League of Legends Jungle Tier List for Patch 13.8

League of Legends Jungle Tier List for Patch 13.8

As a live service game, League of Legends is prone to significant changes with each coming patch. Riot Games releases a new patch for their treasured MOBA every two weeks or so. While they are usually just tweaks and minor changes, they often impact the game’s meta.

Even the most minor changes can influence the meta, and players have devised ways of tracking what’s good and what’s not by making so-called Tier Lists. This article will look at the tier list for Jungle and comment on the Champions currently considered the best for this role.

All of our Tier Lists are provided by u.gg, and we thank them for their efforts. Without further ado, let’s check out Patch 13.8’s best Junglers.

What you can expect:

  • A detailed overview of each Champion
  • A glance at the changes made by the current patch
  • Leaguefeed’s knowledge of the best Junglers in 13.8

6. Nidalee6. Nidalee

Tier: S+

Win Rate: 50.72%

Pick Rate: 6.6%
Ban Rate: 9.0%

Nidalee has been having a strong one in recent patches, especially the current one. With changes to existing items, Nidalee has once again risen to the top of the Jungling class of Champions with her exceptional damage and potential for map control. She was always a good pick but avoided by most players due to her overall complexity.

Nidalee has received a so-called ‘buff’ in this patch, but it’s just a minor adjustment. Her Armor and stat scaling were increased marginally, which shouldn’t impact her overall game performance. Nerfs to popular Junglers such as Kayn and Jarvan have propelled her to the top of the Jungling tier list.

Her overt reliance on skill shots makes most players hate or avoid Nidalee. Her Q is a notorious spell that is tremendously difficult to master. It’ll take you more than a few hours to get the hang of just that one spell, not to mention all the combos and quirks she has in store.

At any rate, Nidalee is a fantastic, if a bit old, Champion that we love seeing in the high tiers. We recommend you try her, though be prepared for a steep learning curve.

5. Master Yi5. Master Yi

Tier: S+

Win Rate: 50.76%

Pick Rate: 6.4%

Ban Rate: 14.5%

The well-known Master of the Wuju technique is, as always, at the top of the tier list. Master Yi is a fantastic fighter capable of cutting down the tankiest enemies without even sweat. He wasn’t subject to changes in this patch but nevertheless hung on to his high position in the Jungle role.

Master Yi is primarily popular with lower-ranked players that want something simple but effective to help them solo-carry games. In Platinum and above, we can see that Master Yi enjoys a substantially lower pick rate which doesn’t mean he’s a bad Champion overall. His ban rate impacts the number of matches he’s present in, and a general stigma surrounds him.

But if we ignored all of this, we could safely say that Master Yi is a brutal Champion that can clear his waves quickly and effectively and provide his team with massive map control. His speed of both movement and attacking means that he can easily overpower his opposing Junglers and proceed to gank to his heart’s content. Yi might be a bit slow before hitting level 6, but that’s only for a few minutes, and then he turns into a total beast.

We love Master Yi and recommend him to everyone, especially those seeking to climb out of the lower divisions. In higher Elo, Yi might be shunned a bit, but that doesn’t stop some incredible players from utilizing him to reach the highest of ranks, including Challenger.

4. Evelynn4. Evelynn

Tier: S+

Win Rate: 51.44%

Pick Rate: 4.3%

Ban Rate: 13.3%

Evelynn has always hovered around the high tiers simply because she has an insane capability of establishing control. Evelynn can use her excellent damage output to clear her side of the Jungle quickly and maintain a ton of health due to how regenerative she is with her Passive. After level 6, she gains the invisibility trait and can utilize it to terrorize the opposing side as much as she likes.

We see that she isn’t exactly the most popular Champion in Platinum and above, but her ban rate does impact this. However, the ban rate isn’t substantial enough to warrant such a low pick rate, and we honestly have no explanation for why it’s this bad. At any rate, we recommend you to be the ones fixing this issue ASAP, as Evelynn has so much to offer. 

Evelynn is an AP Assassin, meaning she can cull her enemies’ health bars like butter and escape without taking a hit. The aforementioned invisibility helps her sneak up on her opponents, which she can promptly strike at with ferocious homicidal intent. Before even getting close to her enemies, she has a powerful charm that can prevent them from escaping, further guaranteeing her kills. She has a massive snowball potential, and each passing minute means a substantially stronger Evelynn.

She is a fearsome Champion that many have a difficult time dealing with, so she’s perfect for some of the lower divisions. There, players tend to have zero idea what they’re doing, so Champions like Evelynn might help you climb faster and much easier.

We could go on forever about how good Evelynn actually is. If she weren’t, she wouldn’t be on a list such as this one, so that should be enough for you to know. Go out there and try her; we can safely vouch for her.

3. Hecarim3. Hecarim

Tier: S+

Win Rate: 50.51%

Pick Rate: 8.6%

Ban Rate: 19.8%

At number three, we have what is probably the most dominant Jungle Champion in Season 2023. Hecarim has been so consistently strong for the past year or so that describing that whole history in detail would take several articles on its own. However, we can somewhat summarise his strengths and very few weaknesses in this one entry. But it doesn’t do him justice.

