What does SS mean in League of Legends – A Complete Guide

What does SS mean in League of Legends - A Complete Guide

In the video game world, we have many abbreviations. Some of those abbreviations, we can understand what they mean right away without having to look them up, while other abbreviations will have us wondering, “what does that even mean?” The other day, my friend texted me and said, “What is SS in League of Legends?”  He’s actually the one who inspired this article, as I figured some of my readers might not know what SS in League of Legends stands for, so that is what I am going to cover today. 

In MOBA-style games, like League of Legends and DotA, it is common to see the abbreviation SS. This is an abbreviation that someone will toss out there when an enemy champion is missing – it is also referred to as MIA from their lane.  While in DotA, the abbreviation SS may mean “Stay Safe,” but in League of Legends, it basically means MIA from the lane.

If you play a lot of League of Legends, whenever someone from the opposing team has gone missing from their lane, you may see someone type out “SS bot/mid/top” in order to communicate to the rest of the team that they no longer have a visual on the individual(s) in their lane. 

Long story short, “ss” is a short version of “Miss.” In certain regions, the abbreviation is going to differentiate between “SS” and “MIA,” which is used when referring to a specific opponent who is missing and cannot be located.

SS (SS bot, SS bot 2, and so on) 

This is normally only used during the laning phase of League of Legends. The player should type the lane the enemy is missing from after “SS,” and numerous enemies who are missing can be inserted afterward. SO, for example, “SS top 2” can be translated as meaning “2 enemy champions have disappeared from the laning top.” This means that the team’s mid should be careful and watch their backs, just as you should as well. 

MIA (MIA Shaco, MIA Noct, and so on)

MIA (Missing in Action) is when an enemy champion is missing, and your team isn’t able to find the location. When you’re going into a teamfight, and you can only find 4 enemies ahead of you, then this may mean that a champion like Fiddlesticks is going to pounce on you and come out of his hiding place. 

People who are on North American (NA) servers will usually use MIA for the following purpose: 

  • MIA Shaco
  • MIA Mid

Enemy champion missing, the shortened form of “miss” is “SS,” and it is more common to see this on European Servers than “MIA.”

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The Meaning of “SS” in Mobile League

Now, the meaning of “SS” in League of Legends (the mobile version) is totally different than the meaning of it in League of Legends on the PC. The meaning of SS in Mobile Legends can be translated as “Special Skill.” I noticed the most experienced players in Mobile League are the ones who use abbreviations. 

Why are Abbreviations Used?

What does SS mean in League of Legends - A Complete Guide

Abbreviations, such as “SS,” are commonly used in League of Legends simply because the player doesn’t have all the time in the world to sit there and type out everything fully. You know, they have a game to play and lanes to control, so typing out “SS” or “MIA” is so much easier than trying to type out a long sentence to explain whose missing and where they’re missing from while trying to play League. 

Are There Other Abbreviations You Should be Aware of When Playing League of Legends?

If you’re a beginner and haven’t played much League, you may be wondering if there are many other abbreviations in the game. Take it from me – there are a lot of abbreviations. Don’t worry, because I’m about to cover some of the common ones so that you won’t be so confused. 

Common Questions about LoL Terms:

What Does AFK Mean?

AFK has been used for as long as I remember – back when I was a teen, I would use the abbreviation “AFK.” However, I have found a couple of people who didn’t know what AFK meant. AFK simply means “away from Keyboard.” However, you’re going to be surprised in League of Legends, because AFK doesn’t necessarily mean that the player has walked away from their keyboard.

In LoL, when you see someone say “AFK”, this extends to those players who don’t seem to be paying attention or those champions who are standing around with their hands in their pockets (doing nothing). If you have a player who accuses you of being AFK, it would be a good idea to refute it openly so that other players don’t report you for being AFK at the end of the game. If you get marked with AFK too much, Riot may penalize you – Riot may suspend your account if you’re AFK too much.

What Does ADC Mean in LoL?

In League of Legends, “ADC” simply stands for “Attack Damage Carry.” The ADC is an LOL Champion who scales nicely, and is dealing a great amount of physical damage at high levels once they have had enough gold to buy a couple of items they need. The most important part of the ADC meaning would be “carry.”

These types of champions are meant for carrying the rest of the team straight to victory. Other players in LoL should make sure they feed the assigned “ADC” in order to help them quickly earn gold so that they can start carrying the game for the team. 

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What Does CC Mean in LoL?

In League of Legends, the abbreviation “CC” simply means “crowd control.” This is a term that is given when abilities that put a damper on your opponent’s ability to engage your team or move have been used. There are various types of crowd control, including: 

Stun – Stun is one of the most annoying forms of CC. When a champion has been stunned, they can’t do anything – they won’t be able to use their abilities, attack or even move. 

Blind – Those who are blind will have their vision radius reduced and will be missing their regular auto-attacked. However, their abilities and spells will continue to work. 

Airborne – This, in my opinion, is one of the most severe forms of Crowd Control that could be used. Airborne is a lot like stun because when players are airborne, they are unable to use their abilities, attack, or move. However, the difference between stun and airborne is the fact that airborne cannot be removed by cleaning effects and is not affected by cc reduction. 

This wasn’t an entire list of crowd control abilities, but I did include the most annoying ones. 

What is the Meaning of CS in League of Legends? 

CS, in League of Legends, is the abbreviation of “Creep Score.” CS is the number of neutral monster or minion kills you have. To judge how far ahead (or behind) you are in relative to other players, you can use CS in conjunction with your kills and assists.  15 CS can be equal to 1 kill when you’re comparing another player’s preparedness to your own. We say 15 because 15 CS is almost equal to the gold receives from 1 kill. 

What Does OMW Mean in League of Legends? 

We all know that OMW means “on my way.” Right? When this is used in League of Legends, this means that the player who typed it is on their way to either the objective or to you. This means that you should wait for them to show up before you jump in there and do anything overboard. 

What does FF mean in League of Legends?”

In League of Legends, FF stands for “ForFeit.” FF is an abbreviation used to ask people on the team to agree to surrender. When a player-initiated a surrender vote by typing in ‘/surrender’ in the chatbox, they are asking that other people on their team forfeit the game.

Before 15 minutes, it’s not possible to forfeit the game. Now, between 15 and 20 minutes, all players on the team will need to agree to forfeit in order for the game to be surrendered. After 20 minutes, everyone except one player on the team will need to approve the vote. 


Now when someone says “SS” in League of Legends, you will know exactly what they mean and can start watching your back for the missing champion. Abbreviations in League of Legends or any other game may seem confusing at first, but after a while, you will start to get used to them and may even start using them yourself (it sure does beat typing out a sentence).

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