League of Legends Coven Skins Lore

League of Legends Coven Skins Lore

League of Legends has seldom seen a world as deep as Coven. And let me tell you, these witches aren’t your typical, cackling, wart-covered hags. These are some serious, powerful, and stylish witches. They’re like if the Sandersonsisters from Hocus Pocus went to a goth club and never looked back.

But I digress. The Coven skins are more than just a fashion statement. They’re a statement of power. These witches are the rulers of the supernatural world, and they’re not to be messed with.

So, buckle up and get ready to delve into the twisted world of the Coven. You might just come out with a newfound appreciation for dark magic and a desire to join their ranks as we take you through the entire Coven Skins Lore!

What is Coven?What is Coven?

Coven is an alternate universe that includes skins such as Death Blossom and Elderwood, Eclipse Leona, Emerald Taric, and Dryad Soraka. This universe’s light is fading away, as the Old Gods, primordial entities of immense power, strive to return from the dead.

In the depths of the magical realm, there exists a world shrouded in darkness and mystery – the world of the Coven. Here, powerful witches and warlocks rule over the supernatural creatures, harnessing dark magic to maintain their reign.

Coven supports the cause of the Old Gods and uses old magic to revitalize them, hoping to restore them to their thrones. The Old Gods are buried deep in the Elderwood, a forest sanctuary for all types of fey-like creatures, who oppose the Coven.

The Coven is not an easy place to live. The witches here are fiercely territorial, and only the strongest and most cunning among them survive. But for those who can master the arts of dark magic, the rewards are beyond measure.

At the center of the Coven lies a great hall, where the witches gather to discuss matters of importance. It is a place of power and reverence, and those who enter its hallowed halls do so with great respect.

Coven is Much More Than a Universe

But the Coven is not just a place of power and darkness. It is also a place of great beauty and magic. The witches here are masters of illusion and enchantment, and they use their powers to create breathtaking landscapes and spellbinding works of art.

Despite the danger and darkness of the Coven, there are some who are drawn to its power and beauty. These outsiders are rare, but they are welcomed with open arms by the witches of the Coven. For those who can survive in this world of magic and darkness, the rewards are truly infinite.

But for those who cannot, the Coven is a place of danger and death. Only the strongest and most skilled among us can hope to survive in this world of darkness and magic. For the rest, the Coven is a place to be feared, respected, and perhaps even worshipped.

The Slaying of the Sun – The Beginning of the EndThe Slaying of the Sun - The Beginning of the End

Once upon a time, in a land of magic and mystery, there was a tale of betrayal and power. Kayle, sister to the fearsome Morgana, was a traitor to the Coven and committed the heinous act of killing the sun, transferring its powers to a group of monastic knights. This event marked the beginning of a new era for humanity, a time of prosperity and hope.

The Elderwood residents, along with the Order of the Emerald Chapel, were instrumental in defeating the Old Gods and the Coven. It was a time of great jubilation and celebration, as the people of the land basked in the glory of their victory.

But, as with all good things, this age of enlightenment was destined to come to an end. Tensions between the fey and humans began to rise, and the once mighty Order of the Emerald Chapel slowly began to fade away, until only Taric remained.

The shadows held secrets, and from within their dark embrace, the Coven, led by the queenly Morgana, began to rise to power once again. It was a time of great uncertainty and fear, as the people of the land wondered what fate had in store for them.

Yet, amidst the turmoil and chaos, there was hope. Ser Leona of the Eclipse Knights stood strong and resolute, a beacon of light in the darkness. She was the only thing standing between the Old Gods and the Coven, and their nefarious goals.

As the sun slowly set on this ancient land, the people looked to Ser Leona with hope in their hearts, for they knew that she was their last hope for salvation. In her hands rested the fate of humanity, and the future of this enchanted realm.

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LeBlanc’s Story (Partially Speculated)LeBlanc’s Story (Partially Speculated)

The tale of LeBlanc is a twisted and convoluted one, filled with mystery and magic. The enigmatic sorceress has two distinct identities, each represented by a unique skin: Elderwood and Coven.

It was none other than Elderwood LeBlanc who emerged victorious from the battle, stealing the lives, magic, and identities of the defeated witches. She thought she had succeeded in erasing their very existence, but fate had other plans.

Coven LeBlanc, thought to have been vanquished by Elderwood, was miraculously revived thanks to the intervention of the Old Gods. Her reappearance was nothing short of shocking, as it shattered the illusion of LeBlanc’s absolute dominance over her enemies.

Now, the two LeBlancs coexist in a state of uneasy tension. Each carries the defeats of their past encounters. The very air crackles with magic when Elderwood clashes with Coven!

Ederwood Nocturne – The Tale of an Old GodEderwood Nocturne - The Tale of an Old God

The thought of the great corpses of the Old Gods decaying and serving as a source of sustenance for the land seems both eerie and perplexing.

It’s hard to fathom how the Elderwood could flourish over such putrid rot, but one can’t help but marvel at the way nature works in mysterious ways. Perhaps the land needed the nourishment that only the Old Gods’ remnants could provide, and the Elderwood serves as a reminder of their existence.

However, the resurrection of one of the Old Gods through the Coven’s resurgence fills one with a sense of unease. Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare, has risen once more, and the thought of his terror sends shivers down the spine.

It’s almost as if the Gods never truly died, and their presence lingers in the shadows, waiting to be unleashed once more. The Elderwood may have hidden their decay for a time, but the resurgence of the Coven has brought them back to life.

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The Mythical GodsThe Mythical Gods

Behold, the enigmatic Old Gods, shrouded in myth and mystery, still hold sway over the Coven, whispering their secrets to those who heed their call. Although their existence remains unproven, the whispers of their power echo through the ages, passed down from generation to generation.

Rumor has it that there are six Old Gods, each patron to a specific member of the Coven, with the exception of Nocturne, who has no match. The Ebony Ram, with its formidable horns, is said to be the patron of Camille, while the Ivory Stag, adorned with glistening antlers, is the patron of Lissandra. The Night Dove, with its eerie coos, is whispered to be the patron of Zyra, while the Horned Owl, with its piercing gaze, is the patron of Morgana. And then there is the Black Crane, a patron to the elusive LeBlanc.

Some say that Morgana, as the queen of the Coven, holds the strongest connection to the Old Gods. She is said to be patronized by Ashen Owl, who may hold a position of leadership among the Old Gods, much like Morgana does within the Coven. But such conjecture remains unproven, a mere whisper in the winds of time.

The skins of the Coven members themselves provide some evidence of the Old Gods’ existence. LeBlanc, for instance, speaks of songs that came to her from the forgotten melody of the Black Crane. Lissandra, on the other hand, has visions of the Ivory Stag, and its ancient magic, lost to the ages. Zyra, it is said, was stirred by the Night Dove’s beating wings, twisting the land that is its grave. Camille, too, heard whispers of the Ebony Ram in her dark slumber, and of nameless things tumbling up from long-forgotten sepulchers. And Morgana, the queen herself, is patronized by Ashen Owl, a mysterious figure whose power is still unknown.

Yet, even with all these whispers and skin bios, the truth about the Old Gods remains shrouded in perplexity and uncertainty. Who are they, truly? What power do they hold? Only time will tell if their existence will ever be revealed, or if they will remain forever in the realm of myth and legend.


In conclusion, the world of Coven is a world as old as time – where the old Gods are plotting to make a return through the witches. However, there’s a lot of opposition from the Elderwood, who acts like the guardian spirit of the forest.

The struggle between the Coven and the fey creatures has been going on for countless years, with periods of victory and defeat on both sides, and the war only continues to grow!

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