League of Legends 1v1 Rules (Explained)

What is the best way to prove that you are a better player than your opponent? Of course, a 1v1 duel will measure your strengths and show who is the better player. Players love to play in 1v1 competitions to gauge strengths and gain a particular reputation in the League of Legends community or even cash. There are daily, weekly or monthly competitions on the various websites, and anyone with a valid League of Legends account can participate.

The official tournament under the auspices of Riot games is an All-Star event that has been held for eight years, and inside it is the Red Bull Solo Q which brings together amateur players who will fight for the title of the best in 1v1 duels. This year’s Red Bull Solo Q final takes place from December 3rd to 5th in Munich, Germany. Below is a description and rules for anyone who wants to participate in this exciting competition.

In essence, apart from not playing a classic 5v5 duel, winning the Red Bull Solo Q is straightforward: a player must kill 100 million before his opponent, win First Blood or destroy the opponent’s turret first.

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Who can participate?

Participation in the Red Bull Solo Q is available to all amateur players who think they can demonstrate their knowledge and skills without the help of a team. 128 participants will be able to sign up. This number is not final, and administrators can increase or decrease the player registration quota at any time. Through participation in national tournaments and international qualifiers, you can reach the global finals, which will be held in Germany this year. To register, you need to visit http://redbull.com/soloq.

You can register if:

  • you have a valid League of Legends account
  • you are at least 16 years old during the competition
  • you must be a citizen or resident of a country that is a qualifier for a minimum of 6 months
  • you must not be in the current LCS, LEC, LCK, or another professional league at the same time
  • you must follow all the rules and instructions you receive from the tournament administration and know that it can change them at any time without notice if necessary to ensure fair play and integrity
  • insults and unfair or disrespectful behavior towards anyone are not tolerated and will be punished.
  • you have to have the latest version of Leauge of Legends installed and check for new updates before the match
  • you must be registered on the official tournament website and have your correct League of Legends Account entered
  • it is strictly forbidden to lose intentionally; you have to try to achieve the best result and win
  • racist, vulgar, sexist, or any offensive name of the competitor is strictly prohibited
  • you must know that the administration may arbitrarily change the name of the player if it considers that it violates the tournament rules in any way
  • each player consents to the collected footage of photo and audio material displaying or voicing them during the tournament to be stored and used for announcements, website content, and other publications by the organizer restricted and unlimited in terms of time and place

By signing up for the tournament, the player is entirely in accordance with the rules and must comply with them as determined by the tournament’s organization, with no right to future claims.

Other rules

Communication between the competitor and the administration is held in English or French throughout the tournament. Players cannot postpone the match if they have not previously contacted the administration. Likewise, if a player does not arrive within 10 minutes of an agreed match he may be disqualified and automatically lose the match. Before the match, players must be available on Discord, League of Legends, and the official tournament website.

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Game Mode

  • Map: Summoners Rift
  • Team Size: 1
  • Name: “Participant A” vs. “Participant B”
  • Password: an arbitrary password must be shared between both players
  • Game Type: Blind Pick
  • Allow Spectators: Lobby Only
  • Side Choice: the player who is first posted on the match page plays on the blue side in the first match, while the player posted second plays on the red side. After the first game, the players change sides.
  • Bans: each player must write their three bans in the lobby in the following order; the bans are written in the chat before the match:
    • blue team – 1st ban
    • red team – 2nd and 3rd ban
    • blue team – 4th and 5th ban
    • red team – 6th ban

Win Condition: 

  • the player who scores First Blood 
  • the player who kills 100 minions first
  • the player who first destroys the turret in middle lane

However, it is not allowed to kill minions found in the jungle or in lanes other than midlane. If a player disconnects during champion selection, the lobby has to be recreated; also, abusing a but is strictly forbidden as well as any use of a potential tool that can manipulate the game. Within 90 minutes of the start of the match, players must report the same report score as proof of the match results. Every participant should take screenshots of their win. If they fail to do so, the administration may close the match without a winner.

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Players must be ready 10 minutes before the start of the match; otherwise, they may be disqualified. The exact schedule of matches will be posted on the website, Discord, and social channels. The usual schedule is for players to be ready for check-in at 10 AM while the match starts at 11 AM. Any tournament delays that are a result of players being unprepared or late may result in disqualification.

Rule Violation and Punishment

If players violate the tournament rules, they may receive the following penalties:

  • Disqualification from the qualifier
  • Disqualification from the tournament
  • Disqualification from future tournaments
  • Prize Money Reduction


Of course, special cash prizes have been prepared for the best players of the tournament:

  • 1st – $750
  • 2nd – $375
  • 3rd – $225
  • 4th – $150


In conclusion, this is just an example of one of the famous 1v1 tournaments for amateur players of League of Legends. In addition to Red Bul Solo Q, there are other competitions that also allow skilled players to show off their playing skills. If you do a little research into 1v1 rules and tournaments, you will see that the rules are mostly similar and differ very little. Participating in this type of competition is excellent for all players who want to raise the bar to a higher level, and winning money and fame is also a great motivation.

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