League of Legends Patch 10.18 S-Tier List for Climbing the Ranked ladder

Riot has finally came back from vacation and decided to make some changes. Here's our list of the S-tier champions in League of Legends Patch 10.18

If you’re currently trying to find the strongest champions for Patch 10.18we will give you a list of the strongest champions for every role. So, continue reading to discover the best mid laners, the best ADCs, the best top laners, the best supports, and the best junglers. 

5 Best Mid Laners in Patch 10.18

  • Zoe

When this champion is in the right hands, she can be a great mid laner. With her huge amounts of damage from Q (Paddle Star) and her Ultimate (Portal Jump) range, she is a total beast.

  • Galio

While there was a nerf to Galio, he is still a great champion. Galio is hard to counter with his bulk and damage. 

  • Sylas

When it comes to one-VS-one combat, Sylas has a strength that is hard to compare to other champions. While he is one of the best mid laners in patch 10:18, he’s very flexible, so he can be played in jungle, top lane, or mid-lane. 

  • Ekko

Ekko is another mid lane champion that can be played in the jungle – this is a mighty assassin. Once Ekko is fed, you can basically say the game is done. In fact, if Ekko has Cloud Soul, you might as well just go ahead and walk away. 

  • Orianna

Orianna is one of the best mid lane champions in League right now due to her damage output and terrain control.

5 Best ADCs in Patch 10.18

  • Ashe 

Ashe definitely deserves her spot on this list. When playing Ashe, you can use your E to scout vision for your team – by doing this; you will have the opportunity to see what jungle camps are still up and which ones have been taken. Casting your ultimate on an enemy that is too far forward will initiate team fights, then while they’re CC’d, your team can focus on them. Her W (Volley) sends a total of 9 arrows in the enemy’s direction. When an arrow hits a champion, it does physical damage and slows them.  

  • Jhin

Jhin’s hand cannon is a precise instrument that has been designed to deal a lot of damage. It only carries four shots and fires at a fixed rate. The final bullet is infused with dark magic – the final bullet is the strongest as it deals a critical strike and extra damage. So, when dealing the fourth shot, make that shot counts and aim it towards the enemy champion that needs it the most. When Jhin is casting his ultimate, you’ll want to make sure he is in a safe position where an enemy champion cannot CC him as he is standing still.

  • Caitlyn

With Caitlyn, your auto-attack range is high. When sieging a tower, she can put her traps behind the tower to zone the enemy champion. Caitlyn has a net she can fire at her target to slow them. Her Q (Piltover Peacemaker) will have her firing a projectile wherever she chooses – this will deal physical damage to the champions it hits. The first enemy hit will receive the highest damage possible. 

  • Senna

Senna has an attack called Weakened Soul – this will apply mist on enemy champions for 4 seconds. Her next attack will collect mist and deal damage. With Q (Piercing Darkness), Senna can heal allied champions while dealing damage on enemy champions. As a little word of advice, avoid using E (Curse of the Black Mist) unless you’re being ganked. Using this ability mid-combo will cost a lot of mana, and it doesn’t really do anything when fighting.

  • Ezreal

With Ezreal’s passive, attacking enemies with his ability will grand him a stack of Rising Spell Force. With each stack, he will receive a 10% bonus attack speed, and this can stack up to five times. With his Q (Mystic Shot), Ezreal fire’s a projectile in the enemy champions direction, which will deal physical damage. It also applies on-attack and on-hit effects, and in addition to this, it can heal.

5 Best Top Laners in Patch 10.18

  • Fiora

With her Q (Lunge), Fiora can dash a short distance towards the champion and deal physical damage if they’re around her when she arrives. This ability can also damage wards and structures, and if she hits an enemy, the cooldown is reduced. Fiora is a great dueler and deserves a spot on the list of the best top laners in patch 10:18.

  • Shen

With his E, Shadow Dash, Shen can set up ganks, making him a great top laner. His R (Stand United) allows him to be a hero to his teammates and control the map. 

  • Darius

Darius is a true menace, and if you are familiar with the champion, you know exactly why he’s on this list. With Q (Decimate), he swings his axe around him, causing physical damage to enemies around him. If the axe’s handle hits an enemy, the damage will be reduced by 35%. If he hits a large monster or champion with his axe, he will also heal himself. 

