Master the Art of Gold and Experience: An Ultimate League of Legends Farming Guide

Master the Art of Gold and Experience: An Ultimate League of Legends Farming Guide

Are you tired of seeing your opponents outfitted in luxury items while you’re still trying to afford the basic ones? Does your champion feel like they’re always a step behind in level, making your fights an uphill battle? Well, you’re not alone! The problem lies in a fundamental yet often overlooked aspect of the game – farming.

In the epic world of League of Legends (LoL), farming is the equivalent of punching in for a 9-to-5 job. It might seem mundane, but it’s the foundation for your success on the battlefield. Without a steady income, you won’t be able to purchase the right items or keep up with your opponent’s level.


  • Farming is the key to earning gold and experience in League of Legends
  • Proper farming can significantly improve your gameplay and help you rank up
  • This guide will offer tips, tricks, and strategies to improve your farming skills

Now, let’s delve deeper into the world of farming in League of Legends!

Why Farming Matters in League of Legends

As Doublelift, a professional LoL player, once said: “Farming is the foundation of success in League of Legends. Without it, you’ll fall behind in levels and gold, making it difficult to compete with your opponents.”

Farming is not just about killing minions; it’s about managing your resources, anticipating your opponent’s actions, and strategically controlling the battlefield. A well-farmed player is a formidable adversary, even against the most skilled enemies.

The Impact of Farming on Your RankThe Impact of Farming on Your Rank

Data from a study by Mobalytics shows that the average number of minions killed per game by a Diamond player is 207, compared to 118 for a Silver player. This stark difference underlines the importance of farming in climbing the ranks in LoL. Improving your farming skills could be the difference between remaining stuck in Silver or soaring to Diamond.

Insider Tips to Improve Your Farming GameInsider Tips to Improve Your Farming Game

Here are some hard-earned tips and tricks to help you level up your farming game:

  • Understand Minion Wave Control: Mastering the concept of freezing, slow pushing, and fast pushing minion waves will give you a huge advantage.
  • Practice Last-Hitting: It’s an art in itself. The key is timing – hit the minion when it has just enough health left for one of your attacks to kill it.
  • Use Abilities Wisely: Don’t waste your abilities on minions early in the game. Save your mana for champion fights.


What is farming in League of Legends?

Farming refers to the act of killing minions to earn gold and experience points. It’s a critical aspect of gameplay that helps players level up their champions and purchase items.

Why is farming important in League of Legends?

Farming provides the gold and experience points needed to level up your champions and purchase items. Without efficient farming, you’ll fall behind in levels and gold, making it harder to compete with your opponents.

What is the average number of minions killed per game by a Diamond player?

According to a study by Mobalytics, the average number of minions killed per game by a Diamond player is 207. This number is significantly higher than that of a Silver player, who averages around 118 minions per game.

How can I improve my farming skills in League of Legends?

Improving your farming skills in League of Legends requires practice and a solid understanding of game mechanics. Key areas to focus on include understanding minion wave control, practicing last-hitting, and using abilities wisely.

What is last-hitting in League of Legends?

Last-hitting refers to dealing the final blow to a minion to secure the gold reward. It’s an art in itself and requires good timing and practice to perfect.

What is minion wave control in League of Legends?

Minion wave control is the ability to manage the flow of your minion waves. It involves strategies such as freezing (keeping the minion waves near your tower), slow pushing (gradually building up a large wave of minions), and fast pushing (quickly shoving the wave into the enemy’s tower).

How does efficient farming impact my ranking in League of Legends?

Efficient farming can significantly impact your ranking in League of Legends. A higher number of minion kills, which results from effective farming, is associated with higher-ranking players. A study by Mobalytics found that Diamond players, one of the highest ranks in the game, average 207 minion kills per game, compared to 118 for Silver players.

Is farming more important than killing enemy champions?

While killing enemy champions can give you a significant gold and experience boost, farming consistently guarantees a steady income of gold and experience throughout the game. Neglecting farming for champion kills can result in falling behind if the kills do not happen as planned.

Can I improve my farming skills in practice mode?

Yes, practice mode in League of Legends is a great way to improve your farming skills. You can practice last-hitting minions, controlling minion waves, and managing your abilities without the pressure of a real match.

What are some common mistakes players make when farming in League of Legends?

Common mistakes when farming include mismanaging the minion wave, not last-hitting minions properly, and overusing abilities on minions, especially early in the game. Additionally, some players prioritize chasing kills over farming, which can lead to an unstable economy if the kills do not happen as planned.

How does farming change throughout the game?

Early in the game, the focus should be on last-hitting minions to maximize gold and experience gain. As the game progresses and your champion becomes stronger, you can start to farm more quickly using your abilities. Late in the game, farming becomes less about gold and more about pushing minion waves to apply pressure on the map.

How can I practice last-hitting minions in League of Legends?

You can practice last-hitting minions in the game’s practice mode. This allows you to focus solely on your timing and precision without worrying about enemy champions. Additionally, playing games with the goal of improving your last-hitting, rather than winning, can also help.

What is freezing the minion wave and why is it important?

Freezing the minion wave is a strategy where you maintain the wave of minions close to your tower. This strategy is important as it provides safety from enemy ganks, forces the enemy laner to overextend if they want to farm, and gives you more control over the lane.


If you’re serious about mastering League of Legends, there’s no way around it – you have to perfect your farming. It’s the backbone of your economy, the key to your level progression, and, ultimately, a determining factor in your success or failure on the battlefield. With the right approach, practice, and patience, you’ll see your farming prowess grow and the benefits it brings to your game.


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