The Ultimate League of Legends Support Guide: Unleashing Your Inner Game Changer

The Ultimate League of Legends Support Guide: Unleashing Your Inner Game Changer

Imagine this: You’re in the heat of the battle, your team is tussling with the enemy, and out of nowhere, your HP is replenished, your enemy is crowd-controlled, and victory is within reach. You look around to celebrate, and there stands your support, the unsung hero of the gaming world. In the intricate universe of League of Legends, supports may not always be in the spotlight, but without them, glory is a distant dream. Here’s a fascinating fact: in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, support champions were picked in an astounding 97% of the games played. That’s nearly every single game! But why is this role so significant? And how can you excel at it? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.


  • Support is a pivotal role in League of Legends
  • Mastering it can significantly improve your team’s chances of victory
  • This guide will provide you with strategies, tips, and insights to elevate your support game
  • A good support player doesn’t just heal or shield, they enable their team to succeed in various ways
  • The role of support is favored as a secondary role by 60% of LoL players

🎮 The Unseen Heroes: Understanding the Role of Support

Supports are the backbone of any League of Legends team. They provide the necessary foundations upon which their team builds victories. As professional player Aphromoo puts it, “A support’s job is to enable their team to succeed, whether that means healing, shielding, or crowd controlling the enemy team.” So, what does this mean for you as a support player? Let’s dive in.

⚔️ The Protector and the Playmaker

Supports often carry the team in two ways: Protecting their allies and creating opportunities for plays.

A good support knows when to switch between these two modes, depending on the state of the game. This means understanding the dynamics of the game and the unique abilities of your chosen champion.

🛡️ Warding and Map Awareness

In the game of vision, supports are the masters. Proper warding can provide vital information to your team, preventing surprise attacks and enabling strategic plays. The more map awareness you can provide your team, the better their decision-making will be.

🗡️ Crowd Control and Zoning

A skilled support can control the battlefield, dictating the pace of the game. By zoning enemies and crowd-controlling them, you can create space for your team and disrupt the enemy’s strategies.

🕹️ Leveling Up Your Support Gameplay: Insider Tips and Strategies

Becoming a great support player involves mastering several aspects of gameplay. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Choose Your Champion Wisely: Not all champions are created equal. Make sure to choose a champion whose abilities align with your team’s composition and strategy.

Communication is Key: As a support, you’re the team’s eyes and ears. Communicate effectively with your team about enemy positions, ward placements,and potential threats.

Master the Art of Positioning: Positioning can make or break your game. Being at the right place at the right time can turn the tide of battles.

Be Adaptive: No two games are the same. Adapt your strategies based on your team’s needs and the state of the game.

💪 Embracing the Role of Support: A Game-Changer

According to a survey conducted by Riot Games, 60% of League of Legends players prefer to play support as their secondary role. This illustrates how players understand the impact a good support can have on the game. Despite not being in the limelight, supports are the ones pulling the strings, setting up plays, and steering their team towards victory.

🎮 Champion Spotlight: Stellar Support Choices

Picking the right champion is a vital part of being an effective support.

Here are a few stellar choices that are highly valued for their support skills:

🛡️ Thresh, The Chain WardenThresh, The Chain Warden

Thresh is a highly versatile support champion known for his crowd control abilities. His Q ability, Death Sentence, can hook and drag enemies, while his W, Dark Passage, can shield allies and provide a crucial escape route.

🗡️ Janna, The Storm’s FuryJanna, The Storm's Fury

Janna is a potent protective support, excelling at keeping her allies safe. Her abilities provide shields, healing, and knockbacks, making her excellent at disrupting enemy plans.

⚔️ Leona, The Radiant DawnLeona, The Radiant Dawn

Leona is a tank support who shines in the thick of the battle. She excels at initiating fights and soaking up damage, all while stunning enemies and setting up kills for her team.

🔮 Climbing the Ladder: The Road to Mastery

Becoming a master support player isn’t an overnight process. It takes time, practice, and a good deal of game sense. Remember, your role as a support is to be the foundation upon which your team can rely.

🏹 The Role of Supports in Esports

The importance of the support role isn’t just limited to casual play. In the esports scene, support players are often the unsung heroes of their teams. Their strategic playmaking, precise warding, and clutch saves can be the deciding factors in high-stakes games.


1. Why is the support role so important in League of Legends?

The support role is vital as they provide protection, create opportunities for plays, maintain vision control, and keep the team well-informed.

2. How can I improve my skills as a support player?

Improving as a support player involves understanding your chosen champion, effective communication, proper positioning, and adaptability.

3. What should I prioritize as a support player?

Priorities can vary based on the game, but generally, you should prioritize protecting your allies, maintaining vision control, and setting up plays.

4. How do I choose the right support champion?

Choosing the right champion depends on your team’s composition and strategy. Some champions are better suited for protecting allies, while others excel at crowd control or healing.

5. Can a support player carry a game in League of Legends?

Absolutely! While supports might not carry games in the traditional sense (like getting the most kills), they can significantly influence the outcome of the game through their actions.

6. Who are some of the best support champions in League of Legends?

Some of the top support champions include Thresh for his crowd control, Janna for her protection abilities, and Leona for her tankiness and stuns.

7. How important are supports in the esports scene?

Supports play a crucial role in the esports scene. Their ability to set up plays, maintain vision control, and save teammates can often be the deciding factors in games.

8. Can I climb the ranked ladder playing as a support?

Absolutely! With good gameplay, strategic warding, and effective communication, a support player can significantly influence the outcome of the game and climb the ranked ladder.

🏆 Conclusion: The Secret to Winning More Games

The essence of being a great support in League of Legends is understanding that you’re not just a sidekick. You are an enabler, a protector, and often, the difference between defeat and victory. With the right strategies, skills, and mindset, you can elevate your gameplay and become an asset to any team.


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