  • Urgot

Urgot is a great choice for a top lane champion as he can take on nearly every champion. So, if you’re playing top and trying out a new champion, go ahead and take this one out for a spin. 

  • Jax

Jax has a cooldown reduction on Counter-Strike, and this is what makes him a top pick. Plus, in most duels, he’s a viable brawler. Once Jax is ahead, there’s no turning away.

5 Best Supports in Patch 10.18

  • Lux

When Lux isn’t in the bot lane, she’s taking on the support role and doing a fine job at it. Lux needs to stick with her team at all times so you can poke together (champions who poke together stay together). Avoid being alone in as ide lane as this will make you an easy target. With her E (Lucent Singularity), Lux tosses a ball of light, and once it reaches the target, it spreads out. Any enemy champion that is in this will be slowed. At the end of its duration, or if she recasts this ability, enemies within range will receive magic damage. 

  • Morgana

Thanks to her Q (Dark Binding), Morgana does a good job of setting up picks around her objectives. With her Soul Siphon passive, she can heal herself equal to 20% of ability damage she dealt to large minions, large monsters, and champions. With her Q (Dark Binding), she releases a sphere of magic towards the target location. This will root the first target it strikes and deals magic damage.

  • Lulu

During game-deciding team fights, Lulu can both heal and peel. For her passive, she has Pix, her Faerie companion. Pix fires a barrage of 3 bolts towards any champion that Lulu auto-attacks. With her Q (Glitterface), both Pix and LuLu shoots a magic bolt towards her enemy. When the bolts pass through the target, it will slow them and deal magic damage. With W (Whimsy), her target will be transferred into a harmless squirrel that runs around – while in squirrel form, the enemy champion will not be able to move around. With her ultimate (Wild Growth), she will be enlarging her target ally champion (this includes herself) and granting them bonus health. 

  • Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank’s passive (Mana Barrier) makes it so that when he takes damage that reduces his health to 30% of his max health, he generates a shield equal to 30% of his mana. With W (Overdrive), his movement speed is increased for a total of 5 seconds. Once this ends, he is slowed by 30% for 1.5 seconds.

  • Soraka

With her passive (salvation), Soraka gains a 70% bonus movement speed when she’s running towards allied champions below 40% max health. With Q (Starcall), she calls upon a star to the target location – this deals magic damage to all of the enemy champions in the area and slows them for 2 seconds. When an enemy champion is hit, she gains Rejuvenation for 2.5 seconds and heals herself every 0.5 seconds. If she uses her W on her ally champions, the Rejuvenation can be shared with them. 

5 Best Junglers in Patch 10.18

Looking for the best mid jungler champions in Patch 10.18? Congrats, you came at the right place.
  • Graves

Graves has amazing mobility and damage output from early game to late game, making him one of the best junglers. He doesn’t have any crowd control or engage in his kit (other than Smoke Screen), so he will need help from his teammates. 

  • Hecarim

Hecarim deserves his spotlight on the list of the five best Junglers in patch 10:18 because he boasts the top trading damage. Plus, his jungle clear speed is out of this world, so it’d be crazy not to include him on this list.

  • Kha’Zix

With Kha’Zix’s ability to one-shot carries, it’s obvious why he’s on this list. He does a great job at finding picks, and his damage output is amazing. 

  • Kayn

Right now, Kayn is one of the most jungle champions you’re going to come across. His E (Shadowstep) makes it so that he can go through walls, which makes him quick in the jungle and gives him many opportunities to gank. 

  • Warwick

With his Passive ability, Warwick is able to deal bonus damage on-hit. When he falls below 50% of his maximum health, he can heal for the amount of post-mitigation dealt by his passive ability. Warwick is a ferocious early game Jungler – to get an early lead, make sure you gank as much as you can. Whenever your Ultimate is ready, gank a lane. In the early game, Warwick has good Dragon control – take each Dragon whenever it’s ready so that you can give your team an advantage. 


So there you have it, regardless of the role you want to take on in patch 10:18, you now know which champions you should choose from to climb the ranked ladder.

Written by Spezzy

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