LeBlanc vs Fizz – The Best Counter Build – How to Counter Fizz with LeBlanc

If you’ve been playing LeBlanc for some time now, you’ve probably seen that a lot of your opponents like to pick Fizz against her because they think he counters her. He does counter her in most cases, however, if you play your cards right, you’ll be able to beat him without any problem.

Your main task in the early game will be to deny his farm, so you’ll need to either freeze minion waves under your tower or do quick trades with him. Since most Fizz players usually rush Corrupting PotionScorch rune, and Ignite, keep in mind that he can easily out damage you on levels 3 and 4, so make sure to use your W (Distortion) wisely because you’ll need it in order to escape. 

Every single Fizz main will always try to dodge your W by using his Q+W dash combo, so do not try to use the standard Q+W combo against him. He can dodge your Q+W combo in 2 different ways, the first way is by using his Q+W dash combo, and the 2 one is by simply using his E ability. If he dodges your W damage, you’re going to be very vulnerable because you’ll lose the only advantage you have over him, and that’s mobility.

In that case, if Fizz ults you, try to be near your tower because he won’t be able to finish you off thanks to your passive because you will become invisible for 1 second when you drop below 40% damage.

So, how do you trade with him then? Allow me to explain:

When you’re trying to trade with Fizz, you need to bait either his Q or E ability, and once you do that, you’ll have the advantage over him. Since Fizz is a melee champion, you can harass him with your basic attacks without taking any damage in return. Since we know that he can dodge LeBlanc’s W damage, you can attack him with basic attacks and Q (Sigil of Malice) in order to proc the Electrocute.

This will hurt Fizz badly in the early game, so he’ll need to use all of his Corrupting Potions, which means that he won’t be able to deal the extra damage from Corrupting Potion’s passive. The other way you can trade with Fizz is by landing your E first. If you manage to land your chain on him, he won’t be able to use his Q or E, which means that you can throw your Q+W combo without worrying that he’s going to dodge it. 

The best LeBlanc combo vs. Fizz after level 6 would be E (Ethereal Chains) +R (Ethereal Chains Mimic) + Q (Sigil of Malice) + W (Distortion). If you think that you need even more CC, you should get Everfrost instead of Luden’s Tempest. This combo will completely immobilize Fizz, which means that you’ll be able to kill him without taking any damage in return.

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Best LeBlanc Items to Counter Fizz in Season 12

This is the standard build for LeBlanc in most of the matchups, however, like we said earlier in this guide, if you think that you need more CC, you should consider getting Everfrost instead of Luden’s TempestEverfrost’s unique active, Glaciate, will deal 100 (+30% AP) magic damage in the target direction and will slow the enemies by 65% for 1.5 seconds will provide you with, while also rooting them for the same duration.

This root will be of great help to you when trading with Fizz because he won’t be able to use his abilities while he’s under that effect.

Best LeBlanc Runes to Counter Fizz in Season 12

Electrocute is, without a doubt, the best rune choice for LeBlanc in most matchups, and it’s the same case when you’re playing against Fizz. LeBlanc can quickly proc the Electrocute, which will allow you to deal extra damage in the early game. The best way to proc Electrocute with LeBlanc is to do a quick Q+W+Basic Attack combo. If you take the +10 Attack Speed adaptive force rune, you can do this combo in a blink of an eye.

Fizz won’t be able to react this fast! Taste of Blood and Manaflow Band is very useful in the early game as it will provide you with some healing and mana regen, which you can proc from a safe distance. Suppose you think that you don’t need the healing from Ravenous Hunter. In that case, you should consider choosing Ultimate Hunter, which will lower the cooldown on your ultimate ability and give you more mobility.

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How to Counter Fizz? Best Tips:

  • Go all-in on him after he uses E (Playful/Trickster).
  • Avoid staying in the lane with low health because his W (Seastone Trident) deals more damage to low health targets.
  • If you’re worried about him one-shotting you, consider getting Banshee’s Veil because it can completely negate Fizz’s ultimate, and his entire combo is lost when your Banshee’s is up.
  • Always try to take advantage of the time when his abilities are on cooldown.
  • Harass him in the early game with your basic attacks.
  • Fizz is a mana-hungry champion; try to bait his abilities.
  • Use pings on time because Fizz likes to roam.

Final Thoughts

LeBlanc vs Fizz is a pretty even matchup, and its outcome depends solely on the early phase of the game. Always look for space to harass Fizz from a safe distance with your basic attacks, and if he decided to go all-in on you, as soon as he uses his Q, throw a chain (E) on him because he won’t have the time to react and use his E. Once you’ve landed a chain on him you can either escape or finish him off with your Q+W+Ignite combo.

Since Fizz likes to roam bot, make sure to use pings to warn your teammates so they can go back under their tower on time. We hope that you liked our LeBlanc vs. Fizz guide, and we wish you the best of luck in the fields of justice!

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