Legends of Runeterra – Corrupted Skin Tier List

Legends of Runeterra - Corrupted Skin Tier List

League of Legends is all about skins. Just last year, the game received a whopping 217 new cosmetic items for its many Champions. They are Riot’s pride and joy and primary source of income.

However, the A-Team sometimes falters before the spinoff studios. Games such as Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra tend to get skin lineups that are drastically better looking than those in League of Legends proper.

This article will look at the Corrupted Skin Lineup from Legends of Runeterra, an arguably fantastic cosmetic collection. We’ll group them into an S, A, and B tier, as none of them deserve to be categorized as lesser.

What you can expect:

  • A tier list of all the Corrupted skins in Legends of Runeterra.
  • A detailed look at each skin.
  • The author’s many comments on the popular card game.

The B Tier

Starting off in the lowest tier, we have a few skins to look at. Since this lineup, due to the game’s nature, has several iterations of the same skin, we’ll primarily look at the level 1 versions of said skins. They don’t hold up to their level 2 counterparts and are definitely inferior to the higher tiers. Let’s check them out.

Corrupted Leona (Level 1)Corrupted Leona (Level 1)

Sporting flaming eyes and an infernal armor and shield, Corrupted Leona looks terrific in this version of herself. In the foreground, we see spears pointed at her, vainly attempting to contain and seize her dark powers. Behind her, a civilian is violently attacked by a soldier, likely commanded by this less-than-graceful Leona. All in all, it’s a nice skin that we’d love to have in League.

Corrupted Pantheon (Level 1)Corrupted Pantheon (Level 1)

Moving on, Corrupted Pantheon retains most of his familiar looks in this version. With the addition of burning eyes and a flaming bosom, Pantheon doesn’t stray far from his original self. This skin reminds us a lot of the default reworked Pantheon from League of Legends, and it’s in the B tier for that reason. But stay tuned, this is only his level 1 version. A lot more hides in the high tiers.

Corrupted Xerath (Level 1)Corrupted Xerath (Level 1)

Corrupted Xerath is among the best-looking skins we’ve ever seen in any League of Legends game/spin-off. However, this level 1 version of the skin only gives us a glimpse of the real deal. It’s distant and features impressive attention to detail and lore snippets in the background. But we don’t get enough of that beautiful, corrupted hellfire of a Champion that is Corrupted Xerath.

Corrupted Taric (Level 1)Corrupted Taric (Level 1)

Very much as sad a rendition of the Champion as he is sad in the splash art, Corrupted Taric leaves a lot to be desired. However, we’re glad that this game features several instances of each Champion and that the second iteration is much better. Oh, Taric, all the gems in the world couldn’t fix this sorrow of a skin.

Corrupted Renekton (Level 1 and 2)Corrupted Renekton (Level 1 and 2)

Basically two same skins/splash arts in one, the first two levels of Corrupted Renekton are more than underwhelming. They give no sense of leveling up or upgrading between them, and they’re just too similar. Thankfully the final form of Renekton is beyond mind-blowing, and we’ll take a look at it soon.

Corrupted Nasus (Levels 1 and 2)Corrupted Nasus (Levels 1 and 2)

Pretty much the same situation as with Renekton. Two lackluster skins that do not give us enough of the corruption. However, we will say that Nasus looks better in his first two instances than Renekton. But we’ll withhold information on who’s best between them for now.

Corrupted Azir (Level 1)Corrupted Azir (Level 1)

And the final entry in the B tier would be Corrupted Azir’s level 1 form. It’s just Azir. Plain and simple. Standing on a high tower and having your color scheme changed a bit doesn’t mean you’ve made a skin. Old Riot Games designs seem to have come back in this instance. However, it still looks fantastic and shows Azir as the domineering tyrant that he really is.

The A Tier

Now that we’re done with the lackluster and plain-looking skins, we move on to the A tier. Skins in this tier are beyond good-looking, and we cannot wait to showcase them to you. Legends of Runeterra designers outdid themselves with this lineup, and the true gems are now coming into play.

Corrupted Diana (Levels 1 and 2)Corrupted Diana (Levels 1 and 2)

Under the blinding moonlight and with a Darkin blade, Diana exerts her violet rage in this amazing skin. Both versions of Corrupted Diana look beyond good. The limited color palette serves well to present Diana’s nocturnal nature, and the purple accents are just so cool to look at. We love this skin and congratulate the team for designing it.

