Unlock the Rainbow: Mastering the Meaning of League of Legends Border Colors

Unlock the Rainbow: Mastering the Meaning of League of Legends Border Colors

Chasing the thrill of victory in the highly competitive world of League of Legends (LoL) involves more than just raw skill and strategic prowess. One unspoken challenge that drives every player’s competitive spirit is their desire to flaunt an impressive border color. So, what’s the big deal with these colors? Why does it seem like every player has their eyes set on climbing the “colored” ladder? Let’s break down this unique league system and the prestige associated with each color.


  • League of Legends border colors are reflective of a player’s rank at the end of the season, ranking from bronze (lowest) to challenger (highest).
  • Your border color is a testament to your hard work, dedication, and success in the game.
  • The higher the rank, the fewer the players. In the 2020 season, only 0.02% of players reached the challenger rank.
  • Understanding the color significance can help to enhance your gaming strategy and reputation.

The Intricacies of the Colored Border System in LoL

Despite being an integral part of the player experience, the meaning behind League of Legends border colors often remains unexplored. Riot Games, the developer of LoL, has designed a ranking system that assigns different border colors based on your end-of-season rank.

Each color is more than just a cosmetic change – it’s a symbol of your dedication and hard work in climbing the ranked ladder. As Riot Games states, “Your border is a symbol of your hard work and dedication to climbing the ranked ladder in League of Legends.”

What Every Color RepresentsWhat Every Color Represents

Let’s take a deeper dive into what each League of Legends border color represents:

  1. Bronze: This is the beginning of your journey. It’s where everyone starts, but not where you want to stay.
  2. Silver: You’re on the right path and showing improvement. Keep honing your skills.
  3. Gold: An indication that you’re becoming a force to be reckoned with. The game is now part of your daily life.
  4. Platinum: You’re rising in the ranks, entering the top echelons of the player base.
  5. Diamond: This is where the real pros start to emerge. Your dedication and skill are showing.
  6. Master: You’re at the top tier now. Very few players get this far. Time to pat yourself on the back.
  7. Grandmaster: This is an exclusive club. Only the most skilled and dedicated players reach this point.
  8. Challenger: This is the pinnacle of success in League of Legends. A challenger border color is rare, coveted, and highly respected. In the 2020 season, only 0.02% of players reached this rank.

A Personal Journey of Colorful Achievement

The color you sport at the end of each season is not just a badge of honor; it’s a testament to the blood, sweat, and virtual tears you’ve poured into the game. It’s a testament to your strategic maneuvering through countless battles, your late-night grinding sessions, and your uncanny ability to coordinate with teammates, some of whom maybe half a world away. As Spezzy, a seasoned gaming journalist, once put it, “The satisfaction of climbing the rank ladder in LoL, seeing your border color change and shine brighter, it’s akin to reaching the summit of a mountain. It’s a journey filled with thrill, adventure, challenges, and triumphs.”

Tips and Tricks for Color Climbing

Want to climb up the color ladder in League of Legends? Here are a few insider tips to help you level up:

  1. Learn the meta: Stay updated with the current meta, which champions are the strongest, and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  2. Master a few champions: It’s better to be highly skilled with a few champions than to be mediocre with many.Tips and Tricks for Color Climbing-Leona, Nautilus, Malphite, and Morgana
  3. Cooperate with your team: Good communication and coordination can often tilt the game in your favor.
  4. Focus on your performance: Learn from your mistakes and always aim to improve, irrespective of whether you win or lose a match.

Embracing the Competitive Spirit

Stepping into the world of League of Legends is a commitment to immerse yourself in an experience filled with strategy, team spirit, and relentless competition. Whether you’re a newcomer starting your journey with a bronze border, or a seasoned veteran sporting the prestigious challenger border, the game continuously presents challenges for you to overcome. Your border color signifies not just your skill level, but also your progression and growth as a player. It becomes a part of your identity, your virtual armor that inspires awe and respect among your peers. Climbing the color ladder in League of Legends is a reflection of your perseverance, strategic acumen, and gaming dedication. Remember, every player has a story. Each color in your journey adds a chapter to your gaming saga, filled with epic wins, near misses, lessons learned, and fun experiences.

Breaking Down the Stigma of Lower Ranking Colors

Although the higher-ranking colors like Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger are perceived as more prestigious, there’s no shame in holding lower-ranking colors. Players often forget that every LoL expert started their journey from the bronze tier. The process of improving your skills, learning from your losses, and gradually climbing the ladder is what makes the game so enriching. Ranks should serve as a motivation, not a discouragement. Celebrate your victories, learn from your losses, and keep striving to improve your rank. Embrace the grind, for every step up the color ladder brings you closer to the player you aspire to be.

