League player creates exceptional PsyOps Rakan skin concept

The League of Legends community is full of creative and talented artists that enjoy creating outstanding artworks in their free time. These artists often like to create skin concepts for champions that are usually forgotten by Riot. Reddit user Okyamu has decided to do just that with his outstanding PsyOps Rakan concept.

Hi everyone, its been a while since a post some fan art, this time I wanna show you the PsyOps Rakan I made.

This version shows him with his passive turn on, without it would look like translucid glass Psy Ops Kayle wings!

Hope you like it as much as I do!

Okyamu said in his Reddit post

This concept features Rakan rocking a pitch-black outfit with neon colors, and we have to say that we love it! What about you?

Even though Rakan wasn’t featured in the PsyOps line, we genuinely believe that fans would NOT mind if this skin was actually released.

Written by Spezzy

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