Top 7 Best Juggernauts in League of Legends

Best Juggernauts League of Legends Guide

Juggernauts in League of Legends are champions that have a high amount of HP but also deal quite a lot of damage. These champions are mostly played in the top lane but in some cases, they can also be played as a jungler. If you want to know which champions are worth picking right now, here are the top 7 best fighters in League of Legends.

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The top 7 best juggernauts in League of Legends right now are:

  • Darius
  • Mordekaiser
  • Illaoi
  • Sett
  • Garen
  • Aatrox
  • Yorick

These are the 7 juggernauts that are performing really well right now and they can win you tons of games if you know what you’re doing. If you want to know why they are considered to be the best, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s take a look at the top 7 best juggernauts in League of Legends.


Best Juggernaut Darius League of LegendsWhen I think of juggernauts in League of Legends, Darius is what instantly comes to mind. He is a great pick as a fighter thanks to his strong abilities and his awesome attitude. Darius’ Q makes him spin his axe around him that deals tons of damage and applies the bleed status on the enemy. If they are hit by the handle, they will take less damage but if they are hit by the outer edge, they will take a lot of damage.

His W empowers Darius’ attack and he hits with more power. This also slows the enemy, making it easier for you to stay on them. His E will pull anything in front of him, allowing you to bring the enemy close to you and stop them from running. It also grants him passive armor penetration as well.

Finally, Darius’ R is one of the best abilities in the game. He jumps high in the air and dunks on the enemy to execute them. The more stacks of bleed you have on the enemy, the more damage your R does.


Best Juggernaut Mordekaiser League of LegendsAfter his rework, Mordekaiser has become a strong AP juggernaut that can solo win games thanks to his damage and ability to 1v1 anyone. He has a lot of HP and can gain a massive shield after taking a bit of damage. Plus, his passive allows him to deal damage around him after hitting enemy champions for a few auto attacks.

His Q allows him to smash his massive mace in front of him on the ground. All enemies hit by his mace will take a lot of damage. However, if you hit this on a solo enemy, they will take more damage.

His W is the main sustaining ability. After taking some damage, his shield meter will start to fill up. Depending on how much it is filled up, you can use W to gain a shield. After gaining the shield, you can press W again to regenerate some of your HP. Alternatively, you can get the shield and not recast W so that you do not lose it.

Mordekaiser’s E allows him to pull anyone in front of him toward him. He opens a small portal to the underworld and has a massive hand appear out of it. He pulls all enemy targets toward himself after a short moment.

Finally, his R lets him target any enemy champion and take them to his Realm. In this area, the enemy is stuck with Mordekaiser for the duration of the Realm and they have to 1v1. Plus, Mordekaiser also steals some of the enemy’s stats. If he kills the opponent, he will gain their stats for the duration of their death.


Best Juggernaut Illaoi League of LegendsIllaoi is a great champion that is quite the lane bully. On top of that, she also is a menace and can easily 1v2 if the enemy jungler ganks your lane. Due to her high damage and potential to regenerate her HP, she is a massive threat as a juggernaut.

Her Q allows Illaoi to slam a massive tentacle on the ground in front of her. She damages all enemy units that are hit by this. Your Q is a great ability to use when the enemy is behind their minions. This will not only damage them but also push the wave as well.

Her W gives her an empowered auto attack. She can lunge a short distance and damage the enemy with her auto attack. If your passive tentacles are nearby, they will also focus on the target that is hit by her W.

Illaoi’s E is one of the most annoying abilities to face during the laning phase. She pulls the soul out of the enemy champion that is hit by it, and she can attack it. The enemy takes a bit of damage that is dealt to their soul. However, if they leave the area or have their soul killed, they will be slowed and will be attacked by any tentacles in the area. They have to run around for a few seconds until three tentacles have spawned and attacked them.

Her R allows Illaoi to jump in the air and slam her idol down. This not only damages any enemy nearby but also spawns a tentacle for each enemy hit. The more enemies you hit by this, the more powerful your ultimate becomes. In a teamfight, you can wipe out the enemy thanks to this.


Best Juggernaut Sett League of LegendsSett is a great character that is not only fun to play but also quite strong. He is a good juggernaut that loves to fight with his fists and all of his abilities revolve around that. His Q allows Sett to hit the enemy twice in quick succession. These punches are stronger than his normal ones and are great to engage in the fight. Plus, you’ll gain a little movement speed as well while your Q is active.

