When Does League of Legends Season 12 End?

If you're a passionate League player, you've probably wondered about when's the Season 11 going to end so you know how much time left you got to grind those ranked games! So, here's all the info you need about the Season 11 ending date!

As with any season of League of Legends, at some point season 12 will end too. We are all still far from our final ranks, but it is good to keep the rank closing in mind. Many players fall into the trap of believing that their actions don’t matter and that there is time for them to reach Gold, Diamond, or Challenger.

The truth is, each day brings that end-of-season gate closer, so it’s good to focus on what’s important – our way to the top of the ladder! So, when does League of Legends season 12 end?

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When Does League of Legends Season 12 Officially End?

We don’t have the precise season 12 end date yet, but season 12 of League of Legends is expected to end somewhere around November 10, 2022–primarily because of two reasons.

Past Seasons of League of Legends

First off, League of Legends works on a very clean scheme that repeats every year. We start every season around January 10. And we play through it until the beginning or the half of November. This has been the case ever since the game has established its principles. As we look toward next season, let’s take a look at the past years’ beginnings and endings of seasons!

 Season – 1

Start – July 13, 2010

End – August 23, 2011

Season – 2

Start – November 29, 2011

End – November 12, 2012

Season – 3

Start – February 1, 2013

End – November 11, 2013

Season – 4

Start – January 10, 2014

End – November 11, 2014

Season – 5

Start – January 21, 2015

End – November 11, 2015

Season – 6

Start – January 20, 2016

End – November 8, 2016

Season – 7

Start – December 8, 2016

End – November 7, 2017

Season – 8

Start – January 16, 2018

End – November 12, 2018

Season – 9

Start – January 23, 2019

End – November 7, 2019

Season – 10

Start – January 23, 2020

End – November 10, 2020

Season – 11

Start – January 8, 2021

End – November 10, 2021

As you can see, aside from the earliest seasons of LoL, the new ranked season format has remained. We get around 11 months of seasonal League of Legends or 330 days on average. Riot Games has no reason to ever change this scheme since it perfectly fits their Esports schedule.

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League of Legends Esports Scene

Even though Season 11 of League of Legends started only a couple of months ago, many players are wondering how much time do they have until the end of the Season 11 of League of Legends. Here’s all the info we currently have on the Season 11 end date!

The League of Legends professional scene throughout the year is divided into three acts. There are two splits each season, taking part one after the other with a small break in between. And in these splits, players try to overtake their regions and qualify for the World Championship.

So, we have the Spring Split, which happens during the winter and spring months. Then have the Summer Split, which occurs during the summertime. And at season end, we have the League of Legends World Championship, which usually starts at the end of September and ends at the end of October.

When Worlds ends, it marks the end of the season essentially. After the big finale, we get around two more weeks of solo queue ranked time, then the ladder is officially locked. Then the pro players get a break and prepare for the new season. And that is why season 12 is expected to end on November 10, 2023.

What is Going to Happen When the LoL Season 12 Ends?

But, with marking the end of every season of League of Legends, Riot Games delivers rewards based on the players’ performance during that season (like the ranked profile banner trim, for example). Even if you’re a new player and have never been a part of the yearly presents, know that there will be something for you too, despite your rank. As we look back on LoL season 12, one notable update that caused some discussion was in regards to the League of Legends balance team, for example.

League of Legends Season 12 Rewards

The most notable of rewards that players get each year is the Victorious skin. This is a skin that is only given to players ranked gold or higher, so there is no way of acquiring it after a season ends.

The Victorious skin is made for one champion each year, usually a champion that has left a mark on that season’s meta. Throughout the year, those champions have been Sivir, Morgana, or Graves. But the latest one from season 10 is Victorious Lucian. This is a prestigious skin and very valuable to any League of Legends player.

Other rewards consist of Summoner Icons, profile borders, and profile banners. Each depends on the rank you’ve finished. If you’ve ended the season in Platinum, then you’ll receive a platinum border, banner, icon, and so on. Clash Icons and banners are also parts of the end of season rewards if you’ve participated in the events.

Lastly, there are rewards based on your Honor level. These consist of random ward skins, random emote skins, and key shards (the quality depending on your own level).

Pre Season

When Does League of Legends Season 12 End?

After we’ve collected our well-deserved rewards, League of Legends will transition over to the pre season period. So, when season 12 ends, pre season starts for LoL season 13.

This is a time where Riot Games introduces the biggest changes to the game. Because ranked performance doesn’t matter as much (since the ranks receive a reset at the start of each season), the developers are free to try new things for the games. The last two significant changes were Elemental Dragons in the preseason of 2019 and the Mythic Items in the preseason of 2020. So, who knows what expect us when season 12 of League of Legends finally ends?

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