How Long is an Average Game in League of Legends?

How Long is an Average Game in League of Legends?

“Hmm, I wonder if I can squeeze in another match of League of Legends before the dinner is ready?” Does this sound like your scenario? Wondering if you can squeeze in another match before dinner, before bed, before that important appointment, or whatever is a common part of playing League of Legends, or any game for that matter. When you have other plans, or you simply plan on sleeping when the match ends, playing through a long match can be draining, regardless of whether you win or lose. 

Champion picks and playstyles, many times, are what set the length of a match. If you have a game that is filled with players who like being active on the map, this will have an impact on the length. When you have a team that is playing with champions who like to shine in the late game, they will naturally try to lengthen the League of Legends match.

Every veteran League of Legends player may have an idea of how long a match is going to take before it even starts, but you still have those wondering if they have enough time for the next match. On a typical note, how long does a normal League of Legends match usually run?

I did some research, and this research here is on key with the length of my matches. Here’s some information that will show you how long an average League match can run for. Take note that the game lengths may also include matches that end with one of the teams surrendering.

  • Iron – 29.46 minutes
  • Bronze – 29.41 minutes
  • Silver – 29.26 minutes
  • Gold – 28.27 minutes
  • Platinum – 28.09 minutes
  • Diamond – 26.57 minutes
  • Master – 26.09 minutes
  • GrandMaster – 26.16 minutes
  • Challenger – 25.43 minutes

Take note that professional games may last longer than usual because teams focus on objectives before picking fights. Despite it all, it’s pretty safe to say an average League of Legends game can be anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes, so if you have at least thirty minutes to spare, go ahead and hop on your PC because you should be able to squeeze a League of Legends match in there. 

As you may have noticed, the lower ranked games, such as Iron and Bronze, tend to last longer. This is because low elo players tend to have problems closing out the game. As the ranks go up, the games usually shorten in time.

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Champion Select Time

You also have to add the champion select time in there. Champion select time can take up to a total of seven minutes if everyone uses their seven-minute timer to select a champion.

The Game Mode

You also have to consider the game mode you’re playing in. For example, if you’re playing on, let’s say, Summoner’s Rift – this is a three-lane map – matches on Summoner’s Rift run for 30-40 minutes.

While on the other hand, you have Howling Abyss – this is a single lane, and it’s rare to see a match on Howling Abyss go for longer than 22 minutes.

Don’t forget about Nexus Blitz – the two-lane map. This is a mode that is available throughout the year, but it originally started out as an experiment by Riot, and they decided to launch it only for special events. Either way you stack it, if you play on Nexus Blitz, you should have between 12-15 minutes to spare, and if the match were to go into 18-minutes, you’d be dealing with sudden death.


Either way you look at it, there are so many different elements that can change the length of each game, like the number of players you have AFK, the farming ability of each player, the average elo of each team, and so on. However, it’s safe to say an average League of Legends match will last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, give or take.

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