What Does KS Mean in League of Legends?

You may come across various terms while playing League of Legends. It is a game that has given birth to its own words, catchphrases, and so many other things that are too many to name. 

One of these is the term “KS,” which I will now explain. To make this an actual article, I will also talk about some other stuff related to gameplay decisions, so keep reading to see that. 

To put it bluntly, “KS” means kill-steal. It represents the highlighting that someone stole someone’s kill. Very simple and easy to understand. 

But, as I’ve said, this brief explanation isn’t enough to warrant an entire article. So, let’s talk more about kills and stealing thereof. 

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Is it Okay to Steal Kills?

Well, sometimes. You see, people tend to give it their all to secure a kill. In lower ranks, kills don’t matter too much as games will have dozens if not over 100 total kills. 

However, in higher ranks, each kill counts and will severely impact the game’s outcome. Just look at professional games – there are never over 10-20 kills during an entire 45-50-minute match. That just goes to show the importance of kills if you know how to play around them. 

Stealing kills just for the sake of doing so is not okay. I mean, it’s funny, and you will piss off your teammate, but there might be some consequences to that, which I will address shortly. 

If you stole a kill because you had an appropriate justification for doing so, it might be considered okay. However, you are still likely to piss off the teammate you stole the kill from, which can act as a detriment to their further gameplay.

What Are The Consequences?

There are two primary consequences of kill stealing. 

First off, there’s the pissing of your teammates part. They might and will feel agitated for your doing so. Thus, it is likely that your synergy with them is at risk of being utterly ruined. People hate selfishness in gameplay, and you might think that hoarding kills an act of it. However, players have to have some rewards for their gameplay, and kills are the biggest ones they can get. Isolating them from this can have a psychological effect that can lead to some nasty stuff in the long run.

The second and possibly more significant consequence is you ruining their game altogether. You see, they might have roamed from Mid, and they need to secure that kill so the roam is worthwhile. If you steal their kill, you are putting them at risk of losing the entire Lane when they get back. They’ve put themselves into a temporarily disadvantageous position so they can get a lead by way of getting the kill. You denying them the kill will severely impact their performance once they are back against their opposing Laner.

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Final Thoughts

Stealing kills in League of Legends is seldom a good thing. You risk doing so much damage to your teammate that it really isn’t worth it. However, in friendly environments where you just want to agitate your friends, go for it. There’s nothing funnier than having a pissed-off friend yelling in the Discord. Fun times, truly. 

I hope you’ve found this article informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift. 

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