How To See When Your League of Legends Account Was Created

How To See When Your League of Legends Account Was Created

If you’d like to know when your League of Legends account was created, it’s not as easy as just navigating to a page in the client or on a Riot Games website. Riot Games use account creation date (or, if you don’t know the exact date – an approximation, such as ‘what champion had just been released around when you created this account’) as one of many ways to prove your identity in the event your account has been compromised. Because of this, they’re reasonably hesitant to make this information easily accessible, lest hackers who have obtained access to your account be given even more information to ensure that you can’t get it back.

So what do you do if you’re really keen to know more information about your account? You go straight to the source, and you ask Riot themselves.

When Was Your League of Legends Account Was Created?

On the Riot Games ‘Requesting Your Account Data’ page, they detail the information they’ll be able to provide you and how you can request it: 

You can make a data request by submitting a ticket. After a short process to confirm you as the original creator of the account, you’ll receive the following personal information related to your account:

  • Your Summoner name, username, and server
  • The phone number attached to your account
  • Your registered date of birth
  • Aggregate report history, including reports made and received from the last 3 months (or the past 100 games, if you’ve played more than that in the last 3 months)
  • In-game chat logs for the last 3 months (or the past 100 games, if you’ve played more than that in the last 3 months)
  • Login history for the last 3 months
  • Player Support ticket history
  • Account modifications for the last 3 months
  • All store transactions (skins, champions, etc.)
  • All monetary (RP) purchases

This can be valuable to better secure your account in the future, in-case you need to prove account ownership you’ll have even more accurate information to provide when Riot asks for it. Login history could let you find out if your account has been logged into from an unexpected location, which would also let you know if any would-be hackers have access to your data.

You might even just be curious about how much you’ve spent on League of Legends, and this is the best way to find out – other sites that claim they can tell you are just giving a rough estimate compared to the data that Riot themselves can provide.

Finally, you might just be curious about your chat logs from 3 months ago when you were going through that terrible loss streak. It might give you some perspective on your behavior to see that you have not typed very nice things to your teammates, or it might be hilarious to watch your own meltdown happen when your team just refused to cooperate in-game.

I hope you’re not in a hurry to get this data though, as Riot says on the same page that the process isn’t quick: 

Once you make a request, it’ll take 30 days to process. You can cancel your request at any time by clicking the cancel link in your ticket. Changing your email or resetting your password will also cancel your request automatically.

Hopefully, you don’t need this information for more than just to satisfy your curiosity and don’t mind waiting – and fingers crossed you don’t feel buyer’s remorse once you finally see how much of your hard-earned cash has gone towards RP.

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