League of Legends Coven Skins Tier List

League of Legends Coven Skins Tier List

Ever since its release, League of Legends has tried to expand its world as much as possible. With bits surfacing here and there, it’s only about time we get an in-game skin out of them, one such example is the Coven Skin lineup!

These skins are like a spell that will bewitch you with their dark, mystical aesthetic, leaving you craving for more. But beware, my friends, for once you experience the power of these skins, you may never go back to your old ways of playing.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top-notch Coven skins, shall we? From the best to the worst, we’ll rank these skins based on their overall appearance, in-game animations, and effects. So, get your broomsticks ready, and let’s take off to the land of dark magic and sorcery!

S – Tier

Alrighty folks, let’s dive into the mysterious world of tier rankings, where only the chosen ones reside. Think of it as a cosmic ladder of power, and the top rung is the elusive S-tier.

It’s like the “Super Saiyan” level from Dragon Ball Z, but for stuff that matters. Only the mightiest of the mighty can ascend to this level of greatness.

Prestige Coven LeblancPrestige Coven Leblanc

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Prestige Coven LeBlanc skin! The crème de la crème, the top of the line, the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, the… you get the point.

It’s like LeBlanc got a full-body makeover by a team of fashion designers, and they spared no expense. The intricate details on this skin will have your opponents mesmerized, wondering if they’re actually playing a game or watching a runway show.

And let’s not forget about the prestige factor. It’s like LeBlanc is saying, “I’m so good at this game, I have my own special skin that you mere mortals could never hope to obtain.” It’s the ultimate flex, and it will have your enemies cowering in fear.

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Coven MorganaCoven Morgana

Let me tell you, this skin is so S-tier, it’s practically a coven leader in its own right!

With its striking purple and black color scheme, this skin is sure to make your enemies quake in their boots – or maybe that’s just the power of Morgana’s dark magic, who knows?

But wait, there’s more! This skin comes with some seriously sick particle effects. We’re talking creepy smoke, ominous skulls, and an ultimate that’s shaped like a bat. It’s so batty, you’ll be cackling like a maniac every time you use it.

So, if you want to flaunt your wickedness and look absolutely stunning, the Coven Morgana skin is definitely your jam. Trust me, you’ll be slaying all day, every day.

A – Tier

We have the A-tier, the “almost Super Saiyan” level. It’s like when you’re trying to do a Kamehameha wave, but you just can’t quite get there.

A-tier skins are still pretty darn impressive, and they can give you a serious advantage in life. But let’s be real, they’re not the best of the bunch!

Coven AhriCoven Ahri

Ah, Coven Ahri. The skin that’s not quite S-tier, but definitely not a B-lister either. It’s like the middle child of Ahri’s skin family – not as attention-grabbing as K/DA Ahri, but not as forgettable as Dynasty Ahri.

But don’t get me wrong, Coven Ahri is still a great skin. She’s got that whole witchy vibe going on, with her black-and-purple color scheme and her wispy fox tails. And let’s not forget her magical orb thingy – it’s like a disco ball for the supernatural set.

Sure, she may not have the prestige of a legendary skin, but she’s still a solid choice for any Ahri main. After all, it’s not about being the best – it’s about feeling your foxy best. And with Coven Ahri, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve got a little bit of magic on your side.

Coven EvelynnCoven Evelynn

For starters, her outfit is simply to die for. It’s like she raided the wardrobe of a gothic Lolita and a high priestess and mashed them together. And let’s not forget her fabulous footwear – those thigh-high boots would make any demon blush.

But it’s not just about her appearance, oh no. Coven Evelynn also comes with some delightful new animations and spell effects that really sell the witchy vibe. Her Q, for example, now summons a ring of dark magic that slowly pulls enemies towards its center, like a deadly game of Ring Around the Rosie.

And don’t even get me started on her ultimate. Watching her soar into the air, surrounded by a swarm of ominous ravens, before slamming back down to earth and obliterating her foes with a burst of dark energy is simply delicious.

So, while Coven Evelynn may not be an S-tier skin, she’s definitely a wickedly good time. Just be careful not to fall under her spell… or do, if that’s your thing.

Coven LeblancCoven Leblanc

Let me tell you, this skin is all about elegance and sophistication. It’s like the fancy party you’re not cool enough to get invited to, but at least your champion can look the part.

The designers really went all out with the purple and black color scheme, giving Leblanc the regal treatment she deserves. Plus, that giant feather on her hat is just begging for attention. It’s like the League the equivalent of “look at me, I’m fabulous!”

