10 Least Played Champions in League of Legends

10 Least Played Champions in League of Legends

In League of Legends, things are continuously changing, which isn’t a bad thing. You have some champions being picked more than others, while other champions are consistent throughout and are never picked. When a champion is never picked, this is a sign that Riot should consider reworking the champion. 

What is the least played champion in League of Legends? 

We set some time to the side and did the research for our readers to put together a list of the least played champions in League of Legends. 

The champions on this list might not fit in with the meta today, or they might not be strong enough. For our future readers – take note of the date this list was published. This list is being published in 2020, so it may not reflect the newer Champions released in the future. In this list, you will find the League of Legends champion pick-rate for the most unpopular champions.

1. Taliyah

Taliyah Least Played Unpopular Champion in League of Legends

Taliya is one of the least played champs in League of Legends in the middle lane. According to our research, this LoL champion is found in about 0.31% of games, and at this time, her win-rate is very low. At the time of writing this, Taliyah has a win rate of an average of 44.82% – this is lower than most of the other champions. Taliyah was hit hard by nerfs, but I believe that she’ll receive love in due time and will be a good pick again. 

2. Annie

Annie Least Played Unpopular Champion in League of Legends

Annie – Support, has a low pick rate of 0.31% – she’s the champion with the lowest pick-rate, actually. To us, this is a shock because we recall a point in time when Annie was continuously picked, and she dominated the bottom lane. We feel that the biggest issue with Annie is the fact that she wasn’t designed to be a Support Champion, but they did it anyway. Annie doesn’t offer much for her ADC, except for a single stun and high burst damage.

She doesn’t work great in a meta where the carry needs more peel in the form of health and shields.  The League of Legends champion pick rate for Annie is the lowest, which is really harsh to see. 

3. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger Least Played Unpopular Champion in League of Legends

To our surprise, Heimerdinger is another Champion that has earned a spot on this list, unfortunately. Typically, Heimerdinger can be found on the middle lane, top lane, or on bot lane. He has a low pick rate through all three of those rolls, though. Heimerdinger can be found in around 0.24 to 0.34% of the games – his highest win rate is in the middle lane.

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4. Ryze

Ryze Least Played Unpopular Champion in League of Legends

This is another champion in League of Legends that is the least played. In the Top lane, this champion is picked in around 0.38% of the games and is steadily declining over the past couple of patches. His win-rate is also pretty low, with a 45.7% win-rate. He has been through a couple of reworks already, so what he needs now to make him a popular choice again would be a couple of buffs. 

5. Rumble

Rumble Least Played Unpopular Champion in League of Legends

Rumble in Top Lane is steadily declining, which is very unfortunate. He’s picked in around 0.51% of games. His win rate is 47.2%, which is typical for most Champions. Perhaps a rework could make him more popular. 

6. Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench Least Played Unpopular Champion in League of Legends

Next on our list of the least played champions in League of Legends, we have Tahm Kench – he’s not played much in the support role. He’s a good champion that can offer a lot of aid to the ADC. Unfortunately for Tahm Kench, though, it’s not enough to make him a popular choice. He isn’t able to offer any shields or heals and is stuck as a melee champion. Plus, he also takes up a lot of mana. Right now, his pick rate is 0.47%. 

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7. Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol Least Played Unpopular Champion in League of Legends

Another one of the least played lol champs that has earned his spot on this list is one that doesn’t really surprise us – Aurelion Sol. By any long-distance champion like Lux, this champion can easily be outmatched. He relies solely on his W ability, which is pretty easy for an enemy champion to step out the way from. Unlike other mid laners in LoL, Aurelion doesn’t have any abilities to keep him firing or any sustained poke. This is the type of champion that is an all or nothing. He has a 0.70% pick rate. Luckily for him, Riot is thinking about giving Aurelion Sol a complete rework.

8. Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo Least Played Unpopular Champion in League of Legends

Dr. Mundo is another least picked champion. He’s pretty good when it comes to taking out squishy champions, but that doesn’t really say a lot about him. In the early game, he has to take it slow and play it safe until he is at least level 6 and has some items to help keep him alive. Right now, this champion has a pick rate of 0.70%. 

9. Ziggs

Ziggs Least Played Unpopular Champion in League of Legends

If you’re familiar with Ziggs, finding his name on this list can come as a surprise because he’s known as being very powerful and very annoying. He constantly uses his Q ability to hurt enemy champions, and that W ability helps him escape, while the E is used as a slow. Ziggs has low cool-downs, so he’s one of the easiest Champions that can force enemies out of the lane.

Despite this, his current pick rate is sitting at 0.73% in the middle lane – he has a 48.88% win rate. This may be because Ziggs doesn’t have a whole lot to offer in terms of defenses, and he can easily be taken out by enemy champions who manage to get close enough to him. It’s unfortunate to see Zigg as one of the least played lol champs, but it is what it is.

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10. Anivia

Anivia Least Played Unpopular Champion in League of Legends

The last champion on our list is Anivia in the middle lane. That’s right, Anivia has made her way on the list of the least played champion in LoL, her pick rate is 0.82%. Her win rate, however, is on the positive side, at 50.91%.

There are various reasons why this champion isn’t a typical pick, though. The first reason is because of her high mana usage only to offer low damage. It takes too long to do damage, and she drains too much mana, so she may be too far gone by the time she becomes good enough to do anything useful in the game.

Final Word

These are the least played lol champs. Mind you; this was written in 2020, and who knows what the future holds – for all we know, Riot always seems to find a way to surprise their players, so one of these champions could turn into the most picked and make their way to the League of Legends most played champions list.

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