Manamune Jhin – A Complete Guide

Since Jhin is one of the strongest ADC champions in the game at the moment, we've decided to dedicate a guide just for him. If you've been playing ranked games in the preseason it's highly likely that you've come across a Manamune Jhin before. It's a real pain in the a$$, isn't it Well, if you follow our build guide you'll be able to be a pain in the a$$ of your opponents as well. Good luck on the Summoner's Rift, Summoner!

Welcome to our guide on how to play the Manamune build for Jhin! Here we will discuss the main points of this build, as well as which runes and items you should prioritize over others. You will learn how Manamune Jhin works and what are the pros and cons of using it. If you’ve never tried it out, now season 12 is the perfect time to do so! Let’s begin!

Manamune Jhin in Season 12

First of all, it’s no secret that Manamune is completely busted on most ADC champions. The reason for it is because Manamune is a very cheap item upgrade (it only costs 2600 gold) and provides both damage and mana. But, its strongest point is in its passive, which converts the maximum mana into on-hit attack damage.

Jhin, like the rest of the marksmen, deals most of his damage through his auto-attacks. But since he has four shots, his build focuses on items that boost his critical chance, so he hits fewer times, but each attack is very powerful. For the same reason, Jhin makes more use of his abilities than most ADC champions. He requires a lot of mana and a lot of base damage.

So, Manamune satisfies this champion’s two biggest needs – it gives him enough damage to decimate opponents with auto-attacks and provides him with enough mana throughout the game. Not to mention that the Manamune build starts with Tear of the Goddess (it costs 450 gold), which can be purchased as a starting item if the 2v2 lane is a passive one.

The rest of the build continues with its regular path – getting the biggest crit chance possible through items like Infinity Edge. However, the Manamune item is the primary focus here, at least in the early game, and thus should be bought first!

But let’s jump into the actual guide on how to build Manamune Jhin and explain everything step by step!

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Best Runes for Manamune Jhin

Dark Harvest

For the Manamune Jhin build, Dark Harvest will be the best keystone to go for. This rune is completely broken if you manage to get enough souls in the early game. You gather souls by hitting an enemy champion that’s already with a low HP bar. And each soul grants you bonus damage against other low targets. Dark Harvest has only 45 seconds cooldown and can be very difficult to play against since you can’t really stop it from happening.

Taste of Blood

Since Jhin doesn’t have any defensive ability, he desperately needs additional sources of healing and shielding. Taste of Blood is the first choice when it comes to this. The rune’s healing can be quite a lot if you optimize it right and go for an attack every 20 seconds or so to get as much value out of the cooldown as possible.

Eyeball Collection

In the third row of the Domination tree, we choose Eyeball Collection because it is the only damage increase offered there. None of the other choices suit Jhin’s role or playstyle, so stick to Eyeball Collection in most of the games.

Ravenous Hunter

Ravenous Hunter is another self-healing option for Jhin. Its power stacks with champion takedowns, and the more kills/assists you score, the stronger the healing effect becomes. Paired with Taste of Blood, Ravenous Hunter can be an incredible defensive option for a marksman champion. The best way to utilize it so to try and get at least a few assists in the early game, so by the time you get yourself in danger, you’ll have a way to regenerate and win the team fight.

Presence of Mind

Presence of Mind is an exceptional rune that focuses on mana regeneration. Each time you attack an enemy champion, your mana regeneration gets significantly increased. As a bonus, each takedown restores 15% of your maximum mana, which is pretty useful in prolonged fights.

Coup de Grace

And Coup de Grace is the last bonus damage bonus to pick up from your runes. It gives you a nice power over low HP targets, so make sure to select it before the game starts.


These are the best bonuses for most of the games as Manamune Jhin: two Adaptive Forces plus a Magic Resist/Armor rune, depending on your current matchup.

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Best Items for Manamune Jhin

Here's the list of the best possible items you can get if you choose to try out the famous Manamune Jhin build. This build is one of the most used builds on Jhin in the current meta, and we just don't see any flaws in it. We truly believe that you'll be able to carry your team to the victory if you decide to try out this build!

1. Manamune

Now, here comes the first controversy. Before the introduction of mythic items, Manamune was the first item in this build. You could start the game with Tear of the Goddess and slowly build your power. However, since Galeforce is the first item of the regular Jhin builds, it can also be bought as a first item. Our advice is to always go for Manamuen if you’re ahead and you won’t fall too much behind your enemy carry.

2. Galeforce

The same reasoning goes here. If you die a couple of times in the early game and the enemy is starting to snowball, it might be smarter for you to go with Galeforce as a first item and then transition over to Manamune. Galeforce provides you with damage, attack speed, and crit chance, as well as an active dash that is very useful on Jhin.

3. The Collector

The Collector is the third item in this build and a very important one to get as soon as possible. It has one of the most interesting passives in the game, alongside the key stats for Jhin. The Collector executes targets below 5% HP when you attack them, which is very useful for securing kills with your ultimate.

4. Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge is another core item in Jhin’s build. It maximizes the damage he does with his critical strikes, as well as boosts his critical strike chance. This should be a priority in every game, regardless of the state or team composition.

5. Rapid Firecannon

Rapid Firecannon is an item that fits Jhin’s playstyle in an ideal way. It extends the range of his first auto-attack and adds a bunch of attack speed and crit percentage. It’s a very valuable item in all situations, no matter whether you need to go aggressively or play from behind.

6. Plated Steelcaps

As for the boots, Plated Steelcaps are the best upgrades for Jhin. Being able to move quickly while taking less damage is Jhin’s goal, so always prioritize Plated Steelcaps over other boots options.

Optional Items

If you find the build too offensive and without any reliable defensive options, here are a couple of items that can be very helpful.

  • Guardian Angel is literally a life-saver and should be bought regularly against assassins.
  • Maw of Malmortius is an exceptional item against a heavy magic team.
  • Mercurial Scimitar is great for dealing with crowd control and peeling in team fights.

Summoner’s Spells

And for Summoner’s Spells, Manamune Jhin favors one combination only: Flash and HealThe Barrier can against certain champions, but Heal affects your ally as well, and Barrier does not. Exhaust can also be an option, though not as frequently as Heal.

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