Top 5 Best Support Champions That Counter Kai’Sa in Season 12

Kaisa is an excellent late-game champion that needs to get kills or farm in the early game, so she does not fall off in value when the late game comes. She is a very squishy champion with a burst of movement speed as a means of mobility. You can easily pick her off with burst champions or support champions with lots of CC

The only way to keep her from snowballing is to delay her farming and lock her down every time a teamfight happens. Always try to stay beside your ADC because Kaisa can quickly dash towards them, and she can one-shot your ADC with her isolated Icathian Rain. With all that in mind, let us take a look at 5 of the best Support champions you can use to counter Kaisa. 

1. Sona

Sona’s Q and passive damage are unavoidable because it is a basic attack and targeted. The only way to stop it is to have a Braum to block the projectile for you or a Yasuo with a wind wall. Sona will most likely scale as well, meaning she can punish Kaisa even harder as the game progresses. 

Early Game Playstyle

Sona can pick the Aery rune and poke Kaisa with her Q. This has tremendous damage even at level 1, so you can use it to gain a hp advantage over Kaisa. Kaisa also has a concise range, so you can hit her with your Q every time she goes to last hit a minion. However, be careful of Kaisa’s isolated Q, so make sure to poke her only when you are behind your minions. Harass her as much as you can to delay her power spike. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Initiating a fight with Kaisa is much easier now as you will have your ult now. Everfrost is also a great addition to Sona’s ult CC. It also gives her bonus AP, so her poke damage is more substantial now. Keep poking Kaisa when you are with someone but avoid a 1v1 with her as you will most likely lose even if you throw all of your spells at her. Only start a fight with her if you have your ADC with you. 

Late Game Playstyle

Try to zone Kaisa away during teamfights by threatening her that you will cast your ultimate. Just like in the tips, sometimes it is much more threatening to pretend you are casting your spell than using it at all. Play defensively against Kaisa during this phase but when you read the situation, initiate a fight by stunning her with your ultimate followed by your ever frost. 

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2. Thresh

Thresh is one of those champions who excel in locking mobile champions in one place. Once you catch Kaisa with your hook, it is pretty much game over for her if your ADC Is with you. It will be hard for Kaisa to trade with your ADC if you are around because you can constantly stun and knock her back with your spells. Thresh has low cooldown spells, which means he can spam his ability to pester Kaisa. He also has severe damage because he can stack his passive. 

Early Game Playstyle

Thresh can start the lane pretty strong because of his hook. This is also a threatening ability for Kaisa because she has no way of dodging it except her reaction time. Thresh’s hook also has a long stun duration and he can displace Kaisa as he pulls her towards him. Aggressive ADC’s can easily follow up on this and punish Kaisa in the laning phase.

Mid Game Playstyle

Gain control over the vision in the river so you can have your jungler and mid laner roam towards bot lane. This is also great as you can hide in bushes and surprise Kaisa with a hook engage. Items like Shurelya’s are great, so you can catch up to Kaisa whenever she uses her E to run away from you. 

Late Game Playstyle

During late game, you can be the initiating factor for your team as you will have a shurelya to start the assault. Kaisa will most likely be in the frontlines because of her concise range, so use this opportunity to flay her towards yourself and hook her, followed by an ult. If you manage to lock her down, she won’t be able to burst any of your allies with her isolated icathian rain. 

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3. Leona

The best champion you can use to lock an ADC down with many CC abilities, and she also has backline access thanks to her E. You can easily pick Kaisa off with Leona, you might not be able to kill her, but you can surely take her value off during team fights. 

Early Game Playstyle

Once you reach level 3 on Leona, make sure to tell your ADC that you will start playing aggressively now. Engage with your E and do your full CC combo. It will be easy for your ADC to follow up on this because Kaisa will be stunned for more than 3 seconds. Leona also has excellent damage on her W, so you can burst Kaisa with your combo. Once you gain her lead, it will be tough for her to come back.

