Manamune Kai’Sa Build – A Complete Guide

Manamune Kaisa Build Season 10

Manamune Kai’Sa has been one of the most popular picks in Season 12 and this article will show you exactly how it works and why it works. Make sure you read till the end to know everything about Manamune Kai’Sa.

How to play Manamune Kai’Sa?

The basic idea behind Manamune Kai’Sa is to help reach your Icathian Rain (Q) evolve as soon as possible and also gain a lot of Mana from this item making you a killing machine with nothing to worry about. Manamune also upgrades into Muramana once stacked which gives you incredible stats and makes you that much stronger.


Ability order: Killer Instinct (R) >Icathian Rain (Q) >Void Seeker (W) >Supercharge (E)

This isn’t the usual ability order because over here we will be looking to go into a Hybrid build and maxing Void Seeker (W) second is much better for a Hybrid build than maxing Supercharge (E). Also with the additional mana because of Manamune, you can spam more Void Seeker’s (W’s) without worrying about mana and deal additional damage.

Going Hybrid also helps greatly with your Killer Instinct (R) as the more ability power you have, the stronger the shield your ultimate gives you. Additionally your Icathian Rain (Q) and Second Skin (Passive) also greatly benefit from the AP.


Manamune Kai'Sa is one of the most underrated builds in League of Legends. A lot of players, for some reason, don't like to play Manamune on Kai'Sa, and trust me when I tell you this, they're missing out on tons of fun! Here are the best items for Manamune Kai'Sa!


These items are the best suited for Manamune Kai’Sa as they all compliment each other and its the fastest way to your power-spike. The Zhonya’s Hourglass + Guardian Angel Combo can make you unkillable Killing Machine and if you are far too ahead, you can go for Rabadon’s Deathcap + Death’s Dance to just be that much more powerful. Kai’Sa is a hyper-carry and these items are the most well suited for her.

NOTE: One of the biggest mistakes that players do while playing the Manamune build is going for Tear of the Goddess as their first item. Kai’Sa’s goal is to evolve her ability faster and not stack Tear of the Goddess first, so going for Pickaxe as the first item instead of the Tear of the Goddess will give you the extra damage you need early on to beat your enemies.


manamune kai'sa build

Primary : Press the Attack >Triumph >Legend: Bloodline >Coup De Grace
Secondary : Magical Footwear > Biscuit Delivery
Stats : Attack Speed> Attack Damage >Armor

These are currently the best runes for Kai’Sa as Press the Attack (PTA) is super easy to proc for Kai’Sa, Legend: Bloodline gives you the Life Steal you are missing, Magical Footwear helps you build your boots faster and Biscuit Delivery gives you the perfect amount of sustain needed to keep you in the lane.

Hail of Blades will help you cover up for the lack of damage in the early game, Taste of Blood + Ravenous Hunter + Legend: Bloodline will give you tremendous amounts of Life Steal and keep you healthy throughout the game. This Rune page is for when you want to win in the Early Game but it becomes completely useless towards late game.

Press the Attack is a mid to late game rune and Hail of Blades is an early game rune. We would suggest going for Press the Attack rune as it makes you an even bigger threat towards the mid to late game but if you want to gain an early lead and dominate the Rift from the start, going for the Hail of Blades rune page will be the best bet.

Stormrazor vs Manamune Kai’Sa

Stormrazor vs Manamune Kaisa

You all must still be wondering why Manamune is a better item on Kai’Sa than Stormrazor and the answer is simple. Manamune is cheaper and helps you achieve your Icathian Rain (Q) evolve much faster and hit your power-spike faster. If you look stats wise, Stormrazor is definitely the better choice for any champion but when you look at it for Kai’Sa alone, Manaume will be a better choice as it still lets you get your 100 AD for your Q evolve with your items and is 800g cheaper than Stormrazor.

The added advantage you get from Manaume is that you can then also go for a hybrid build giving you more versatility and not forcing you to go for a crit build. Kai’Sa is different from other champions as she hits her power spike every time she evolves one of her abilities, to be able to evolve her Q with 800g lesser now will make her hit her power-spike MUCH earlier.

The Stormrazor build will only let her evolve two of her abilities instead of three and force her to build crit like any other ADC, The Manamune build, on the other hand, will let her evolve all three of her abilities and also make her a hybrid hyper carry, making it difficult for her opponents to itemize against.

Manamune also when upgraded to Muramana gives her much better stats as she gets 1000 extra mana and her basic attacks deal more damage because of the item’s Passive. ADC’s being mainly auto attack reliant makes Muramana a much better item for Kai’Sa than Stormrazor in the late game too. The extra Mana also lets her freely spam her abilities without ever worrying about the cost.

Kai’Sa Synergies

Kai’Sa and her Manamune build works the best with these supports:

Kai’Sa and Alistar

Kai'Sa Synergy

Alistar is definitely one of the best supports to play with Kai’Sa as almost all of his abilities apply Kai’Sa’s Passive stack making it much easier for Kai’Sa to burst the opponents down. Alistar can also keep the enemies locked in position for a while thanks to his CC giving Kai’Sa just enough time to burst her opponents down.

Kai’Sa and Blitzcrank

Best Kai'Sa Synergy

Just like Alistar, Blitzcrank too applies Kai’Sa’s Passive stacks with almost all of his abilities making it faster to proc her Passive and burst the enemies down, Blitzcrank also makes it very easy for Kai’Sa to land all her abilities on one target making the enemy get burst down much faster. With Kai’Sa its all about the Passive stacks and how fast you can proc them to kill the enemy and with Blitzcrank, its 1 Hook= 1 Kill.

Kai’Sa and Sona

Best Bot Lane Combo Kai'Sa Synergy

Sona is the perfect all-around Support for Kai’Sa as she has the best ability pool which Kai’Sa benefits from. Sona’s Q gives her additional damage, W gives her healing and her E makes Kai’Sa reach her enemies much faster. Not only this but Sona’s ultimate (R) also makes it very easy for Kai’Sa to land all her abilities and kill the enemy in an instant.

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Overall the Manamune build is a win-win situation for Kai’Sa and is definitely the strongest build to play Kai’Sa on.

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