Master the Battlefield: Your Comprehensive League of Legends Counter Picks Guide

Master the Battlefield: Your Comprehensive League of Legends Counter Picks Guide

Do you find yourself outmatched on the Summoner’s Rift time and time again? Feeling frustrated as your opponent’s champion sends you back to the fountain more often than you’d like? You’re not alone. The secret sauce in turning your games around could be mastering the art of counter picking in League of Legends.


  • Counter picking can give you a significant advantage in the game.
  • Ornn had a 100% win rate as a counter pick in the 2020 World Championship.
  • Learning counter picking strategies can increase your win rate significantly.
  • League of Legends is the most popular PC game globally, with over 100 million active players.

The Power of Counter Picks in League of Legends

“Counter picking is an essential part of League of Legends strategy. Knowing which champions to pick against your opponent can give you a significant advantage in lane and throughout the game,” says Doublelift, a professional League of Legends player.

Think about it. If you enter a game knowing that you have an advantage from the get-go, your confidence soars, your gameplay improves, and your chances of winning skyrocket.

League of Legends: The Global Phenomenon

According to a survey conducted by Newzoo, League of Legends is the most popular PC game globally, boasting over 100 million active players. With such a vast player base, it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve, and mastering counter picks can provide you with that competitive edge.

Beating the Odds with Ornn: A Case Study

Statistics from the 2020 League of Legends World Championship reveals that the champion Ornn had a 100% win rate as a counter pick in 6 games. This goes to show the power of a well-planned counter pick strategy. Ornn, who isn’t traditionally seen as a powerhouse champion, can rise to the occasion when used strategically against certain opponents.

Win More by Counter Picking: Here’s HowWin More by Counter Picking: Here’s How

Firstly, familiarize yourself with champions’ strengths and weaknesses, and assess your opponent’s picks. Let’s take Ornn as an example. He’s a tanky champion with crowd control abilities, making him effective against champions who lack mobility. Picking Ornn into these champions can help to suppress their abilities and give you the upper hand.

Mastering Champion Classes and Roles: A Deep Dive

League of Legends consists of a diverse roster of champions, each with their unique set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Understanding the different champion classes – such as Tanks, Mages, Assassins, Marksmen, and Supports – and their typical roles can tremendously help when it comes to making an effective counter pick.

For instance, Tanks are durable, crowd-control experts that can soak up damage for the team. They can be effectively countered by champions who deal sustained damage and can shred through their high health bars.

On the other hand, Assassins are high-damage, high-mobility champions that excel at eliminating squishy targets. They can be countered by champions with crowd control and protective abilities to safeguard vulnerable allies.

The Importance of Team CompositionThe Importance of Team Composition

Counter picking doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it’s crucial to consider your entire team’s composition. Picking a champion that synergizes well with your team while countering the enemy is the pinnacle of effective counter picking.

If your team lacks crowd control or a frontline, choosing a tanky champion with crowd control abilities like Ornn or Leona, even if they’re not a direct counter to your lane opponent, can prove beneficial for your team’s success.

Staying Updated: The Ever-Evolving Meta

The meta – short for metagame – refers to the current trends in champion popularity and effectiveness, influenced by updates, patches, and professional play. Staying updated with the meta can provide insights into popular champions and potential counter picks.

Know Your Opponents: Understanding Champion Abilities

Each champion in League of Legends has a unique set of abilities that define their playstyle and interactions. To be effective at counter picking, it’s crucial to understand not just your champion’s abilities, but also those of your opponents.

For example, if you’re up against a champion with strong healing abilities like Soraka or Yuumi, picking a champion with healing reduction abilities or considering an item like Executioner’s Calling can help mitigate their advantage.

Building Items: A Key Aspect in Counter Picking

Beyond champion selection, your item build can serve as an essential tool in counter picking. League of Legends offers a wide range of items that can provide unique stats and effects to counter specific types of champions.

Items like Thornmail, which reflects damage back to attackers, can be effective against high attack speed champions. Similarly, Quicksilver Sash can be crucial when up against champions with potent crowd control abilities, offering you a cleanse effect to escape.

Embracing Flexibility: The Role of Adaptability in Counter Picking

Counter picking isn’t about memorizing a list of who counters who. It’s about adaptability, understanding the game, and making the best decision based on the given circumstances. The best players can adjust their strategies on the fly, adapting to both their team’s needs and the enemy’s threats.


1. What is counter picking in League of Legends?

Counter picking involves choosing a champion specifically to counteract an opponent’s chosen champion, exploiting their weaknesses and nullifying their strengths.

2. How do I get better at counter picking?

Improving at counter picking requires knowledge and practice. Study champions, their abilities, and how they interact with others in the game. Use online resources and try different match-ups to gain experience.

3. Who was the best counter pick champion in the 2020 World Championship?

According to statistics, Ornn was the champion with the highest win rate as a counter pick in the 2020 World Championship, winning 100% of the games he was picked in.

4. What’s the importance of counter picking in League of Legends?

Counter picking can give you a significant advantage in the game, from the laning phase to late-game team fights. By choosing a champion that can effectively counter your opponent’s champion, you can tip the scales in your favor.

5. Is it always better to counter pick?

While counter picking can be a strong strategy, it’s not always the best choice. It’s crucial to consider your own comfort and skill with a champion before deciding to counter pick.

6. What are some resources to learn about counter picking?

Several websites and forums provide insights and discussions about counter picks. Websites like,, and CounterStats are good starting points. Additionally, watching professional or high-level play can provide valuable insights.

7. How does the meta affect counter picking?

The meta impacts which champions are considered strong and commonly picked. Understanding the meta can help predict what champions you might face and which counter picks could be effective.

8. Can counter picking compensate for a lack of skill?

While counter picking can provide an advantage, it doesn’t replace skill and game knowledge. Even if you counter your opponent’s champion, playing skillfully and understanding your champion’s abilities is crucial to winning.

9. What role does itemization play in counter picking?

Itemization plays a critical role in counter picking. Certain items are designed to counter specific types of champions, or particular strategies, and knowing when to build these items can provide a significant advantage.

10. Can you still win if you get counter picked?

Absolutely! While counter picking can provide an advantage, League of Legends is a game of skill, strategy, and teamwork. Even if you’re counter picked, effective play, good decision making, and strong team coordination can still lead you to victory.


Mastering counter picking in League of Legends is both a science and an art. It requires an in-depth understanding of the game’s mechanics, a pulse on the current meta, and the adaptability to apply this knowledge effectively. With practice, patience, and strategic thinking, you’ll be climbing the ranks before you know it.

Every League of Legends player, whether new or veteran, can benefit from understanding counter picking. It’s not just about choosing the most powerful champion but picking the right one against your opponent’s pick. Master this art, and you’ll find yourself on a winning streak in no time!


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Remember, the key to winning in League of Legends lies in strategic gameplay and thorough knowledge of champions. The battlefield of Summoner’s Rift awaits you, champion!

Remember, the key to victory isn’t just about the champion you pick, but how you play them, and how well you can adapt to the ever-evolving challenges of the game. Happy gaming!

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