Sett’s W is the main thing that makes him so good. After taking damage, you can use your W to gain a shield and use a strong punch in front of you. Depending on how much damage you took, your W will either instantly kill the squishy champs or not do anything if you use it to start the fight. Always use this ability when your damage meter is full.

Your E will pull all enemies from both directions of Sett and stun them for a short duration. This is a good ability if you want to start the fight and the enemy is running. You can pull them towards you and start punching them.

Sett’s ultimate is one of my favorite abilities since it is so fun to use. He picks up his enemy and powerbombs them in the direction Sett is facing. If you use this on a tanky champion, you will deal a lot of damage in the area where you land. Try to use this on support or other tanky enemies and powerbomb them in their team for additional damage.


Best Juggernaut Garen League of LegendsGaren is an all-time classic champion that I have my problems with but cannot deny that he is one of the best fighters in League of Legends. If you are new to the game and want to play a top-laner, Garen is the way to go. He has a lot of HP and gets quite tanky in the late game. All the while, he can deal a lot of damage thanks to his abilities.

Garen’s Q allows him to have an empowered auto attack that deals more damage than usual and silences the enemy champion for a while. This is a good ability to start trades with. Plus, since you gain movespeed while your Q is active, you can use this to either run away or chase enemies.

Secondly, Garen’s W makes him tankier as he gains more tenacity and a small shield for a short duration. This ability is useful if you are about to be hit with a root or a stun. Properly timing your W will allow you to easily run away even after getting hit with the CC thanks to the increased tenacity.

His E allows him to spin while constantly dealing damage around him. This is a great follow-up ability after using his Q to gap close. Garen’s E surprisingly does a lot of damage considering it isn’t his strongest ability. You can use this to either clear the wave or damage the enemy.

Finally, his ultimate is where Garen becomes quite strong. Once the enemy is at a low enough HP, you can use your R to execute them in the name of Demacia. This is a strong ultimate as the enemy is sure to die once they reach a certain amount of HP.

What makes him even stronger is the fact that Garen does not require mana and his passive allows him to quickly heal if he is out of combat. If you are low HP in the lane, simply retreat and stand near your turret for a while to heal.


Best Juggernaut Aatrox League of LegendsAatrox is a great juggernaut that has seen his fair share of reworks. In his current state, he is a good champion that can deal a lot of damage. Plus, his abilities allow him to sustain a lot of HP and force the enemy to retreat.

His Q can be used three times. He jumps in the air and slams the ground in front of him for the first part. This is a narrow line that will knock up any enemy hit by the tip. The second part allows him to slam the ground but this time, the line is wider but it doesn’t go as far. The enemies hit by the tip of his sideways sword are knocked up, Finally, the third part allows him to slam his sword in the center, dealing a lot of damage.

His W is a simple spell that allows him to throw a chain in front of him. If it hits an enemy champion, they are slowed and will be pulled in the middle of where they were hit after a few seconds. If they escape the area, they can run away without being pulled back.

His E is a short dash that allows Aatrox to either go over small walls or hit enemies with his Q. He can use this to position himself or run away from enemies as well.

Finally, his R transforms him into his true form. During this duration, he gains additional movement speed and he has more lifesteal as well. If you hit your Q to the enemy, you will regain tons of your HP.


Best Juggernaut Yorick League of LegendsYorick is a beast when it comes to splitpushing and fighting the enemy. Thanks to his spells, he can destroy any lane that he wants and force the enemy to send more champions to stop him. He can have a lot of lane control and allow your team to gain objectives thanks to his pressure.

His Q allows him to slam his shovel into an enemy target. He deals additional damage to any enemy hit. This is an auto attack reset so you can use it right after attacking the enemy to damage them even more.

His W creates a small cage that can trap any enemy inside of it. The cage does not stun anyone but it forces them to attack it if they want to escape.

Yorick’s E lets him throw a mark on enemies that will slow them. On top of that, any enemy champions hit by this mark will be focused by Yorick’s minions and his maiden. This is a great ability to force the enemy to run since they will take a lot of damage.

His R summons a maiden that deals a lot of damage to anything it attacks. This is a great spell to take down turrets or enemies. You can use it to splitpush easily without any issues.

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