But let’s be real here, the real reason why Coven Leblanc isn’t an S-tier skin is that it doesn’t have any new animations. I mean, come on Riot, you’re telling me you couldn’t make her spells look a little spookier or add some magical smoke? You’re better than that.

Prestige Coven ZyraPrestige Coven Zyra

It’s like that one friend who’s not quite the life of the party, but still manages to turn heads with their dazzling outfit and killer dance moves.

The vines that sprout from Prestige Coven Zyra are so stunning, they make you forget you’re in the middle of a heated battle. And don’t even get me started on the shimmering particles that follow her every move. It’s like she’s got her own personal fairy godmother casting spells behind her.

B – Tier

Next up, we have the B-tier. Ah, yes, the classic participation trophy tier. It’s like getting a pat on the back for showing up to the party, but you didn’t quite win the game. B-tier skins are good, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not gonna blow your socks off.

Coven AsheCoven Ashe

It’s like if Maleficent and Elsa had a baby, and that baby decided to become a professional archer. The deep purples and gold accents are simply breathtaking, and the shimmering effects are sure to make your enemies do a double-take as they try to figure out how you got so darn shiny.

However, that’s pretty much it. It’s like driving a luxury sports car – you may not be any faster than before, but dang if you don’t feel cool doing it.

Coven CamilleCoven Camille

With her sleek black outfit and striking purple accents, Coven Camille looks like she just stepped out of a coven meeting. Her signature weapon, a deadly blade attached to her leg, is perfect for taking down anyone who stands in her way. Plus, her flowing locks and piercing gaze make her look like she could cast a spell on you with just a glance.

Now, some might say that her skin’s visuals are a bit outdated, but let’s be real, that just adds to her charm. It’s like she’s a vintage classic that’s still relevant in today’s meta. And hey, if you’re a fan of old-school vibes, Coven Camille is the skin for you.

So, while she may not be at the tippy top of the tier list, Coven Camille is still quite up there. So grab your broomstick and get ready to fly into battle with this bewitching beauty by your side.

Coven ZyraCoven Zyra

With her jet black locks, piercing green eyes, and an alluring coven robe, Zyra looks like she could be the poster child for every herbalist’s dream come true. But make no mistake, this isn’t your average coven member, no sir. This is a plant-loving, vine-wielding, thorn-throwing sorceress who knows how to bring the garden to life.

What really sets Coven Zyra apart from the rest is her attention to detail. From the glowing green vines that twist and turn around her body, to the shimmering particles that follow her every move, this skin is a visual feast for the eyes. Plus, there’s just something satisfying about watching her plants take down an unsuspecting enemy, like a scene out of Little Shop of Horrors.

C – Tier

And finally, we have the C-tier. It’s like getting socks for Christmas. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s definitely not what you were hoping for. C-tier skins are like the sad little sidekicks that no one really cares about.

They’re like the Robin to Batman, the Luigi to Mario, the Jar Jar Binks to… well, you get the idea.

Coven CassiopeiaCoven Cassiopeia

Sure, the skin gives Cassiopeia a fancy new look with glowing eyes and flowy robes, but it’s missing that extra oomph, that pizzazz that makes you go “wowza!” It’s like going to a party and seeing someone wearing a decent outfit, but you can’t remember anything remarkable about it afterward.

But hey, Coven Cassiopeia is still a solid skin, like a reliable sedan that gets you from point A to point B without any issues. It’s just not a luxury sports car that you show off to your friends.

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Coven LissandraCoven Lissandra

Well, it seems like the verdict is in, and it’s not exactly a hex-traordinary skin. C tier, you say? Well, I suppose that means she’s not exactly flying off the shelves of the magical marketplace.

Don’t get me wrong, Coven Lissandra has her charms. The icy blue color scheme and glittering particles are certainly enchanting. And who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned broomstick? But in the crowded world of League of Legends skins, she doesn’t quite rise to the level of the truly bewitching.


In conclusion, we’ve ranked the coven skins from best to worst, and let me tell you, it was no easy feat. These witches sure know how to put on a show, and they spared no expense when it came to their fashion choices.

But at the end of the day, there can only be one coven queen, and that title goes to none other than Prestige Coven LeBlanc. As for the rest of the coven crew, they’re not too shabby either. Whether you prefer the flashy elegance of Coven Lissandra or the dark and brooding aura of Coven Morgana, there’s a witch for everyone.

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