How To Make Agents Talk in Valorant?

Make Agents Talk in Valorant Complete Guide

Riot Games’ latest FPS shooter has been making rounds amongst the gaming community, and players are interested in the available agents. Testing their limits, both skill-wise and character-wise, there is much more interaction than most of us realize. This usually comes in terms of voice lines or inspecting weapons.

The simplest and most common way to make agents talk is by configuring your settings and setting some pre-set voice lines. After that, you can simply toggle your hotkey to bring up the voice tab, and select whatever your agent wants to say.

Other ways include both teams having the same agent, two agents having a particular interaction in the game’s lore, and scoring an ace (killing the entire enemy team). If you’re still not convinced, you can also try speaking at the beginning of the round when the shop option appears or basically at the spawn point.

So as you saw, there are multiple ways you can get your agent to talk. Whether that be to other agents or simply communicating your intention to proceed, it really helps in developing strategy. On top of that, communicating with your teammates can lead to more interesting interactions and more fun matches.

If you want to know exactly how to use all these interaction tips, read on as we explain further.

Configuring Pre-Set Voice Lines

Every game allows you to choose some pre-set voice lines that your agent/ champion/ character can say during the game. The same is the case with Valorant.

Before the match starts, you can open your ‘Settings’ tab to configure your voice lines. Once you have opened the ‘Settings’ tab, go to the ‘Communication’ tab. From there, scroll down to the hotkey presets.

Now here, you have the option of setting the ‘Communication’ hotkey to whatever you feel comfortable with. After you have selected your desired hotkey, press ‘Confirm’, and it will save your settings.

Activating Voice Lines In-Game

Valorant Activating Voice Lines In-Game make Agent talk GuideYou already have a preset hotkey for communications. Now, you can press that hotkey in-game to bring up a ‘Communication Tab’ on the bottom right of your screen. It will display 4 options you can choose from, ‘Combat’, ‘Tactics’, ‘Social’, and ‘Strategy’.

Each option has a different array of voice lines that your character will say. Social commands include thanks, sorry, yes, no, etc. Strategy and tactic commands are sometimes merged into one as both of them are used to relay your game plan to the rest of the team.

These phrases are used in different environments and can help your team secure the win if communicated properly.

Valorant make agent talk commands complete guideHaving The Same Agent On Both Teams

Another way to get your agent to talk is to have the exact same agent on the opposing team. When both teams have the same agent, those agents will interact with each other when facing off in combat.

Although this has no practical significance, it is definitely worth testing out, especially if you want to get to know an agent inside out.

Agents With Lore History

Of course, each agent has its own lore. And sometimes, those pieces of lore coincide with each other. This is very commonly seen in League of Legends, but even Vaolrant has made sure some agents have a history in their lore.

This is the case for a unique interaction between KAY/O and Reyna. While both have separate lore, KAY/O is shown to have killed Reyna in an alternate reality. Due to this interference in lore, both agents have a unique interaction when faced with each other in-game.

This is the case for various agents e.g. Brimstone and KAY/O, Chamber and Brimstone, and Viper and Cypher.

Scoring An Ace

A popular time to brag, scoring an ace during the match also activates unique voice lines for each agent.

Anytime your team kills the entire enemy team with at least one member left standing, the remaining alive members will utter a voice line indicating the enemy’s crushing defeat.

Round Start – Item Buying

This tip is purely strategic as it will help you communicate your needs to your teammates.

At the start of the round, the shop will pop up where every agent can buy weapons, accessories, etc., depending on their income. If anyone is low on funds and requires assistance in buying a weapon, they can ask their teammates to buy the weapon for them.

This is a great way to keep the playing field balanced. If your teammates do not have proper weaponry, they will usually be rendered useless during a team fight.

Spawn Point Voice Lines

Probably the most overlooked method of getting your agents to talk, agent spawns also activate some generic voice lines. These voice lines are not specific to any agent or map, rather, when the team spawns, each agent will say a random voice line such as Let’s Go.

The Takeaway

Although there are a lot of ways to interact with your teammates and get your agents to talk, not all of them are particularly useful. But for those of them that are, they can make your life much easier. Communicating with your team on what to do next and getting everyone on the same page before progressing is an extremely important factor of winning.

For more useful tips, check out our article on how to view team abilities in Valorant.

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