How To Get Out Of Elo Hell in League of Legends?

How to get out of Elo Hell? This question has been asked by many League of Legends players. We've finally found the answers!

Elo Hell is a term used in MOBA video games that have a competitive mode. It refers to the matchmaking ranking system where the matches are of poor quality, and most of the time is determined by factors such as the poor team coordination factor, which can be out of the player’s control. This makes it very difficult for players to rank up to higher ranks because of the difficulty of winning ranked games under these circumstances. 

This phenomenon doesn’t only exist in League of Legends but in most video games where Competitive mode is available. Game developers call it the illusion provoked by cognitive bias.

League of Legends Elo Hell has a different meaning for each player, and it starts on different ranks. It sucks to be in Elo Hell, and even if you are in Diamond rank, if you are stuck, you are in Elo Hell. You know when you are in Elo Hel, and your teammates are playing against you (trolling, AFK, not enough experience), you just have a feeling that you’ve hit the wall.

League of Legends is played by a lot of players, but only a few are able to get out of Gold and climb the ranked ladder. Here's a full League of Legends rank distribution of the players

The most useful tip for every player is to realize that you are in Elo Hell. When you realize this, you need to stop blaming other players for your misfortune. Yes, teammates can sometimes drag you down, but in League of Legends, you are your own success maker. Meaning if you play good and get fed at the start, you will carry the game. So, if you want to get out of Elo Hell and climb up the ranks, practice playing better than everyone else.

Read further, and you will learn what the mistakes in Iron, Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond rank are. There are guides for every rank, but make sure to read and act upon all of them. Do this because the things that happen in Diamond rank can happen in the Bronze rank as well. 

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How to Get Out of Iron?

Iron players are stuck in Iron because they lack mechanics and general knowledge of the game – making this the main reason why they slide to the bottom. The skill gap isn’t that big from Iron to Bronze, and you should rank up quickly.

The best way to win in the Iron rank is to get some kills in the early phase. If you win your jungle or lane, you can easily carry the game and finish it before the enemy team can make a comeback. Try playing champs that are easy to play like; Garen, Caitlyn, Talon, Tryndamere, Master Yi, etc. Play with these champs and focus more on farming and staying out of danger. Just be careful, and don’t be greedy.

Another smart thing to do is to play safe and tilt your enemy. The more tilted your enemy is, the more mistakes they will make. When they are tilted, they can’t think straight, they move too fast, and don’t follow the movement of the game. You can capitalize on these kinds of players. But, remember to relax, breathe, and don’t be tilted or stressed when you play. Mute players if they try to tilt you.

How to Get Out of Bronze?

Lots of players are having a hard time when they want to get out of Bronze. They always blame their team mates, but that's just not true. Here's how to get out of Bronze once and for all!

The mistakes Bronze players make are not different from the mistakes that Iron players make. In League, there is a lot of flaming, tilting, and raging. Make sure to mute every player that tilts you. Players are like that; even if you make one little mistake, someone will flame you. So, breathe and relax and try not to get tilted.

Bronze players always abuse leads. Players are winning the game in the early phase, and because they didn’t finish the game on time, they lose it in the late game. 

People make mistakes! That doesn’t mean that you should blame them if they make a mistake. If you blame your teammates, you are making them even worse. Instead, try to encourage them and see how that goes. A great leader leads to victory, and a blamer leads to defeat.

Bronze players are not learning from mistakes these days. You can easily spot a Bronze player doing the same mistake six times in a row. If you want to get better, make sure you don’t make the same mistake repeatedly. Replaying your matches to see where you made a mistake can drastically improve your gaming skills.

Stop forcing team fights. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to do a team fight, especially if your team is behind. Just keep farming for a while.

The last mistake that Bronze players do is not focusing on farming. They just focus on fights and drakes, so they forget about farming. Farming is the most crucial part of the game. If you don’t farm well early, you will never buy good items to kill opponents. Practice your farming skills and wave control.

How to Get Out of Silver 

Most of the players are right in Silver, and they've been stuck there for a long long time. Here's how to get out of Silver. Trust me, anyone can do it!

Common mistakes that Silver players do is not playing it safe when they fall behind. Take a step back and think about how you can make a comeback. Focus on objectives and always help your teammates by ganking them.

The mistake that every Silver player does every match is overextending. Don’t over-push the lane. Instead, just farm slowly. It looks like it’s simple, but most Silver players don’t understand this…

The overextending mistake is one thing, but not knowing where to ward is a total noob move. You need to learn how and where to ward at all times. If you don’t learn this, the enemy team will secure objectives, gank you anytime, and you will lose the game. Check our warding guide to learn how to ward like a pro!

If you are leading the game, you should always put pressure on the enemy. I’ve seen a lot of Silver players get the lead in the early game and don’t put the enemy in a corner. Then the enemy farms and gets stronger, and they lose the game — typical silver play. Always push the enemy but don’t get too greedy and die diving under their tower.

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How to Get Out of Gold

Platinum is where it starts to get serious. Not so many players are able to reach platinum or Diamond, but here's how you can easily get out of Platinum!

You climbed the ranks and got to Gold. When your team calls you upon taking the objective, you should help them. When the team calls you up on team fights, you should go and fight with them. Your team won’t always call for your help; you will have to watch and follow the map accordingly. 

Gold players are sometimes out of position, tilted, and because of that, they throw the game to a loss. Keep your position near your team camp and be relaxed. This will help you be more focused and safe from ganks.

Gold players are sometimes having the weirdest conversations ever. This is a game, not a chatting app. You should only chat for certain goals and movements when playing. Even this is not necessary at all because you can ping.

Players in this elo always have the poor timings on objectives. This is not a Bronze rank; this is Gold. Here things go a lot faster. Make sure to ward and take objectives accordingly.

If you have greedy players in your game, your game is lost. You can see a lot of Zed or Yasuo players get fed and start being greedy afterward. They always go from 10/2/3 to 10/20/5. This always happens because greedy players always chase the opponent into a trap or dive under towers too much. Don’t chase and don’t dive too much.

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How to Get Out of Platinum

Here are some quick and easy ways on how to easily escape Platinum and eventually climb in the Diamond rank on the ranked ladder

No one wants to be between Gold and Diamond. In this elo, toxicity runs the realm. You maybe have good knowledge and mechanics, but your teammates are always going to drag you down. 

You can only do one thing in this elo – don’t make stupid mistakes! Stop yourself rushing in and consider the fact that if you die, will your teammates die? Will you lose towers? Will you get behind in the game? These questions matter and you should always consider them. 

The same thing goes for your teammates. If your teammate rushes into a stupid fight, use pings to warn him. 

How to Get Out of Diamond 

Diamond rank is the goal for most players. Master rank seems unachievable for most. But who said it is impossible? When you climb to this rank, it means that you have excellent knowledge and experience of the game. Congrats! 

If you want to maintain in Diamond or go to Masters, you need to learn how to take control of the lane. In Silver, you can easily control the lane in the early phase, but here you need to control it all the time. You need to learn when to recall, when to teleport, when to stay back, when to split push, and when to help in team fights. 

All of these are essential if you want to rank up from Diamond. One mistake can cost you a lot of cs and Gold, and maybe towers.

Make sure to practice and improve your skills constantly. If you do this, you will never go down, only up!

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