Top 5 Best Support Champions That Counter Kindred In Season 12

Kindred is not an ADC, but she acts like one; the only difference is that she is in the jungle and not in bot lane. But there are still things you can do to counter her whenever she decides to gank or whenever you see her in the jungle.

She is an excellent marksman who has great burst potential and excels at extended fights. Today we will look at different playstyles to counter her with 5 of the best supports you can use against her. Let’s go!

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1. Nautilus

One of Kindred’s counters is getting locked down and not kite enemies with her Q. Kindred is exceptionally squishy, so she relies on her mobility to keep her distance from enemies that can burst her down.

You can easily lock her down with Nautilus because of all of your CC Spells. With that said, let us look at the different playstyles on each phase of the game you should do to counter her. 

Early Game Play Style

Play defensively and protect your ADC at all times. Put lots of vision in the enemy jungle and the river so you can anticipate Kindred’s ganks. She needs to gank often because of her passive stacks.

Once she ganks, you can either play defensively or aggressively. If your ADC is aggressive and has a strong follow-up on your CC, try to engage Kindred every time you see her. Your CC will be very long, so you don’t have to worry about her jumping around and shooting arrows. 

Mid Game Play Style

Try to roam or invade the jungle along with your ADC and your jungler. An Oracle lens is your most valuable buy in this kind of playstyle because if Kindred wards her camps, she won’t be able to react to your invades.

Also, try to watch the minimap where Kindred’s passives pop on jungle camps. Once it pops on your side of the map, look to guard that location at all times to prevent her passive stacks.

Late Game Play Style

Once team fights erupt, look to engage Kindred first to use her ult to save most of her allies. When you see that some of her teammates start getting low, cast your ult on her and use all of your CC On her to prevent her from casting her ult.

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2. Blitzcrank

Kindred is powerful when she is inside her ultimate. But the main counter on Kindred when using blitzcrank is that you can displace her from her ult. Your hook is an excellent counter on Kindred because you prevent her from free hitting your allies while she is inside her ult. It’s self-explanatory.

Early Game Play Style

Always try to hook and engage Kindred whenever you see her, she is pretty much very squishy in the early game, and she doesn’t have her ult to protect her yet. Once you hook her, it is pretty much a guarantee that you can kill her because she has meager defensive stats. 

Mid Game Play Style

Doing a full combo on Kindred is enough to force her to use her ultimate early. But you can use your ult immediately to silence her and prevent her from casting her ultimate. This is great when you have an ADC that can deal burst damage. 

Late Game Play Style

When team fights erupt, Kindred will try to stay in the middle of her team so she can rescue anyone with low HP. Try to keep her away from her team by using your hook and displacing her. You can also use your hook on champions she just saved with her ult to bring them out of Kindred’s ult and kill them.

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3. Zac

Zac has lots of CC abilities that can displace enemies. His Q can be used to pull Kindred out of her ult or even his ult to knock enemies off of Kindred’s ult. Zac is also an excellent tank champion that can tank most of Kindred’s damage.

Early Game Play Style

You can be roaming support when facing Kindred. Try to ward the enemy jungle camp and scout on Kindred. Take a smite as your 2nd summoner spell and look to counter jungle her. When your ADC resets, try to roam and find kindred in her jungler.

Engage her with your E whenever you see her farming camps in places you put your ward to. Last hit her camps with your smite after engaging her with your E. This will significantly stop her from power farming gold and passive. 

Mid Game Play Style

Kindred will most likely look for more ganks now, and you can react to it with your E. Your E will have a very long range now as it reaches its maximum level. Roam other lanes and help them whenever Kindred is ganking their lanes. Your damage and CC will prove too much for Kindred to handle, and she will most likely have no value for her gank.

Late Game Play Style

Once you see Kindred during team fights, you should prioritize your CC On her as her late-game damage can be insane because of her passive stacks. Only use your ult, however, if she casts her ult as well. Once you use your ult, you can knock her off of her ultimate and have your teammates finish her off.

4. Poppy

Poppy’s counter to Kindred is pretty simple. You use your ult to send her flying away from her ult so she can be killed. You can also use your E to get her out of her ult’s area of influence and kill her. 

Early Game Play Style

Play aggressively, and every time Kindred comes for a gank, pin her on the wall and do your combos on her. This will most likely take away her jungling momentum and knock her off course.

Mid Game Play Style

Try to look for her in her jungler as you can see her passive in the minimap. Ward that point in the map and wait for her there as she will surely try to get that passive off of that jungle camp. Once she gets there, proceed to burst her down with your combos, and she won’t even be able to hop away with her Q because of your W. 

Late Game Play Style

Always try to pin Kindred on the wall with your E stun and W combo. After you burst her down, she will try to cast her ult, and you can use your E or ult to bring her out of the circle. Just don’t charge your ult long enough to send her far away and save her instead. 

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5. Alistar

Alistar is an excellent champion that can knock champions away with his headbutt. He also excels at staying beside enemy champions and tanking all their hits. He can stay beside Kindred and simply push her away from her ult every time she casts it.

Early Game Play Style

Alistar is an excellent engagement champion that has excellent CC abilities. He has a knock-up and a stun he can use to stop Kindred’s momentum and kite capabilities. Whenever Kindred tries to gank your lane, you can easily headbutt her away from your ADC and watch her walk away with no value at all.

Mid Game Play Style

Kindred is one of the best junglers that can tower dive because of the invulnerability that comes from her ultimate. Your best friend will be your headbutt when playing against Kindred. CC her as much as you can until your ADC brings her hp down.

Once she casts her ultimate, just headbutt her away from it towards your ADC, and she can easily be burst down because she is pretty squishy. 

Late Game Play Style

Much like mid-game, just find the best time to headbutt her, and you’re good to go. 


Q. What Is A General Way To Counter Kindred?

A. Like all of the techs I have mentioned above, the best way to counter Kindred is to get her out of her ultimate’s area of influence.

Q. Kindred’s Late Game Is Op Along With Her Range. How Can I Counter This?

A. Play defensively until your team catches up with Kindred’s damage, then start finding takedowns on Kindred.

Final Thoughts

Kindred might spend her time as a jungler, but she is still a marksman who supports can easily counter. Just keep her away from her passive camps and you are good to go. 

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