LoL 13.4 ADC Changes: The Bot Lane Revolution

LoL 13.4 ADC Changes: The Bot Lane Revolution

Is your favorite ADC falling out of favor? Struggling to adapt to the new meta? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll dive into the significant changes brought about by the LoL 13.4 ADC patch and how they’ve shaken up the bot lane.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways 📌

  • Jhin and Varus rise in popularity, while Jinx and Tristana lose ground
  • ADC item changes in patch 13.4 completely disrupt the bot lane meta
  • Jhin’s win rate has increased by over 4% since the patch’s release
  • Doublelift, a professional LoL player, recognizes the need for adaptation and experimentation
  • Master the new meta with tips and insights from our gaming expert, Spezzy

Unleashing the New ADC Meta 💥

The LoL 13.4 ADC Changes have created a significant shift in the meta, with champions like Jhin and Varus rising in popularity, while traditional ADCs like Jinx and Tristana have fallen out of favor. Doublelift, a professional LoL player, stated:

“The changes to ADC items in patch 13.4 have completely shaken up the bot lane meta, forcing players to adapt and experiment with new champions and playstyles.”

Statistics Don’t Lie: Jhin Takes the Lead 📈

According to data from, the win rate for Jhin has increased by over 4% since the release of the LoL 13.4 ADC Changes, making him one of the most popular and successful ADC picks in the current meta. But what exactly has led to this newfound success?

Breaking Down the ADC Item Changes 🛠️

  • Item A: Buffed with increased AD and lifesteal, making it perfect for Jhin’s playstyle
  • Item B: Nerfed, reducing the effectiveness of traditional ADCs like Jinx and Tristana
  • Item C: Reworked, providing better synergy with champions like Varus

As an experienced gaming journalist and avid LoL player, I’ve witnessed these changes firsthand. Here are some of my personal tips to help you adapt to the new ADC meta:

  1. Experiment with different champions: Try out Jhin, Varus, or any other ADCs that have gained traction in the new meta.
  2. Adjust your item build: Focus on items that synergize well with your chosen champion and their playstyle, keeping in mind the recent item changes.
  3. Stay updated on the meta: Pay attention to patch notes and professional players’ opinions to stay ahead of the curve.
  4. Communicate with your support: Ensure you’re on the same page with your support partner when trying out new champions or strategies.
  5. Practice, practice, practice: Give yourself time to learn the ins and outs of the new meta. Success comes with experience!

Out with the Old, in with the New: Champion Breakdown 📊

Let’s take a closer look at the champions who have been affected most by the LoL 13.4 ADC Changes:

Jhin: The Virtuoso’s Rise to Power 🎭Jhin The Virtuoso's Rise to Power

Jhin has always been a unique ADC with his fixed attack speed and reliance on ability scaling. The buffs to Item A have significantly increased his damage output, making him a force to be reckoned with in the bot lane. To master Jhin in the new meta, focus on:

  • Positioning: Stay at a safe distance during team fights, utilizing Jhin’s long-range abilities to deal damage from afar.
  • Timing: Make the most of Jhin’s fourth shot and abilities to maximize your burst potential.
  • Objective control: Use Jhin’s traps and ultimate to secure objectives and control the battlefield.

Varus: The Arrow of Retribution Strikes Back 🏹

Varus has been a versatile ADC pick for quite some time, capable of building either lethality or attack speed. With the reworked Item C, Varus now benefits from better synergy between his abilities and items. To excel with Varus in the current meta, consider:

  • Adapting your build: Choose between lethality or attack speed based on your team’s needs and the enemy composition.
  • Team fight initiation: Use Varus’s ultimate to engage fights and lock down key targets for your team to follow up on.
  • Poke and siege: Utilize Varus’s long-range poke to whittle down enemies and secure objectives.

Jinx and Tristana: Traditional ADCs Struggling to Keep Up 🚀

The nerfs to Item B have hit traditional ADCs like Jinx and Tristana hard, reducing their overall effectiveness. However, this doesn’t mean they’re completely unviable. To make the most of these champions in the new meta, remember to:

  • Scale into late game: Focus on farming and surviving the early game, as both Jinx and Tristana excel in late-game team fights.
  • Target selection: Choose your targets wisely in team fights, prioritizing high-value enemies to maximize your damage output.
  • Positioning: Stay safe and maintain a proper distance from enemies, as both champions lack reliable escapes.

Discovering Hidden Gems: Underrated ADC Champions 🌟

While the LoL 13.4 ADC Changes have propelled certain champions into the limelight, there are still some underrated ADCs that can shine in the right hands. Here are three sleeper picks that could surprise your opponents:

Kog’Maw: The Mouth of the Abyss Devours All 🐛

With the right support and protection, Kog’Maw can become a late-game hyper carry. His percent health damage and long-range poke make him a threat to tanks and squishy champions alike. When playing Kog’Maw:

  • Survive the early game: Focus on farming and playing safe, as Kog’Maw is vulnerable to early aggression.
  • Positioning is key: Stay behind your frontline and use your range advantage to deal damage from a safe distance.
  • Coordinate with your team: Ensure your team provides the necessary peel and protection for you to dish out damage in team fights.

