Acing the Game Ethically: The Essential League of Legends Honor System Guide

Acing the Game Ethically: The Essential League of Legends Honor System Guide

Ever been caught in the tempest of a heated League of Legends match? You’re not alone. The world of LoL is not just a battleground of skill and strategy but also one of sportsmanship and respect. Regrettably, not everyone recalls the latter. That’s where Riot Games stepped in and introduced the Honor System in 2018. However, the question remains: How to use this system to enhance your gaming experience effectively? Well, Spezzy’s got your back!


  • The League of Legends Honor System promotes positive behavior and sportsmanship.
  • Understanding this system can greatly enhance your gaming experience.
  • Honored players are statistically less likely to engage in negative behavior.
  • Numerous strategies can be implemented to improve your Honor status.
  • This guide will provide you with tips and tricks to maximize your usage of the Honor System.

💡 Why the Honor System Matters in League of Legends

In Riot Games’ words, “The Honor System is a way for players to recognize and reward each other for positive behavior in-game, and it’s a key part of creating a positive and welcoming community in League of Legends.” This system is not just a shiny badge; it’s about promoting positivity and fairness in the game. Players who understand and utilize this system can significantly improve their gaming experience, both in terms of enjoyment and competitive edge.

Driving Positivity: It’s More Than Just an Honor

Here’s a nugget of truth for you: Riot Games states that players who receive Honor rewards are 35% less likely to be punished for negative behavior in the future. That’s right; sportsmanship pays off!

🎮 Boosting Your Honor Level: Spezzy’s Insider Tips

Navigating the Honor System can be as tricky as navigating Summoner’s Rift. Luckily, Spezzy’s got some secret tips up his sleeve.

Communicate Effectively, Play Fairly

First things first, remember that LoL is a team-based game. Solid communication can turn the tide of battles, and respectful conversations can earn you honor points from teammates and even rivals!

Rise Above the Conflict

Got a teammate throwing insults instead of aiding the fight? Keep your cool. Displaying sportsmanship in the face of negativity not only sets an example for other players but can also earn you some extra Honor points.

Recognize and RewardRecognize and Reward

The Honor system isn’t just about receiving; it’s about giving too. Recognize the efforts of your team members, commend their good plays, and remember to share the Honor points post-match.

😇 The Rewards of Being Honorable

But what’s in it for you? Aside from the satisfaction of playing the game with integrity, Riot rewards honorable players with some neat perks. You get access to exclusive rewards, loot boxes, and even have a better chance of scoring free champion shards.

🏁 The Road Ahead: Staying Honorable

Maintaining a high Honor level isn’t a one-time gig. It’s a commitment to playing LoL with integrity, respect, and positivity. It’s a mindset that transforms not only your gaming experience but also the overall atmosphere of the game.

Embrace Positivity, Shun Negativity

Nobody likes to lose, but in the words of a wise summoner, “You either win or you learn.” Adopt a positive attitude towards defeat, and you’ll find your Honor level rising steadily.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like perfecting your last-hitting or warding, improving your Honor level is a journey, not a destination. Keep at it, learn from your mistakes, and see how it enriches your LoL experience.

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble

While your Honor level reflects your sportsmanship, it’s crucial to remember that there’s always room for improvement. Continue learning, continue evolving, and most importantly, continue having fun.

🔑 The Keys to Victory: Further Tips to Climb the Honor LadderThe Keys to Victory: Further Tips to Climb the Honor Ladder

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

One of the easiest ways to climb the Honor ranks is to regularly acknowledge the excellent plays made by your teammates and opponents alike. Whether it’s a well-executed gank, a fantastic save, or even a funny quip in chat, don’t hold back your compliments!

Accept Criticism Graciously

It’s not always sunshine and roses in the Rift. There will be times when teammates provide constructive feedback on your gameplay. Take these moments as learning opportunities and thank them for their guidance. Showing maturity in these instances can improve your Honor standing.

Be the Beacon of Positivity

In heated moments, remember to be the bigger player. Quell arguments, promote teamwork, and above all, keep the chat friendly. Acting as a beacon of positivity can inspire others to do the same, improving the game environment and your Honor level.

🎁 Reaping the Fruits of Your Sportsmanship

Rewards from the Honor System extend beyond the satisfaction of being an upstanding player. Consistently demonstrating good sportsmanship can grant you a plethora of rewards, including but not limited to, Honor Capsules, Key Fragments, and Champion Shards.

🔮 Looking Forward: The Future of Honor in LoL

The Honor System continues to evolve to promote a more positive gaming environment for all players. As we navigate the world of League of Legends, remember to not just play for the win but also for the thrill of the journey and the camaraderie formed along the way.


Q: What is the League of Legends Honor System?

A: Introduced by Riot Games in 2018, the Honor System is a way for players to recognize and reward positive behavior in the game.

Q: How can I improve my Honor level in League of Legends?

A: Consistent positive behavior, effective communication, fair gameplay, and recognizing other players’ efforts are some of the ways to improve your Honor level.

Q: What are the benefits of being an honorable player in League of Legends?

A: Honorable players get access to exclusive rewards, loot boxes, and have a higher chance of scoring free champion shards.

Q: Does maintaining a high Honor level offer any strategic advantage in the game?

A: While the Honor System does not directly affect gameplay mechanics, a high Honor level indicates a player’s good sportsmanship, which could positively impact team morale and cooperation.

Q: What if my Honor level drops due to negative behavior?

A: Riot Games may impose penalties for consistent negative behavior, including a drop in Honor level. However, players can improve their Honor level by committing to positive behavior in subsequent games.

Q: Are there any specific rewards tied to my Honor level?

A: Yes, higher Honor levels can unlock special rewards such as Honor Capsules and exclusive skins.

Q: Can I lose my Honor level?

A: Yes, consistent negative behavior or penalties may cause a decrease in your Honor level.

Q: How does the Honor System affect matchmaking?

A: Honor levels do not affect matchmaking, but players with a history of positive behavior are often placed in games with similar players.

Q: Is there a cap to the Honor level?

A: As of now, the highest achievable Honor level is 5. However, Riot Games continuously revises the system and may introduce changes in the future.

💡 In Conclusion: Be the Hero League of Legends Deserves

In the end, the League of Legends Honor System isn’t just about the fancy badges or the exclusive loot-it’s about building a community where players respect each other, play fair, and most importantly, have fun together. It’s about making the world of League of Legends a better place, one summoner at a time. 


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