Top 5 Longest CC Abilities in League of Legends

League of Legends is all about teamwork. If one of your teammates happens to be snowballing, but your team coordination is weak, it’s likely the opponent team will be able to pick your teammates one by one.

Any single champion that is too fed in any team can only go so far without a team to back him or her up. And the key to winning team fights and battles is crowd control or CC. While in the Champ select menu, be careful to have a balanced combination of mage/tank and engage enemies with at least one champion with cc to win team fights.

What exactly is crowd control, by the way? Riot won’t give you an official definition but what cc means roughly is the ability to control or limit the movement of your opponent’s champions or disable or reduce the effects of their powers during team fights or in individual battles as well. Let’s take a look at the most extended and also the most annoying (from the pov of opponents) CC abilities in League of Legends.

1. Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow

The longer the Arrow travels, the longer the stun. Simple enough? It can stun multiple enemies as well if they are unlucky enough to be in the way of Ashe’s ultimate. In team fights, this can turn the tide of battle in one stroke.

You just need to make sure Ashe in your team is hidden from enemy sight and at a safe distance to allow the Arrow to travel a long distance to result in a long stun. If done right, opponents can get stunned by up to 4 seconds, possibly more. In a high-stakes 5v5 team battle, even a lapse of one second can prove to be fatal.

2. Morgana’s Dark Binding

Morgana’s Q can feel like an eternity if you get hit by it. Even at level 3, Dark Binding damages and roots enemies to one spot in early bot-lane, exposing them to all sorts of damage. Combine any AD carry with burst damage with Morgana, and you have a lethal combination. You just need to hit the enemy AD carry with Morgana’s Q and have your AD carry do the burst damage.

If it doesn’t give you a kill, it will indeed serve to discourage the opponent bot lane from attacking you in the street. Dark Binding can last nearly two seconds when fully maxed. Two seconds of not being able to move in a fast-paced game of League of Legends can be torment.

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3. Veigar’s Event Horizon

Veigar can be included in this list because his cc abilities can feel like the longest. If you get caught in the Event Horizon and manage to get stunned by hitting the wall, you are in the perfect spot for Veigar to do maximum damage to you.

With the opponent boxed in by using Event Horizon, Veigar can cast Baleful Strike, Dark Matter, and Primordial Burst. Couple Veigar as support with an AD Carry such as Miss Fortune, and you can double the fun. Try using Veigar’s Event Horizon and Miss Fortune’s Make it Rain and Bullet Time together. The opponents won’t have much breathing space left.

4. Amumu’s Curse of the Sad Mummy

Amumu is excellent at starting team fights and stunning the entire enemy team. His CC is one of the longest in the game because virtually all of his abilities help crowd control. Amumu’s Bandage Toss stuns opponents as he latches onto them. This also allows Amumu to pull into position before using his ultimate. His Despair and Tantrum help harass enemies if they try to attack Amumu by coming close to him.

And finally, Amumu’s ultimate, the Curse of the Sad Mummy, entangles surrounding enemies in Bandages and stuns them. With this series of abilities that Amumu has, it is easily one of the longest ccs any champion can inflict on the opponent’s team.

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5. Illiaoi’s Tentacles

If used correctly, Illiao’s tentacles can be a very effective method for crowd control. With multiple tentacles spread around in the laning phase or during team fights, it can steer the direction of the battle in your favor. Opponents will either have to retreat out of the range of tentacles or try to endure during the fight, which automatically gives you an edge.

With Iliaoi’s Test of Spirit, you can pull out the spirit from the squishy damage dealer in the opponent’s team resulting in that champion backing off from the team fight. With the damage dealer out of the way, the coast is clear for your team to push forward and dominate team fights.

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