Will Riot ever develop a team voice chat system?

Have you ever thought about League of Legends developing a special Voice Chat feature designed for the entire team? This way, the team would be able to talk to each other. If this is something you wish for, then you’re probably going to be disappointed by the decision made by Riot Games.

At the beginning of the game, League of Legends players wanted a voice chat feature they could use without having to get additional software. From there, in 2018, Riot Games launched a Voice Chat feature that made it easy for team members to communicate with one another. However, that’s as far as the chat feature got – Riot Games doesn’t seem to be interested in developing a chat feature where the entire team can talk – instead, you can only talk to those that are on the same team.

Rovient, a Riot Games employee, stated that this type of thing wasn’t going to happen, and there are numerous reasons why this type of feature isn’t a good idea. Here’s the statement made by the Riot Games employee: “That’s likely never going to happen for good reasons. Players who don’t want to use voice chat will immediately become a disadvantage to their team. Then, they’ll be flamed, and spam pinged for this, further confirming that, yes, they should stay off a voice chat forever.”

The majority of the LoL community opposed this opinion, stating that the players who didn’t want to use the feature would still be able to use chat and ping instead. They then showed evidence that professional matches used chat and pings while they were communicating through voice chat. 

Then, you have other games like Overwatch that give players this chat feature. Players in Overwatch aren’t really toxic towards other players that choose not to use their mic, which makes us feel that Riot Games is simply overthinking things.

This type of Voice Chat Team feature will be more beneficial than people realize. The benefits are amazing; it will help the entire team communicate without using their hands to chat, so their eyes will be able to focus more on what they’re doing. This is much better than having to read chat, which distracts players from the actual gameplay.

Those individuals who are toxic or deliberately try to ruin the game for others can be blocked, just like with the League of Legends’ current chat. 

Our Thoughts on League Voice Chat for the Entire Team

Personally, we feel that Riot Games should make the team voice chat feature a permanent feature in LoL. Think about it; nearly every top eSports team has this feature, so LoL not having it is a bit confusing.

Sure, League of Legends has voice chat, but if you have ever used it before, you’ll see just how limited it is. As of right now, the feature will only allow you to speak with other players that are in your pre-made party, and that is as far as you get. If you’re teaming up with friends, this is a useful feature, but the feature is obsolete if you’re a solo player. 

We feel that Riot Games should introduce a permanent in-game voice chat system so that we can speak to each other outside of pre-made parties. This would allow us to communicate throughout the game, so we can all be on the same track. What we have right now just doesn’t cut it, but it’s a start. Yes, we have the typing in chat feature, but that doesn’t get our point across, and the ping system…well, that is a nuisance.

If you stop and think about the benefits of voice chat, there’s not a drawback. We feel that players have wordy text exchanges with teammates in the middle of the game, and those have worse repercussions than a verbal argument has. 

Think about this – someone is calling you out in the middle of the game through voice chat, but you will still be able to keep your eyes on the game. On the other hand, when they’re calling you out through text in the middle of the game, if you want to respond, you have to stop what you’re doing, often forgetting what you were up to. Plus, if someone is speaking to you in a manner you don’t like, you could always have the option to mute them.

When you take your eyes off of the game, even if it’s just for a couple of seconds, this will benefit the other team. If you continue to get baited by the other teams’ insults, this will more than likely cause you to slip. In our opinion, we feel that the voice chat would be the solution to this.

When you’re talking, it is pretty easy to keep your concentration on the game. There are many other benefits of using voice to communicate with your team. Shot calling, for example, makes for a better competitive experience. 

Mind you, we’re not claiming that this type of voice chat in League of Legends will instantly turn everyone into a pro, but it’ll help teams improve. How many times have you walked away from a match as a loser because one of your teammates wasn’t in the right position during a team fight? If we had the voice feature, this is the type of thing that could be prevented.

There are many spells and abilities that are more effective with communication. For example, if you know that every player on the team is ready for a teleport, your powerplay is more likely to be successful. Teammates aren’t able to put full attention toward the map at all times. With voice chat, however, there would be no more excuses. 

We feel that Riot Games should at least give voice chat a chance and see how it works out. We feel that the LoL community wouldn’t ruin it; in fact, they would love it. It would be easy for them to do, and it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. If a teammate deliberately tries to tilt another and troll the game, they could easily push the mute button and ignore them. 

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In the end, League of Legends is meant to be fun. Even if you’re sitting in your chair, grinding those ranks all day, what really counts is that you’re enjoying yourself. Having a fully functional voice chat that allowed us to speak to our teammates would make the game even more enjoyable for the majority of the players.

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