Riot Games’ new League of Legends Café System – Explained

Riot Games recently introduced us to the new League of Legends cafe system! In this article we've covered pretty much everything there is to cover about the League of Legends cafe systems!

Back when the era of gaming was still young, gamers used to practically “live” in internet cafes. Not all of us owned a gaming PC or a stable internet connection. Instead, we visited these cafes, reserved a PC for ourselves, and played our favorite games with our friends. The social aspect of it is something exceptional and tough to forget. And so internet cafes remain to this day the fundamentals of the online competitive gaming world.

Now, Riot Games have recognized this and attempted to rejuvenate it through their brand new LoL Cafe System. The idea is fantastic, and it brings many positive features to the community. We only hope that in the future, they will dedicate even more time and resources to it and make the LoL Cafe System something genuinely brilliant!

What is the new League of Legends Cafe System?

Well, the new Riot Games’ LoL Cafe System is a way to upgrade the experience of players who primarily play League of Legends in one of these internet cafes. Basically, Riot Games has turned multiple cafes into LoL cafes – places where LoL players can play the game like they’re at home. It offers many benefits and ways for these players to stay competitive and on the same page with everybody else.

What does the LoL Cafe System offer?

  • All Champions Unlocked
  • 1 open skin for each champion that changes every 6 months
  • 25% XP boost

As you can see, these benefits are enough to charm every League of Legends player. For starters, the fact that all champions are unlocked and available on a new account is fantastic! That means that you no longer have to grind ARAM or normal games for your main champion of 6300 Blue Essence. Instead, you can just log in and start winning right away!

Secondly, we were amazed to learn that you’ll also get 1 “free” skin per champion while playing in an LoL Cafe. Now, these skins won’t be yours permanently. The way this system works is that all benefits received from the LoL Cafe will only work there. That means that when you log in to your account from home, you won’t have those benefits there.

And lastly, the 25% XP boost is convenient as well. Because, unless you’re a brand new player, you’re going to want to reach level 30 as fast as possible and start playing ranked games.

What Are the Rules of the Riot Games’ new LoL Cafe System?

If you wondered how this system practically works, here we will give you clear examples of its rules.

As we mentioned above, all that Riot Games give you in an LoL Cafe is only usable inside the same LoL Cafe. When you sign up for this system, your account (or a new account) will be given all the benefits mentioned above. But when you attempt to play League of Legends from your PC at home or at a friend’s house, you won’t have those benefits anymore (champion’s skin, XP boost, etc.).

But what happens if you purchase your own skin on that account? Will that be removed as well? Not at all! Any changes that you make on the account yourself will stay there forever. Only the free benefits provided by Riot Games will be taken away if you choose to play from home later on.

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Where can I Find the Riot Games’ new LoL Cafes?

Sadly, the new LoL Cafe System is only limited to Turkey currently. We believe that this is a temporary decision only and that Riot Games will attempt to spread it all over the world. However, we have no information whatsoever about any further development of this system.

But, if you’re an LoL player in Turkey, you have many such cafes to choose from. You can find them in all of the big cities, as well as in some of the smaller ones. Here is a list of cities and regions where you can start your League of Legends journey in an LoL Cafe!

  • Adana
  • Ankara
  • Antalya
  • Balikesir
  • Burdur
  • Canakkale
  • Corum
  • Edirne
  • Erzincan
  • Hatay
  • Isparta
  • Istanbul
  • Izmir
  • Kastamonu
  • Konya
  • Malatya
  • Manisa
  • Trabzon

Of course, these aren’t all the cities where you can find an LoL Cafe. In fact, many more are in the opening, and if you visit the official League of Legends place, you can check the map for an LoL Cafe near you.

Now, if you’re interested in opening such a place yourself, or you already own an internet cafe and want to turn it into an LoL Cafe, you can apply on the website as well. Many of the LoL Cafes were regular internet cafes that were rebranded later on. So, Riot Games might be able to help your business too!

We think that this system is a fantastic idea and we would like to see it grow bigger and spread all over the world! But what do you think? Would you use the LoL Cafe in your own city if there was one?

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