Turn Your Game into a Canvas of Colors

Imagine yourself as a master painter, and the border colors as your palette. Each season gives you a blank canvas to create a masterpiece reflecting your gaming prowess. The stronger you perform, the brighter the hues you unlock. Each shade of victory earned lends itself to the grand portrait of your gaming journey. Remember, in the grand scheme of things, the color of your border is just one facet of your experience. It’s a fun and rewarding system that adds a layer of competitiveness to the game, but it’s not the sole determinant of your gaming enjoyment or skill.

Reveling in the Rainbow

At the end of the day, the magic of League of Legends lies in its ability to weave together elements of strategy, teamwork, competition, and progression into a captivating experience. The colored borders add a dash of vibrant hues to this mix, creating a rainbow that players can chase season after season. As you embark on this colored journey, remember the words of Spezzy, “Playing LoL is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. The colors you earn are souvenirs from your adventures in the gaming realm. Wear them with pride and let them inspire you to keep leveling up.”


What does the color of my border in League of Legends mean?

The color of your border in LoL indicates your rank at the end of the previous season. It ranges from bronze (lowest) to challenger (highest).

How can I improve my border color in League of Legends?

Improving your border color involves climbing the ranked ladder by winning ranked games, improving your skill, and learning from each match.

What percentage of players have a challenger border in League of Legends?

In the 2020 season, only 0.02% of players reached the challenger rank and earned the prestigious border color.

Is the border color in League of Legends a sign of a good player?

Yes, a high-ranking border color indicates a player with significant skill and experience in the game.

How often can I change my border color in League of Legends?

Your border color can change after each competitive season, depending on your rank at the end of that season.

Why is the Challenger rank so highly regarded?

The Challenger rank in League of Legends signifies the highest level of gameplay. It’s held by only a select few players who demonstrate exceptional skill, strategic mastery, and dedication to the game. It’s highly regarded because reaching this rank is a testament to a player’s in-depth game understanding and mechanical proficiency.

Is it possible to drop from a higher color rank to a lower one?

Yes, it’s possible. Your rank isn’t static and can decrease if you lose multiple ranked games or remain inactive for a prolonged period in the ranked game mode.

What happens if I don’t play ranked games for a while?

If you’re above the Gold rank and don’t play a ranked game for 28 days or more, you’ll begin to experience what’s known as “rank decay”. This means your rank can decrease due to inactivity.

Do I lose my border color if my rank decays?

Your border color at the start of a new season reflects the rank you held at the end of the previous season. If your rank decays after a season ends, it won’t affect the border color you earned in that season.

Do my border colors impact gameplay or offer any advantages?

No, the border colors in League of Legends are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay or provide any advantages. They serve as indicators of your rank from the previous season.

Can other players see my border color?

Yes, other players can see your border color in certain areas of the game, such as during the loading screen for a match.

Can I hide my border color in League of Legends?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there was no official option provided by Riot Games to hide your border color in League of Legends.

Is there a way to get the Challenger border color quickly?

The only way to earn the Challenger border color is by reaching the Challenger rank, which requires considerable skill, strategy, and time. There are no shortcuts to earning this prestigious rank.

How does rank decay work in League of Legends?

Rank decay in League of Legends occurs when players in the Platinum rank and above don’t play a ranked game for 28 days or more. This decay continues until the player’s rank falls to Gold I, if they don’t play any ranked games.

Does everyone start with a Bronze border in League of Legends?

No, not everyone starts with a Bronze border. When you start playing ranked games, your initial border will be determined by your placement matches. However, it’s common for many players to start their journey from Bronze.

Can I have different border colors on different servers?

Yes, you can. Your rank (and hence your border color) is server-specific. If you play on different servers, you can have different ranks and border colors on each server.

Can I still earn a new border color if I start playing ranked games late in the season?

Yes, you can start playing ranked games at any point in the season and still earn a border color. Your border color for the next season will reflect your rank at the end of the current season.

Do League of Legends professional players also have the same border colors system?

Yes, the border color system applies to all players, including professionals. However, keep in mind that many professional players are often at the top of the rank ladder.

What happens if I end the season with the same rank as the previous season? Will my border color change?

If you end the season with the same rank as the previous one, your border color will remain the same for the next season. The border color changes only when your rank changes.


In League of Legends, the color of your border is not merely an aesthetic element; it’s a representation of your skill, dedication, and passion. The journey to improve your border color can be tough and demanding, but the payoff is immensely rewarding. As you rise in the ranks, let each new color serve as a symbol of your progress, a trophy of your triumphs, and a beacon guiding you to even greater heights.

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