Top 5 Best Support Champions To Pick AGAINST Jhin

Jhin is a terrifying ADC that can be very hard to handle once he gets to the farm. He has insane damage because his passive scales his AD for a percentage. He also gains bonus AD when he gains critical strike and attack speed. To top it all off, Yuumi can support him and reach 1000 AD given the right circumstances. He also has spells that have incredibly long range making it hard for you to deal with him, let alone reach him. 

Every time he uses his 4th shot on his basic attacks and spells, he also deals bonus damage the more hp you are losing. With all that insane damage, Jhin is still a glass cannon champion that is pretty easy to one shot if you can flank him. Champions that give their team backline access to Jhin are great counters for him. With all that in mind, let us take a look at five great support champions you can use to counter Jhin. 

1. Leona

Leona is one of the best champions you can use to gain access or CC champions. Once deep within the backline. Leona’s ultimate has a long range you can use to stun Jhin for a long time. She also has the most Crowd control abilities in the game, making her great to stun a Jhin, which relies so much on mobility to kite enemies when they close the gap on him. There are multiple ways you can counter Jhin with Leona, different items and playstyles work tremendously, and here they are. 

Early Game Playstyle

You pretty much lost in the early game because you don’t have much tankiness and engage abilities yet. You can opt for an aggressive playstyle if you play with an aggressive ADC like Lucian or Tristana. If you are, play as aggressively as you can to delay Jhin’s farming, once you get a lead against him, he won’t be able to out damage your ADC. Your CC abilities would also prove challenging for him to avoid as it all has a long range. Engage and have your ADC always go in for the kill because it will be a high risk, high reward with Leona. If you are playing with a passive ADC, then simply play safe and proc your relic from time to time. Just avoid being caught by his W, so you don’t die often.

Mid Game Playstyle and Item 

You should build a Randuin’s Omen to mitigate Jhin’s critical strike damage. You can also use this item so you can enhance your engagement capabilities. Once you engage him with all of your stuns, sometimes it is not enough for your ADC to finish him off. Slow him down using the active effect of this item so your ADC can easily kite and chase him.

Late Game Playstyle

Team fights will become more prominent in the late game, and Jhin will spend most of his time in his team’s backline. They. Your team would have a hard time to try and reach him, they have to flank or CC all the frontline enemies for them to reach Jhin. Luckily your ultimate has a long-range, and you can use all your CC abilities on Jhin, so he doesn’t get to move and help his team. You can also use your ult to pick him off. Every time you see him in a vulnerable spot, cast your ult on him and let your team pick him off before the team fight even starts.


Q: What if I am paired with no assassins that can flank and an immobile adc like Ashe?

A: You can simply use all of your CC on him and have your team follow up whenever they are near, and it is safe. Jhin will surely snowball if this is the case, so try to play as safe as possible and let your ADC reach their power spike. Avoid dying as it will only give Jhin gold, making him farm faster.

Q: What is the best strategy when starting a fight with Jhin using Leona?

A: Always lead with your ultimate to ensure a 2-3 second stun on him and follow up with all of your CC abilities, make sure you sequence it to maximize its duration. Also, keep in mind that you should not fight with Jhin if you don’t have CC and slow abilities, as he can easily kite you with his passive movement speed. Don’t let him reach his 4th bullet as well, as it can quickly finish off your ADC even at half health.

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2. Blitzcrank

Nothing is more lethal to an ADC than to get hooked by a Blitzcrank and have no means of protecting yourself except a flash. Blitzcrank is an excellent champion who can easily set a kill for an ADC, especially on Jhin, a champion with no dashes or mobility except for a flash or a galeforce. Blitzcrank also has lots of playstyles that differ throughout the different phases of the game. Read on and discover how you can counter Jhin with Blitzcrank.

Early Game Playstyle

Blitzcrank is already an overpowered champion right from the get-go. The ability to displace a champion from a very long range is rather, unfair especially in the early game. Jhin also has no way to dodge Blitzcrank’s hook because he has no leaps or dashes except for his flash. 

With that in mind, look to control the bushes in the bot lane so you can hide and position yourself well for a nice and lethal hook against Jhin. Once you hook him, prepare your E, and knock him up, this will be enough for your ADC to follow up on and finish Jhin. Blitzcrank’s Q + E damage is also relatively high in the early game, so one successful hook can be the first blood against Jhin.

Mid Game Playstyle

A blitzcrank with mobility boots is an op champion that can roam all lanes. One significant item that blitzcrank can buy is Turbo Chemtank. He doesn’t have to hide in bushes to engage enemies anymore when he has this item. He can combine his W and the activity of this item to have a boost of movement speed to catch enemies. He can even do this with a frontal engage, and Jhin won’t do anything. 

