What is Red Border in LoL and How to Get Rid of it?

What is Red Border in League of Legends and How to Get Rid of it?

Many players in various online chat forums have discussed and touched upon what the Red Border Issue in League of Legends is. Sometimes players have expressed their frustration over not being able to make the screen with their mouse anymore with an all-too ominous red border at the edges of their screen. The game itself seems to be ongoing but suddenly being unable to move and pan the camera about freaks players out. And when you can’t immediately find a solution to this in the in-game options menu, it becomes all the more annoying and even frustrating,

The main reason for having this option in the first place is to facilitate players that play on multi-screen monitors. Most PC players might not be owning such monitors so this option doesn’t immediately make sense. Windows 10 has the option of having multiple monitors for display even, with one monitor being the primary display and the rest being secondary displays. You can even use two monitor screens for playing games on split-screen. This is also a nice way to clear up space on the desktop if you want to do some multi-tasking. For instance, programmers often have to search libraries of code on one hand and on the other hand, type and compose their code. Without having to minimize your screen constantly saves up a lot of time and effort. These are just a few uses of multiple monitors for the screen.

Pressing the F9 key fixes your game on one screen if you are using multiple monitor screens. Having the game split between multiple screens can be confusing and weird. Using this option creates the Red Border around the screen, making it possible to play the game only on the screen. Players with only one screen will not be able to appreciate why or how this needs to be done. And neither do they have to because this “feature” acts as a bug if don’t have multiple monitor screens. To rid yourself of this mess, simply press the F9 key again and everything will be back to normal.

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