Lethality League of Legends – How Does It Work? UPDATED 2020

Lethality Vs Armor Pen

Have you always wondered what those Assassins keep building and how they keep one-shotting you? Well, this article will help you to understand how you get oneshot!

How does Lethality work?

Lethality League of Legends

Lethality in League of Legends is just straight up armor penetration. In simpler terms, you can consider it as negative armor. The amount of Lethality you have is the amount of Armor removed from the enemy. For example, If the enemy Vayne has 60 Armor and you have 40 Lethality, Vayne for you will only have 20 Armor. The 40 Lethality you have negates 40 Armor of any enemy, but only 40. Imagine now going up against a Rammus with 500 Armor, for you, he will have 460 Armor because your 40 Lethality negates or removes his 40 Armor. This example must have really put a better perspective on why Assassins one-shot Squishies and not Tanks because the amount of Lethality they get is usually higher than the amount of Armor the Squishies build.

Lethality Vs Armor Pen – What’s The Difference Between
Lethality & Armor Penetration?

Lethality Vs Armor Pen

Now you must be wondering what the difference between Lethality and Armor Penetration is and the answer is very simple. Lethality is flat whereas Armor Penetration is on a percentage basis.

To make things simpler, let’s go with the earlier example we had. If you have 45% Armor Penetration, the Vayne who has 60 Armor will now have 33 Armor whereas the Rammus who had 500 Armor will now have 275 Armor. Lethality helps greatly where the enemy barely has any Armor but Armor Penetration will help greatly if the enemy is stacking Armor.

Lethality Calculation LoL

How Does Lethality Work

Although Lethality increases depending on your Champion level, League of Legends has made it so easy for Lethality Calculation because they just tell you how much Lethality you currently have by just hovering over the item.

If you are still wondering about the formula to calculate Lethality then it is
0.4X +((0.6X * Y)/18) = Flat Penetration Amount
The X is the amount of Lethality the Item actually gives and the Y is your current level. Simply replace those values and voila, you have the amount of flat armor pen ready.

Hopefully, this helped you end the debate on Lethality vs Armor Pen

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