Unleash Your Lane Dominance: The Ultimate League of Legends Top Lane Guide

Unleash Your Lane Dominance: The Ultimate League of Legends Top Lane Guide

Have you ever found yourself helplessly watching your nexus explode while your top laner is still figuring out how to last hit? Do you desire to be the top lane titan your team needs? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This League of Legends Top Lane Guide is your key to flipping that script, and it’s time to open up that door.


  • The top lane in League of Legends is a solo lane requiring self-sufficiency. 
  • Patience and endurance are key virtues in top lane. 
  • Popular champions for top lane are Sett, Ornn, and Mordekaiser. 
  • Learn to turn every tiny advantage to your favor.
  • Hone your skills to become the top lane titan your team needs.

Top Lane: The Lonely Road to Glory

Being a top laner means you’re essentially on an island. It’s a lane known for its solitude, with players expected to handle their own against their opponents. As professional League of Legends player Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell once said, “Top lane is all about patience and endurance. It’s a game of inches, and every little advantage counts.” The top lane is a test of character, a place where the strong prevail, and the weak falter.

The Powerhouse Champions

According to a survey conducted by Riot Games, the most popular champions played in the top lane in 2020 were Sett, Ornn, and Mordekaiser. These champions stand out for their durability, crowd control, and damage output. Understanding their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses can be the difference between a victory and a defeat.

Mastering the Art of Patience

Patience is not just about waiting for the perfect moment to strike. It’s also about being aware of your surroundings and understanding the enemy’s strategies. It’s the calculated patience that separates the good from the great. Remember, every little advantage counts.

Turning Every Inch into a Mile

In the top lane, every minion killed, every summoner spell used, and every ward placed can be the difference between life and death. You need to capitalize on every small advantage you can get. This requires not only good game knowledge but also fast decision-making and quick reflexes.

Embracing the Top Lane Mindset

As a top laner, your mindset can be the difference between success and failure. Embrace the solitude, thrive in the pressure, and always be ready to adapt to the constantly changing battlefield.

Deeper Dive into the Powerhouse Champions

Sett: The Boss of Top LaneSett: The Boss of Top Lane

Born in the gutter, Sett rose to the top, embodying the pure, rough-and-tumble spirit of the top lane. He’s a champion who thrives in drawn-out fights thanks to his passive ability, Pit Grit, which allows him to punch harder with alternate attacks and gain health regeneration based on his missing health. His W ability, Haymaker, can absorb damage and release it in a wide skill shot, making him a constant threat even when he’s low on health.

Ornn: The Fiery BlacksmithOrnn: The Fiery Blacksmith

Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain, is a tanky champion who excels in crowd control and initiating team fights. His passive ability, Living Forge, allows him to craft items anywhere on the map and upgrade his teammates’ items, providing an undeniable advantage as the game progresses. Mastering Ornn requires good map awareness and communication with the team, as his ultimate, Call of the Forge God, can turn the tide of a team fight from a great distance.

Mordekaiser: The Iron RevenantMordekaiser: The Iron Revenant

Mordekaiser is a juggernaut that can single out and annihilate key targets, making him a nightmare for squishy carries. His passive, Darkness Rise, gives him increased damage and speed after landing three attacks or abilities, and his ultimate, Realm of Death, banishes a target to a different realm for a 1v1 showdown. A well-played Mordekaiser can strike fear into the hearts of his opponents and dictate the pace of the game.

Top Lane Objectives: More Than Just Farming

The top lane is not just about farming minions and battling your opposing laner. It’s also crucially about gaining and maintaining control over key objectives such as the Rift Herald and Baron Nashor. These objectives can provide significant advantages to your team, giving you the power to push lanes or win team fights decisively.

Warding: The Key to Surviving the Top Lane

Visibility is survival in the top lane. Proper warding can alert you to incoming ganks, save your life, and potentially net kills for your team. Knowing where and when to ward is an art that every top laner must master.

The Art of Wave Management

Wave management is another crucial element in becoming a top lane titan. This involves controlling the minion wave to your advantage, whether it’s freezing the wave near your turret for safety, slow-pushing to build up a larger wave, or fast-pushing to apply pressure and roam.

Freezing: The Art of Patience

Freezing is when you keep the minion wave near your turret, forcing the enemy to overextend for farm, making them vulnerable to ganks. This tactic requires patience and good last-hitting skills, as you only want to kill minions when they’re about to die.

Slow-Pushing: The Build-Up Strategy

Slow-pushing involves gradually building up your minion wave so it becomes larger than the enemy’s. This can be done by killing only the enemy caster minions, allowing your wave to slowly grow in size. A large minion wave can be used to pressure the enemy under their turret, go for trades, or roam.

Fast-Pushing: The Pressure Cooker

Fast-pushing is when you quickly clear the enemy minion wave to apply pressure. This strategy is often used when you want to roam, reset, or get turret plates. It forces the enemy to deal with the minion wave, giving you the freedom to make plays elsewhere on the map.

Roaming: The Unsung Power of the Top Laner

Roaming is when you leave your lane to make plays elsewhere. This could involve helping your mid-laner, securing Scuttle Crab, or even ganking the bot lane. Good roaming can significantly impact the game, creating pressure, securing kills, and helping your team get ahead. Remember, the top lane is not an island, and your impact can be felt all across the Rift.


1. What is the role of the top laner in League of Legends?

The top laner in League of Legends is usually responsible for controlling their lane, creating pressure on the map, and assisting their team in fights.

Which champions are best suited for the top lane in League of Legends?

Champions with durability, crowd control, and good damage output are best suited for top lane. Sett, Ornn, and Mordekaiser are among the most popular.

3. How can I improve my skills as a top laner?

Improving as a top laner requires patience, strategic thinking, and solid game knowledge. It’s important to understand champion matchups, ward effectively, and make smart decisions about when to join team fights.

4. Why is patience important in the top lane?

Patience is crucial in top lane because it’s often about outlasting your opponent. Making hasty decisions can lead to unnecessary deaths and loss of map pressure.

5. What does it mean that top lane is a ‘game of inches’?

“Game of inches” means that every small advantage counts. This could be an extra minion kill, a better timed ward, or forcing the enemy to use their summoner spells.

6. How important is warding in the top lane?

Warding is crucial in the top lane. It provides vision, preventing enemy ganks and providing information for your team.

7. What is the role of the top laner in team fights?

The top laner’s role in team fights varies based on the champion played but often involves frontline engagement, crowd control, or taking down key targets.

8. How can I effectively control objectives as a top laner?

Effective objective control involves good map awareness, timely warding, communication with the team, and understanding when to push for objectives.

9. How can I improve my decision-making in the top lane?

Improving decision-making involves understanding your champion’s strengths and weaknesses, reading the game state accurately, and learning from past experiences.

10. What is wave management and why is it important in the top lane?

Wave management involves controlling the minion wave to create advantageous situations. This can help in keeping yourself safe, denying farm to the enemy, or creating opportunities for roams or trades.

11. How can I effectively roam as a top laner?

Effective roaming involves good map awareness and understanding of wave management. Look for opportunities when your wave is pushing, the enemy top laner is dead or has recalled, or when your team is preparing for an objective.

12. What are some tips for improving my last-hitting skills?

Improving last-hitting involves practice, understanding your champion’s attack animation and damage, and using abilities effectively. Consider practicing in custom games to improve your last-hitting skills without the pressure of an actual match.


The top lane in League of Legends is a challenging yet rewarding path. With patience, endurance, and a keen sense of strategy, you can become the top lane titan your team needs. Remember, it’s a game of inches, and every little advantage counts. So, go out there and conquer that top lane!


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