How Much LP Is Needed To Rank Up in Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is a strategy game where your goal is to put together the strongest team possible to beat all other players in round-based combat. Like with all games that involve strategy, there is a ranking system that pits players of equal skill level against each other. Here’s everything you need to know about ranked play in TFT.

Ranking Up

If you haven’t played ranked before, you will start off at Iron II after your first match. You will then go through five preliminary ranked matches based on this rank before you receive your official starting rank.

The only way to rank up in the game is to play matches and place as high as possible. If you place high enough in a match, you will be awarded LP (League Points) that contribute to your rank and tier.

Each Tier has four divisions, which are represented by numerals I, II, III, and IV, with IV being the highest. Every time you earn 100 LP as you play matches, you will move to the next division. If you rank up from division IV in your tier, you will move up to the next tier at the first division.

Players only gain LP if they rank fourth or higher in a ranked match. If they rank fifth or lower, they will lose LP instead.

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Ranking Down

In the Master tier and above, you can lose your division rank if you don’t play. You can bank up to 10 of your previous games to apply to your rank, but one match is removed from your bank every day. If you don’t have a banked match for it to drop, you will lose 250 LP instead. This means that if you don’t play a match for at least 10 days, you’ll start to move down in rank. The lowest you can go via this method is Master Division I—you cannot be demoted to Gold.

Losing LP in a match does not carry between ranks when being demoted. You can only demote out of your division or tier if you get lower than fourth place in a match when you have zero LP.

Each game mode in TFT is similar, sharing champions, traits and items, but having differences in other areas, including how they’re played and even their rank distribution. It’s easy to know that hitting that next rank is ideal. However, it’s not always clear what your skill level is compared to the rest of the playing field.

This is especially true when considering that modes like Hyper Roll and Double Up variate from the standard League of Legends ranking system that many are familiar with.

With TFT experiencing a surge in popularity in Set 6, players around the world are fighting to climb the ladder. While some are spamming the best comps, some are simply learning the game as they climb.

Regardless of where you’re at in terms of skill, it’s fun to know what your rank means. And how much of the player base you’re better than! Without further ado, let’s break down TFT rank distribution throughout each of TFT’s game modes.

Become an evil mastermind TFT player and find yourself playing with the best! Photo via Riot Games.

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Standard Ranked TFT

Like League of Legends, standard ranked TFT follows the Iron through Challenger ladder. So if you’re familiar with that system, you’ll be able to make easy sense of this one.

Also similar to LoL, the number of players in Masters, Grandmasters and Challenger is extremely few. On the other hand, Bronze, Silver and Gold encompass the vast majority of players.

Hyper Roll

Next up in TFT is Hyper Roll, whose rank system and distribution are quite different. Instead of using LP, it uses MMR directly to place players into one of only five tiers. Because there are just five tiers, there is a lot less variation generally.

For those who don’t know, Hyper Roll is a faster-paced mode whose games only take around 15 minutes. In it, you can’t buy XP or earn extra gold through saving gold. Because of that, you simply roll and fight, though there are some nuances that make it challenging in its own way.

Seeing as games finish quicker, every decision is that much more important, and it means that you have the potential to climb, or fall, in rank much faster too.

Quickly rise to the top with your Little Legend in Hyper Roll! 

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Double Up!

Double Up has its own Ranked system, using Grey (0 points), Green (1400 points), Blue (2600 points), Purple (3400 points), and Double (4200+ points) tiers instead of the standard Iron to Challenger tiers.

Players will receive Ranked rewards based on the highest rating they achieve each stage, starting at Blue tier. Double Up will have its own separate ranked rewards at the end of the set.


As you see there are different ways to earn your LP in TFT game modes, since the ranking system isn’t the same for every mode. But the principle is always the same, you win you climb, you lose, you descend.

Go and get those rewards and that sweet LP!

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