How Much XP Do Jungle Camps Give?

XP also referred to as experience is one of the most important mechanics in League of Legends, the rate of gaining XP can be the difference between a victory and defeat. 

There are numerous ways of gaining experience in the game, killing jungle camps might be one of the most efficient ones. 

The common name for the practice of killing jungle creeps for gold and XP is known as juggling, there’s even a specific champion role dedicated to this known as ‘Jungler’ which champions like Master Yi and Lee Sin perform pretty well. 

With Jungling being such a famous phenomenon, players must ask a question, how much XP does Jungling really give?

Killing jungle monsters gives around 85 – 207 XP points based on the type of monster killed and its level when it was slain. Different monsters have a different range of granting XP based on their level.

Jungling can be a reliable source of XP and gold if carried out with the right items and champions, let’s jump in and find out what are the different types of camps how much XP exactly each of these jungle camps grant and how can you effectively farm them.

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Types of Jungle Monsters

Monsters can be found in The Jungle on the League of Legends map, the jungle is an area that is not covered by lanes or bases of either side,  the river can be considered a part of the jungle. The thing that distinguishes monsters from minions is that they are neutral entities and don’t fight for either side. They will attack any of the team’s champions when provoked.

Blue Sentinel

Also referred to as “Blue Buff”, Blue Sentinel is a large jungle monster that grants 110-148 XP points, depending on its level. Killing this monster also grants ‘Crest of Insight’ which provides cooldown reduction and increased mana restoration to its holder. Crest of Insight increases Jungling speed for ability-based jungle so it’s a good idea to get it.

Blue Sentinel’s Level 1 3 4 5 7 9
XP 110 112 118 126 137 148

Red Brambleback

Red Bramble Back which is also known as the “Red Buff” is a large monster just like the Blue Sentinel and its XP mechanism is similar to its, 110-148 XP based on its level. 

Red Bramble gives an item called the ‘Crest of Cinders’, which grants increased health regeneration and equips holders to attack with a slow and a burn. This monster is an alternative starting point for junglers for that don’t really rely on their mana for jungling.

Red Brambleback’s Level 1 3 4 5 7 9
XP 110 112 118 126 137 148

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Rift Scuttler

Rift Scuttler is a monster that can be found wandering the river, the XP points you gain from killing it are in the range of 115-207. It’s a really contested jungle camp between both sides. 

Killing it spawns a “Speed Shrine” that grants you a vision of that area and also gives bonus movement speed when the team that killed it are within the range of the shrine. 

The majority of it’s maximum health is shielded and the unique thing about this monster is that unlike other monsters which attack when provoked Rift Scuttler simply runs away.

Rift Scuttler’s Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
XP 115 126 138 149 161 172 184 195 207


Gromp is toad like a large monster that, unlike other monsters that we have discussed until now, attacks from a range. XP that you gain from slaying gromp is in the range of 135-182. 

The rewards for killing gromp are pretty straightforward, mana and health of your champion is restored depending on your missing health and mana. 

Gromp deals magic damage so champions that have low magic damage resistance might struggle a little against this monster at the start. 

Gromp’s Level 1 3 4 5 7 9
XP 135 138 145 155 168 182

Murk Wolves and Greater Murk Wolf

This camp has multiple monsters in it, 2 Murk Wolves and a Greater Murk Wolf. Greater Murk Wolf Grants experience in the range of 65-87 while the simple wolves grants 15-20 XP each. 

These wolves are the fastest moving monsters on this list so kiting will be almost impossible for melee champions. When fighting this camp, it is recommended to go for the Murk Wolves first and then kill the greater one.

Wolves’ Level 1 3 4 5 7 9
XP 95 97 102 109 118 128

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Crimson Raptor and Raptors

Just like the murk wolves, the raptors are also a camp containing multiple monsters with one Crimson Raptor and 5 simple Raptors. 

Crimson Raptor gives 45-61 XP based on their level while the small raptors grant 10-12.5 XP. 

Raptors are as fast as the Murk Wolves when it comes to movement speed and on top of that, they are the monsters with the greatest attack range, target the small raptors first when jungling this camp, they are considerably weaker than the Crimson.

Raptor Camp’s Level 1 3 4 5 7 9
XP 85 87 91 98 106 116


This camp only starts with one Ancient Krug and a simple Krug, but once slain, these both split into two of their lesser forms, Ancient Krug splits into two Krugs and Krug splits into two Mini Krugs

Technically this is the most populated monster camp in the game. Ancient Krug grants 37-50 XP based on its level, Krugs give 10-13.5 experience depending on their level, and Mini Krugs grant 18-24 XP based on their level. The sheer population of Krugs can be a decent source of XP from just one camp.

Raptor Camp’s Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
XP 153 153 154 159 167 176 180 191 195 206.5

Ending Thoughts

The jungler is important in League of Legends, and it is hard to perform in this role if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it. 

Knowing how much XP do these camps provide and what is the nature of these monsters is important to play this role, which we pretty much covered for you.

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