Corrupted Pantheon (Level 2)Corrupted Pantheon (Level 2)

The Champion of Targon, who once vowed peace, now brings forth the apocalypse in his Level 2 Corrupted skin. His golden armor and flaming heart burn with passion and anger as he slams the earth to its very core. He shows precisely how Corruption works to bring an end to the world of Runeterra.

Corrupted Leona (Level 2)Corrupted Leona (Level 2)

Looking more like a corrupted Kayle than Leona, she ascends to unholy greatness in her level 2 form. Sporting a burning sword and crowned in an aureola of light, Corrupted Leona now stands firm against her foes. She defeated those trying to contain her and is now ready to take vengeance upon the Earth.

Corrupted Taric (Level 2)Corrupted Taric (Level 2)

Crying tears of blissful rage, nothing remains of Taric’s old self. Now blind with corruption, Taric screams in agony and knows nothing but destruction. This skin is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. It has to be one of our favorite skins and splash art designs ever seen. It is a damn shame that such skins don’t make their way to League of Legends or Wild Rift. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Corrupted Zoe (Level 1)Corrupted Zoe (Level 1)

Zoe goes from a cosmic little girl into the goddess of mischief through her Corrupted variant. Everyone fears her, and she is ready to do nothing but harm and trickery. This skin looks fantastic, and its evolved variant is even better.

The S Tier

And finally, we’re at the crown jewel of any tier list–the S tier. Legends of Runeterra has seen many skin releases so far, but none captured our attention as much as the following few skins. We pray for the day when any of these would arrive at the Summoner’s Rift, as few existing lineups could even compare to this level of quality. Let’s check them out.

Corrupted Zoe (Level 2)Corrupted Zoe (Level 2)

Just look at it. Need we say more? From a girl of mischief and trickery into a planet-destroying, Dormammu-shaming, world-ending goddess of the Abyss. I’m going to switch to a personal way of talking when I say that this is the best splash art I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Lovecraftian horror pales in comparison. I’m jealous that I wasn’t the one to come up with this. Take my money, Riot Games.

Corrupted Nasus (Level 3)Corrupted Nasus (Level 3)

Nasus’ ultimate form is beyond good. Of course, he’s pummeling down Renekton with his cosmic staff and has the muscles and sinew of a corrupted god. The armor design is fantastic, and the pink accent makes everything look much better when contrasted with the shimmering gold. This Eastern vibe excites me for what the insane minds at Riot’s design team will invent next.

Corrupted Renekton (Level 3)Corrupted Renekton (Level 3)

In his ultimate corrupted form, Renekton is naturally the one beating Nasus. Their rivalry is as old as time, and we love it. Renekton’s chest is split open to reveal corrupted flesh and blood, and he holds Nasus by the throat like he were a puny ant. Causing mayhem and destruction all around him, Corrupted Renekton comes into his own with this final version.

Corrupted Xerath (Levels 2 and 3)Corrupted Xerath (Levels 2 and 3)

Showing the world that no chains could contain him, Corrupted Xerath unleashes his infernal might on the Earth and is ready to obliterate all who oppose him. This insane magmatic creature is at its boiling point in this version of the Corrupted skin, and we’re all here for it. It looks incredible, it’s way better than League’s Infernal Xerath, and we cannot wait to get something like this there.

Corrupted Azir (Levels 2 and 3)Corrupted Azir (Levels 2 and 3)

In his two upgraded forms, especially the final one, Azir ascends from a tyrannical Pharaoh to an immortal, divine, and corrupted being. He now commands reality itself, and his rotting form stands proud above a sea of eager and fearing followers. He has achieved godhood in the worst way possible, and dark days are upon the Earth. What a masterpiece.

The Author’s Favorite One

To be frank, I don’t play too much of Legends of Runeterra. But when I do, I love seeing Zoe’s skin. I cannot fathom the brain that came up with that concept. It looks so good to me, and I sincerely hope others share my sentiment. It is arguably the best design I’ve ever encountered in League of Legends. And trust me, I’ve seen plenty.

Lovecraftian horror is my favorite literary, film, and television genre. It encapsulates this fear of the unknown and the infinite, expansive universe. Zoe’s iteration here is a genuine Lovecraftian creature emerging from a primordial slumber with no goal other than to consume and destroy. I love it. I absolutely love it.


And that’s it! We hope you agree with our Legends of Runeterra Corrupted skin tier list. If you have your own version of this particular tier list, let us know, we love hearing from our readers. The Corrupted Skin lineup is among the best that Riot has ever made, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us. Good luck out there, Summoners!

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