Late Game Playstyle

The late game sees through the fall of Blitzcrank’s hook, but it can still be lethal for Jhin when used at the right time. During team fights, Blitz can hook Jhin for an easy pick. Just make sure that your team will always be there to follow up because hooking a Jhin in the late game without an ally to back you up can be lethal to you. Jhin has insane damage in the late game so always try to burst him before he could even land a single basic attack on you. 


Q: What if Jhin always hides behind a minion, and there is no opening for a hook?

A: If this is the case, then try to roam other lanes and have your other carries win their lanes. Once they do they can roam towards bot lane and maybe even flank Jhin and score a takedown on him. 

Q: What should I do if Jhin got first blood and has a lead against our bot lane?

A: Build defensive items so you can hunker down our turret and let your ADC farm safely. However, if you see an opening for Jhin, don’t hesitate to hook him because he is still squishy despite his severe damage. Only try to fight him when your ADC builds their mythic item. 

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3. Nautilus

Another champion with excellent backline access can be better than Leona because he can open up a path towards Jhin. When Jhin is in the backline, Nautilus can cast his ultimate upon him and all other champions in the frontline that Naut’s ult passes get knocked up. Nautilus is also great at locking a champion down with his spells, and it also has significant damage, so he can easily 1v1 Jhin early – mid-game. 

Early Game Playstyle

Thanks to his high base defensive stats, Nautilus is already tanky even in the early game. He can also learn his W, which can give him a shield. He can also combine this with a shield bash to deal great damage in the early game. 

Nautilus has a great engagement even in the early phases of the game. His stun followed by a passive root and E slow is enough to lock Jhin down for three or more seconds. His combo also has severe damage, so Nautilus’s engagement in the early game could prove lethal for Jhin.

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build

You can quickly go for an all-in engagement as long as you are with your ADC in the mid-game. If you catch Jhin without his support or the help of other laners, engaging him would kill him. Another item to extend your CC duration is the Everfrost. It doesn’t only provide another stack of CC but also empowers Naut’s AP damage. 

Late Game Playstyle

The late-game also sees through Naut’s late-game damage. He has the potential to one-shot Jhin or bring him down to a quarter of his HP bar. You can also pick him off of his team during team fights. It will clear the way for your teammates to get to him once your ult knocks everybody else up. 

4. Pantheon

Pantheon is one of the strongest engaged champions in the league of legends that can get one shot ADC’s. He also has excellent backline access that can easily pick Jhin off at the backline even during late games.

Early Game Playstyle

Pantheon can easily poke Jhin with his empowered Q every time it is up. He can also engage him with his empowered W and finish it off with a Q and end the trade with an E to prevent damage against him. This is great as you can zone Jhin pretty hard in the laning phase to prevent him from reaching his power spike. You can also use your E whenever he casts his grenade or W on you. 

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build

Pantheon can quickly engage Jhin with his ultimate, and items like Duskblade or any other lethality items will prove helpful for, canPantheon, combined with a PTA rune, can surely one-shot Jhin. Try to surprise Jhin with your ult or an engagement from the bush. The PTA proc from your empowered W followed by a Q, and a hit will most likely kill Jhin. If not, you can kill him with another cast of your Q. 

Late Game Playstyle

You can pick him off in the late game by using your ult to gain backline access against him. Jhin can be easily one-shot by a lethality build Pantheon, and he won’t even be able to retaliate with you as you can easily burst him. If he survives and decides to kill you from long range, you can simply use your E to block its damage. 

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5. Nami

Jhin’s weaknesses are supports with CC abilities and backline access. Nami can easily CC him even if he is behind his team. Nami’s bubble and ultimate are enough to slow and stun Jhin for a good 5 seconds. She can also empower her ADC with her E so that her ADC can kill Jhin much faster.

Early Game Playstyle

Nami can continuously poke Jhin with her Q and W. It s free trade when you use your W against Jhin as it bounces back to you as a heal. Your Q can also be helpful if your ADC is aggressive, like tristana or a Caitlyn. With no way of dodging nami’s spells, Jhin will most likely get hit by all of her spells in the early game.

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build

A crystal scepter will prove helpful against Jhin because you can constantly slow him with your W and Q. This will also add damage to your spells, making him die faster.

Late Game Playstyle

During teamfights, engage Jhin with your ultimate, so it knocks all of his teammates up. This will slow everybody and give enough time for your team to burst Jhin along with his team down. He won’t utilize his passive movement speed because Nami’s ult has a very long, slow duration.

Final Thoughts

Jhin is a very strong ADC that is very susceptible to support CC. Use aggressive support champions as passive support champions will most likely just be food for Jhin. 

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