Mid Game Playstyle

Start playing even more aggressively, engage her using your ultimate whenever the timing is right. She won’t be able to run away from you especially if you have Zeke’s convergence. Have your ADC follow up and commit every time you go in because you have low cooldown stuns. 

Late Game Playstyle

Much like in the mid-game, it will be easy for you to pick Kaisa off with your ultimate. Just make sure that you have built enough tanky items so you can survive whenever you try to reach her from the backline. 

4. Blitzcrank

With Blitzcranks hook, kills are guaranteed every time your hook is off cooldown. Like Thresh, blitz can hook Kaisa with ease because she has no mobility. His ult is also great against Kaisa because he can easily cast it, and all shields from Kaisa’s ult will be gone. It is also great to stay beside your ADC whenever Kaisa tries to fight. Once she uses her ult towards your ADC, you can simply rocket punch her, and her momentum will be significantly reduced. 

Early Game Playstyle

Try to push the lane as hard as you can if you have an aggressive ADC. This is great because Kaisa will be forced to CS under her tower. This will put added pressure on her because she must think about the last hitting minions under the tower. It is also easy to punish her when you hook her while she is defending because many minions will target her when you pull her behind these minions. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Try to play defensively, and your only offense should be your hook. Kaisa can hit your ADC with her W and ult towards your ADC and kill her with an isolated icathian rain. The reason you need to play defensively is that Kaisa becomes somewhat of an assassin when a mid-game, so that comes. You might want to be there when Kaisa uses her ult towards your ADC.

Late Game Playstyle

Keep playing defensively and, at times, try to hide in the fog of war to surprise Kaisa with your hook. Just make sure that you have a dewarding item to get the jump on her quickly.

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5. Yuumi

Yuumi is a beginner-friendly support champion that can stick to her ADC’s side at all times. Sometimes a Kaisa uses her ult to be isolated with your ADC and proceeds to one-shot her with an isolated icathian rain. 

But with Yuumi, you don’t have to worry about your ADC being left behind. You can easily stay on your ADC, and whenever a Kaisa decides to 1v1 your ADC, you can quickly exhaust and ignite her and damage her with your Q. Yuumi also has a strong heal. She can use her ADC to fight Kaisa.

Early Game Playstyle

There is not much Yuumi can do in the early game because her spells are pretty much useless at this point. But you can poke Kaisa again and again with your Q to force her into using her pots. Once she is out of pots, you can proceed to start a 2v2 with your Q. You will easily win this fight because Yuumi has strong heals, and her summoner spells are picked just to counter Kaisa. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Yuumi can continue spamming her Q on Kaisa, but she becomes much more threatening this time because her ult can now be used to further CC Kaisa. She can also buy Everfrost to extend the CC duration on Kaisa. She will be hard-countered with this champion every time Kaisa decides to 1v1 anyone in your team. Just make sure not to fight Kaisa asoffYuumi without being attached to any of your allies. Because you are pretty much useless whenever you are detached.

Late Game Playstyle

Play defensively now because Yuumi’s value falls of in the late game, so instead of engaging Kaisa, you should use your skills to play defensively and give utility to your allies. This way, Kaisa won’t kill them and prevent her from executing anyone with her isolated icathian rain.


Q. What should I do if Kaisa is paired with defensive support like Braum, who can keep her safe and let her farm effectively?

A. Pick a duo lane that has strong wave clear, so she doesn’t get to freeze the lane and keep farming until she reaches her power spike. Also, try to ward the river so your jungler and mid laner can roam towards your lane and help you secure a takedown on Kaisa. 

Q. How can I deal with a fed Kaisa?

A. Simple, stop fighting her and focus on farming. You can never defeat a champion that has a lead on you, so try to delay her gold income and let your ADC power farm by giving her some jungle camps (with the jungler’s consent, of course) and giving your ADC all the protection she needs. Only fight Kaisa during team fights. This way, you can even the odds and fight her fairly when a late game comes. 

Final thoughts

If you see a Kaisa in the lobby during the picking phase, you should immediately pick one of the champions mentioned above. You should also do your best to delay her farming because she can get out of control when the late game comes.

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