thoughts

We came to the end of this article whose topic was to answer the question of whether Teamfight Tactics is a matchmade game or not. Players are quite confused about which category to classify this relatively new game that came out of the Riot Games game factory two years ago. 

As we mentioned, Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battler multiplayer game that is actually a spin-off of League of Legends and can currently only be played if accessed from the League of Legends client (this applies to the PC version of the game, the mobile version is downloaded via an application). We have defined what matchmade game means and how to distinguish between matchmade games and games that are not matchmade. 

So, to rewrite, the matchmade game is a game that is not custom – so you did not make it and set its specifications, but you chose the game you will play according to its rules. Teamfight Tactics belong to the category of matchmade games, as well as ARAM, ranked duo or normal game. Until the moment you decide to change the game yourself and choose the custom way of playing the match. We hope you have no more dilemmas about this issue, have fun while playing. 🙂

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