Top 7 Best League of Legends Champions for Kills

Best League of Legends Champions for Kills Guide

There are more than 150 champions in League of Legends right now but not all of them are good at killing the enemy. Some of them are great at providing utility, some excel in splitpushing, and some are great at damaging the enemy from a distance. If you have an aggressive playstyle and want to rack up your KDA, this guide will show you the top 7 best League of Legends champions for kills.

The 7 best champions for kills in League of Legends are:

  • Wukong
  • Swain
  • Diana
  • Veigar
  • Rengar
  • Twitch
  • Master Yi

These are the top 7 best League of Legends champions for kills in 2023. However, if you want to know why they excel in killing the enemy and how you can play better with them, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.


Best Champion for Kills Wukong League of LegendsStarting off with a champion that is in a great state right now thanks to various buffs to him directly and indirectly via items. Wukong is quite strong thanks to his reworked W ability which now allows him to jump over walls while leaving his clone behind. This not only gives you a lot of mobility to run but also allows you to gank more effectively now that you can gank from more directions.

On top of that, Wukong has a strong map presence and a great gap closer in the form of his E. Once you do get near the enemy, you can spam your Q which has a low cooldown and deals a lot of damage. Keep in mind that to reduce the cooldown of your Q, you need to auto attack the enemy. This is made easier after using your E since you have increased attack speed for a while.

Finally, his R is extremely strong right now, especially since it can be used two times back to back. Not only does it deal a decent amount of damage but it also knocks the enemy in the air. If your team has a champion like Yasuo, you will easily allow him to use his R.


Best Champion for Kills Swain League of LegendsI was confused between Swain or Darius but due to the recent buffs to Swain and his entire kit, he is performing extremely well right now. Now, Swain has a stronger Q, a much stronger W, and his E also received some love from Riot Games.

Plus, his ultimate is quite dangerous in teamfights since you can just R in and watch as the enemy runs for their lives. During your ultimate, you receive a lot of healing which allows you to sustain. If your HP does get low somehow, simply use Zhonya’s and you’ll continuously heal while being invulnerable. Also, you can now cast your R again to deal an AOE damage without finishing your ultimate. This allows you to deal tons of burst damage while still having your ultimate active.

Whether you play Swain in the bot lane or mid, you will have a fun time and you’ll notice that your damage is great from the start of the game. He is great at poking and sustaining, making him a great champion if you want to rack up some kills.


Best Champion for Kills Diana League of LegendsDiana might be a controversial pick for some players but you cannot deny how great she is at killing the enemy without giving them a chance. Thanks to a few reworks to her abilities, she can now provide CC to the team from the get-go in the form of her E. While her early ganking potential has been made somewhat weaker since you cannot gap close anymore, her new E (which was her ultimate before) is great to stop the enemy from running. (

Once you do hit level 6 though, that’s another story. Diana has tons of burst damage while being relatively tanky and being able to sustain herself in fights. If you target the enemy ADC, you will instantly kill them just by using your Q and following it up with your R. To play her, however, you need to understand when to retreat and when to engage.

After using your entire combo, you need to head back for a moment to refresh your cooldowns. Otherwise, Diana won’t deal much damage just by her auto attacks. While her passive does allow your third auto to deal more damage, it isn’t enough to stay in the fight and continue fighting. Plus, your R gets a free reset if you use it on an enemy that is hit by your Q. Use that wisely and your R might never run out or you can use two charges at once and deal even more damage.


Best Champion for Kills Veigar League of LegendsMoving on to a champion that is fun to play but extremely annoying – and somewhat scary – to go up against. Veigar is an easy champion that is great for beginners and he deals a lot (and I mean A LOT) of damage. During the early phases of the game, Veigar is weak since you do not have any items and you haven’t stacked up your AP. However, continue last hitting minions with your Q, and you’ll gain an insane amount of AP in no time. Veigar is one of those champions who can reach a 1000 AP in every game if it runs long enough.

Plus, not to mention his other abilities which hit like a truck without having a lot of cooldowns. His E allows you to place a massive cage that stuns any target that hits the outer edge of it. Even if you do not stun them, if the enemy is in the cage, they cannot get out until your cage disappears. This leaves the enemy vulnerable and allows you to deal free damage while they try to dodge.

Veigar’s W is a meteor that has a slight delay but once it does land, it will destroy anyone standing in the way if you have enough AP. The best combo for Veigar is to land his stun so that he can easily land his W and Q while the enemy cannot move. If the enemy lives through that somehow, you can always press your “outplay” button and use your ultimate to deal an insane amount of damage.

What’s crazy is that his R is a point-and-click ability that will one-shot most champions if you use it right after your Q and W. Once you reach the late game, there is no way that any squishy champion is going to live through your entire combo.


Best Champion for Kills Rengar League of LegendsRengar is a champion that I personally do not like but he is great at killing other champions so he made the list. His early game might leave some desiring for more but after getting a few items, you will deal a lot of damage while being somewhat tanky considering you are an assassin. Rengar has a lot of map presence and he can easily scare the enemy team thanks to his ultimate ability.

During his ultimate, he becomes invisible and gains a lot of movespeed. On top of that, he can also jump to any enemy unit by auto-attacking them. This allows him to easily gap close to the enemy.

The most broken part is that Rengar can easily one-shot any squishy champion after jumping on them from his R while using his other abilities in the air. The fact that Rengar is invisible while doing this is quite unfair. The enemy rarely gets a chance to react while you do your entire combo and destroy them without any issues.

Apart from his ultimate, he is still a strong champion that can provide a lot of map control thanks to his passive which allows him to jump on enemies when he is in a bush. However, you do not have to worry about your R since it has a low cooldown at the higher ranks.


Best Champion for Kills Twitch League of LegendsMuch like Rengar, Twitch’s strong point is that he can become invisible and deal a lot of damage to the enemy in short succession. However, unlike Rengar, Twitch is quite squishy and can be killed if he isn’t too careful since he is an ADC after all. Right now, Twitch is extremely strong and even if you do not play the ADC role, I suggest that you try him out and see for yourself.

Twitch has high DPS and is a hyper carry in the late game. The best part is that you can join the teamfights late and wait for your moment to strike the enemy back line while being invisible. This naturally scares the enemy team since they can never teamfight without thinking that you’ll jump on them from behind.

In most 1v1 situations, Twitch can easily kill any ADC since he can deal a lot of damage after coming out of his Q (invisibility). To gain more range, you can use your R right after Q which will not only give you more range but also a lot of attack speed. Plus, your W throws a poison bottle on the ground that slows all enemy units in the area.

Finally, you can use your E to consume all the stacks on the enemy and deal a lot of damage with your poison. This ability becomes twice as strong if you are playing AP Twitch which is quite viable.

Master Yi

Best Champion for Kills Master Yi League of LegendsFinally, Master Yi is a champion that is not only great for beginners but also works in the higher ranks of the game. Yi has a weak early game but as soon as he gets his items, it is game over for the enemy. The only real counter to him is if the enemy has a lot of CC that can stop him right in his tracks.

Otherwise, Yi can use his R to gain speed and Q to gap close and avoid enemy abilities. His W allows him to meditate while standing still. This gives him a lot of damage reduction while healing him as well. Master Yi isn’t a difficult champion to play which is why he is one of the best champions for kills in League of Legends.

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