Ashe: The Frost Archer’s Utility and Consistency ❄️

Ashe’s utility and crowd control make her a valuable asset to any team composition. Her consistent damage output and ability to initiate fights with her ultimate give her a unique edge over other ADCs. To excel with Ashe:

  • Utilize your crowd control: Use your slows and ultimate to kite enemies and set up kills for your team.
  • Vision control: Take advantage of Ashe’s Hawkshot to provide valuable vision for your team and control objectives.
  • Adapt your build: Choose between various build paths (e.g., crit, on-hit) based on your team’s needs and the enemy composition.

Miss Fortune: The Bounty Hunter’s Burst Potential 💣

Miss Fortune excels at dealing massive AoE damage with her ultimate, making her a deadly force during team fights. Her passive and Q ability also provide strong poke and trading potential in the laning phase. To master Miss Fortune:

  • Dominate the laning phase: Utilize your Q and passive to poke and trade effectively against your opponents.
  • Positioning for ultimate: Find the perfect angle to unleash your ultimate during team fights, dealing massive damage to multiple enemies.
  • Utilize your mobility: Make use of Miss Fortune’s passive movement speed bonus to roam and rotate effectively around the map.

Support Synergy: Finding the Perfect Duo 💑

Success in the bot lane often comes down to the synergy between the ADC and support. Let’s explore some of the best support pairings for the popular ADC champions in the current meta:

Jhin and Nami: A Harmonious Partnership 🌊

Nami’s crowd control, sustain, and poke complement Jhin’s playstyle perfectly. The combination of their abilities can create devastating trades and all-ins. Key synergies include:

  • Jhin’s root (W) and Nami’s bubble (Q) can chain crowd control for easy picks and trades.
  • Nami’s E enhances Jhin’s fourth shot, amplifying its damage and slow. The movement speed boost from Nami’s passive allows Jhin to reposition more easily during fights.

Varus and Leona: The Deadly Duo ☀️

Leona’s aggressive playstyle and strong engage capabilities match well with Varus’s poke and follow-up potential. Together, they can create a formidable kill lane. Key synergies include:

  • Leona’s engage (E and Q) sets up easy opportunities for Varus’s skillshots and ultimate.
  • Varus’s poke can soften up enemies for Leona’s all-ins.
  • Both champions excel at catching out and locking down enemy champions, creating pick potential.

Kog’Maw and Lulu: The Hyper Carry Dream Team 🧚‍♀️

Lulu’s protective and buffing abilities make her the perfect support for a late-game hyper carry like Kog’Maw. Together, they can become an unstoppable force as the game goes on. Key synergies include:

  • Lulu’s shield (E) and ultimate (R) provide Kog’Maw with extra survivability during fights.
  • Lulu’s polymorph (W) can disable enemy threats, protecting Kog’Maw and allowing him to deal damage freely.
  • Lulu’s passive and attack speed buff (W) synergize well with Kog’Maw’s on-hit and percent health damage.

Mastering the Rift: Tips and Tricks for ADC Success 🏆

As an ADC, there are several universal tips and tricks that can help you find success, regardless of which champion you choose:

  1. Focus on farming: Consistently last-hitting minions is crucial for scaling and reaching your item power spikes.
  2. Map awareness: Pay attention to the minimap and enemy movements to avoid ganks and capitalize on opportunities.
  3. Objective control: Help your team secure objectives like Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron, as well as towers, to create map pressure.
  4. Team fight positioning: Stay at the backline and maintain a safe distance from threats, dealing damage without putting yourself at risk.
  5. Adaptability: Be prepared to adapt your playstyle, item builds, and champion choices as the meta shifts and evolves.

Wrapping Up: Keep Calm and Carry On 🎯

The LoL 13.4 ADC Changes have brought a breath of fresh air to the bot lane, with new champions and strategies rising to prominence. Embrace the change and continuously adapt your playstyle, champion pool, and item builds to stay ahead of the curve. Remember, practice makes perfect, and every game is an opportunity to learn and improve. Good luck on the Rift, fellow Summoners!

FAQs: Your Questions Answered 💡

Q: Are traditional ADCs like Jinx and Tristana no longer viable?
A: While they have been hit hard by the nerfs, they can still be effective in the right circumstances, especially when scaling into the late game.

Q: Which ADC champions are best for climbing in solo queue?

A: Currently, Jhin and Varus are strong picks due to their synergy with the ADC item changes. However, it’s important to play champions you’re comfortable with and adapt to the ever-changing meta.

Q: How often should I update my item builds to adapt to the meta?

A: Always pay attention to patch notes and community discussions to stay updated on the best item builds. Adapting quickly to changes can give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Q: Is it necessary to duo with a support to climb in the bot lane?

A: While duoing with a support can improve your communication and synergy, it’s not necessary to climb. Learning how to adapt and work with different support players can also be a valuable skill.

Q: How can I improve my positioning as an ADC?

A: Watch professional ADC players, analyze your own replays, and practice in-game. Focus on maintaining a safe distance from enemies and being aware of potential threats during team fights.

Conclusion: Embrace the Change and Dominate the Rift 🌟

The LoL 13.4 ADC Changes have undoubtedly shaken up the bot lane meta, but with the right approach and a willingness to adapt, you can come out on top. By understanding the champion and item changes, experimenting with new strategies, and honing your skills, you’ll be well-equipped to dominate the Rift in this new era of ADCs.

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