League of Legends Patch 10.12 Preview

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Dragon changes, Summoner spell changes, and Rune changes all hitting the Rift in the new Patch 10.12 coming on Thursday (11/06/2020).

Just one week after the release of Patch 10.11, no less than 18 gameplay changes have been previewed including 11 champion changes, 2 elemental rift changes, 4 rune changes, and 1 summoner spell change. Riot Scruffy’s preview also includes a hotfix for League of Legends’ most recently updated champion, Volibear, that was implemented earlier in the week.

The most impactful change this patch would be the rework to Predator as they have removed the channel time and introduced some buffs. Apart from that we are getting some forgotten Mid laner buffs with Brand and Viktor getting a buff and several nerfs to all the top tier champions right now.

Dragon Changes

The Cloud Rift map now gives an extra 35% movement speed in wind areas when out of combat, time to go fast, fast fast!
The Cloud Rift map also spawns Scyers Bloom (Vision Plant) at the base gates and near tri-bush

The Infernal Rift map now spawns Blast Cone near base gates and the tri-bush as well.

Summoner Spell Changes

Ghost movement speed has been decreased from 28-45 > 20-40 but the 2 second ramp up time has been completely removed. The cooldown also has been increased from 180-210 seconds but the every takedown increased the duration by 4-7 seconds. This is a major buff for Ghost and champions like Darius, Singed, Hecarim will certainly have a great time with this.

Rune Changes

Predator cooldown has been decreased from 150-100 > 100-70 and the start of the game cooldown has been removed, Damage has been reduced slightly, and the activation timer has been removed. Predator now instead of going from 67% movement speed to 45% movement speed has been changed to a ramp-up to 45% movement speed over 1.5s while moving towards enemy champions. It also now only deals damage to Champions and the duration has been decreased from 15s > 10s.

Guardian’s range has been increased from 175>350 units. Trigger condition has been changes from any damage > 75-200 damage in the last 2 seconds. Shield has been increased from 70-150 > 80-200 and the movement speed upon activation has been removed.

Unflinching now scales with missing HP and can grant up to 30% tenacity and slow resistance.

Taste of Blood now has an icon to track its cooldown.

Approach velocity gives 7.5% increased movement speed moving towards impaired enemy champions which now doubles if you have impaired that champion. (Huge Olaf indirect buff)

Champion Changes

Akali’s Five Point Strike (Q) damage has been increased by 5 at all levels an now has a +65% AP scaling instead of the previous +60% AP scaling.
Senna Soul generation on kill has been increased from 2% > 8.333% and her Attack speed ratio has been buffed from 0.20 > 0.35.
Xayah’s Featherstorm (R) damage has been increased from 100-200 > 125-375.
Brand’s Passive Mana restore on kill has been increased from 6-18 > 10-30
Viktor’s Siphon Power (Q) auto attack AP ratio has been increased by 5% and Shield AP ratio has been increased from 15% > 20% ( 24% > 32% empowered)

Varus Attack Damage Growth decreased from 3.11 -> 3.00 and Piercing Arrow (Q) AD Ratio decreased from 1.10 (1.65 maximum) -> 1.00 (1.50 maximum).
Yasuo’s Base HP reduced from 523 > 490, shield buffed from 110-510 > 130-530 and the Windwall (W) cooldown increased from 24-18 > 30-18.
Cassiopeia Base stats reduced slightly. HP from 575>650, Armor from 20>18 and MR increased from 30>34
Fiddlesticks Drain (W) Minion damage decreased from 60% > 50%.
Trundle Frozen Domain (W) movement speed changed from 30-50% > 20-52%.

This Patch will introduce a huge buff to all the Champions that use Ghost and especially Champions who use Ghost and the above runes such as Olaf, Hecarim, Darius, Tryndamere and Rammus.

Written by Jusjeet

Passionate League of Legends player whose goal is to provide you with the best League of Legends News