Hecarim is one incredible Jungle Champion with a ton of versatility, obscene damage, and even crazier movement speed. He can quickly clear his side of the Jungle in just a couple of minutes while remaining perfectly healthy. Invading the enemy side is also a breeze for him due to his high base damage and growing movement speed that any other Champion scarcely matches. He can gank, roam, clear camps, you name it.

Many players hate him, which is reflected in the insane 19.8% ban rate that Hecarim enjoys. This is primarily due to how unbeatable he can get due to his excellent snowball potential. If Hecarim establishes an early lead, which is a given in any match he plays, it’s nearly impossible to beat him later. Playing against something that cannot die but can kill you in a single attack becomes unbearable and obnoxious. He reminds us of Champions like Warwick, that can singlehandedly control the entire map only Hecarim does it better than all the others. One second he’s attacking you; the other, he’s at Drake. At another moment, he’s split-pushing your Bot Lane and killing them for the 20th time in 15 minutes.

Absolutely crazy; Hecarim deserves all the praise and hate he gets. Give him a try. See how you feel about it.

2. Jarvan IV2. Jarvan IV

Tier: S+

Win Rate: 51.17%

Pick Rate: 10.1%

Ban Rate: 18.0%

Jarvan IV has been a popular Jungler for a decade now. You can see many players picking him in any given division, low or high. However, there’s nuance to him that is difficult to master, and only the best of players can truly unlock this Champion’s immense potential.

In Platinum and above, we see that many players have learned how to utilize his many strengths and brought him to over 51% win rate. That is exceptionally high for any Champion in League of Legends, as Riot Games themselves seek to curb these numbers and keep them around 50 or below at all times. We saw such an attempt in this patch when Riot Games gave Jarvan a nerf. However, their attempts were in vain as Jarvan still maintains the second-highest position on u.gg’s tier list in the Jungle role.
Jarvan’s nature itself is powerful by default. Combining the best traits of an Assassin and a Bruiser, Riot Games truly made a formidable Champion. He can cut down enemies of any size without much effort while tanking through whatever you throw at him. His great damage serves him well in the Jungle and allows for fast camp clears. Complemented by his amazing mobility, Jarvan can then move on to his enemy’s side of the map and harass them into submission.

That mighty spear of his has starred in many outplay compilations on YouTube and Twitch.tv, and we can only expect to see more so long as he maintains his strength and popularity. As he is broken by nature, we assume this will last for quite some time.

1. Kha’Zix1. Kha'Zix

Tier: S+

Win Rate: 51.56%

Pick Rate: 14.3%

Ban Rate: 14.3%

Last but not least, we have the ultimate hunter (sorry, Rengar)–Kha’Zix. This fantastic Jungle Assassin is one of the best Champions in League of Legends proper, boasting an obscenely high win rate of 51.56%. Riot Games surely needs to give this Champion a detailed look for their future patch. But before they do, we have to praise him.

Kha’Zix is a popular pick in all divisions in League of Legends, and in Platinum+, he has a massive 14.3% pick rate. Kha is banned in an equal number of matches, which tells us how much people actually hate him. We’ve all had the opportunity to get obliterated by Kha’Zix at some point, and it is no wonder that so many players want to sideline him.

Nevertheless, he’s still pretty popular, and nothing can stop him on his way to becoming the apex predator. Kha’Zix loves roaming around the map and ignoring clearing the camps. While he can quickly do it, Kha players prefer to get involved with their enemies as soon as possible. Thus, Kkha is among the best ganking Champions you could ever choose, as his insane mobility and damage are perfect for eviscerating any target you put your sights on. He has a huge jump, sustain, 1-shot potential, and even invisibility. Very little is left to be desired regarding this fantastic Jungler.

Before we divulge into pure praise and bias for Kha’Zix, we’ll end it with a recommendation. Just go and pick him and see what he can actually do. Trust us on this one.

Author’s Note on the Best Current Jungler

Personally, of all the Champions I’ve listed and seen during this patch, I have to stand firmly behind Kha’Zix. I love utilizing his mobility to establish dominance in the Jungle. After quickly clearing my side of the map, I move on to the enemy territory, where I can exploit the robust Isolation passive. With it, 1v1-ing any Champion in the game becomes a breeze, especially around the level 6 range.

However, Kha’Zix does have his drawbacks. He is squishy and vulnerable to all-ins from Champions of the same or higher caliber. While he is the best Jungler, in my opinion, there are particular Champions in League capable of taking even him down. Top Laners come to mind as their tanky, Bruiser nature makes it challenging to assassinate them. They take all the damage like real Champs and can easily dish out some of their own. Therefore, I’d say that you should play Kha’Zix, but only against rosters that aren’t too overloaded with Tanks and Bruisers. Squishies are your bread and butter, so keep your sights on them the most.


There are so many Champions in League of Legends it’s starting to become hard to remember them all. With each patch capable of changing the game fundamentally, it’s even more challenging to keep track of what is actually good in the game. Therefore, Tier Lists came to be to help us know what works and what doesn’t in any given patch. We hope the List above made it clear which Champions are the absolutely best Junglers in 13.8, and comment your favorite Junglers down below!

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