The Mystery Behind Jhin’s Mask (Revealed)

The Mystery Behind Jhin's Mask (Revealed)

League of Legends has a lot of variety in every sense of the word. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about characters and their back-stories, the various skins for these champions, the items they use, the endless strategies that players can choose from while playing the game, the ward skins, and more.

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The game is constantly evolving and changing with the times. The fact that the game is not static makes it competitive even after over a decade in play with new MMORPG and various new online video gaming genres that keep originating with the times. League, however, still has a massive chunk of the online gaming market.

And the main reason for this is the wide variety of Champions that players can choose from. These characters have varying playstyles and skills. It depends on the player and how they use the champion in different positions and roles to suit their play style.

These champions have very colorful back-stories and have very life-like and believable personalities. The lore lends credence to their personality. If you pay close attention to the champions’ dialogues during the game, you can get a good glimpse of the champions’ back-story.

The Many Faces of League Champions

The Mystery Behind Jhin's Mask (Revealed)

As mentioned earlier, the champions in League of Legends have very believable back-stories. The personalities, the way Champions are clothed, their skins, their dialogues, their skin tones-everything adds to making the champions life-like.

Most important among these is perhaps the masks that many champions wear. Some champions have a mysterious aura that complements their personalities. Take Zed or Akali, for example. They are two of the most popular Assassins in League of Legends. Not only are they fun to play with and absolutely deadly if the right player is in control, but they can also be devastating in mid-lane, top-lane, and sometimes in the jungle as well!

Both Zed and Akali are excellent choices in the laning phase as well as in team-fights. But what makes them especially fun to play with are their masks.

There is a particular mystery around these champions which makes their role as assassins even more relatable and justified. There are various other masked champions as well. Being un-masked with some of the champions makes a lot more sense—for instance, Ahri, a mage assassin and deadly with skill shots.

If you can hit the skill-shots right, it cannot be easy to play against an Ahri in mid-lane. More recently, some players have explored the possibility of playing Ahri as a support as well. The persona of Ahri and her personality is better complemented with her not wearing a mask at all. The same is true for virtually every other champion in League.

The Mystery Behind the Masks

Riot has recently given teasers and released concept art hinting at the faces behind some of the masks that various League of Legends Champions are wearing.

Akali, Zed, Jhin, and Master Yi have been hinted at. Some League players were surprised, some were awed, and some were disappointed at the prospective face reveal for some of these champions. Zed, the master of shadows, was shown without a mask in a concept art recently. Players expressed varying reactions to the face reveal.

Some players believed that Zed, being a master assassin, should not have such a handsome well-shaped face as revealed by the leaked concept art.
Similarly, Master Yi was shown without a mask in such a reveal. He seemed like a young martial artist expert at Swordplay.

Master Yi is supposed to be the teacher of some other champions in League of Legends lore, including Wukong. He seemed a bit young to be a Master. But then again, there is a reason for having the masks on in the first place!

Akali is also an assassin with a mask on. Some of the concept art revealed have hinted at a young and feminine Akali who seems to be as beautiful as she is deadly. But it is difficult to say for sure what this face reveals mean ultimately. Until further word from Riot or more skins where the champions don’t have these masks on, it could all be mere speculation.

One very interesting fact to pay attention to is how the face reveals sits in with the champions’ lore and back-story.

The Face Behind The Most Stylish Champion in League: Jhin

The Mystery Behind Jhin's Face Mask (Revealed)

Various champions add a bit of flair to their playstyle. And Jhin is perhaps one of the best ones that fit in this category. Jhin counts his shots while using his weapon, and you can tell by his dialogues that his fourth shot will hurt enemies.

The way he swings his weapons fits in with his overall persona. He could be the most stylish Champion that Riot has created for League of Legends. Recently, there was some speculation of a face reveal for Jhin as well. An older Jhin’s face was revealed, which came as a shock to many. The sniper seems young and agile, but the face reveal showed a more senior, experienced, and serious-looking Jhin behind the mask.

It is still unclear whether the face reveal might leak a new Jhin skin to be released in the future. What’s clear is that severe and brooding Jhin looks very cool.

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Final thoughts

League of legends will keep evolving with the times to come, thanks to Riot’s good people who keep experimenting and improving the game experience. The Champions in League of legends are by far the best attraction that League has to offer.

With so many playstyles and personalities to choose from, one hardly ever gets bored while playing League. Many champions wear masks, and this suits their persona. And Jhin is one of the most stylish Champions in the League. His face reveal has excited old and new players alike.

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