Masterwork Chest – The Ultimate Guide

Masterwork Chest - The Best Ultimate Guide

Every longtime League of Legends franchise player has certainly noticed Hextech Crafting. Hextech Crafting was inducted into the League of Legends gameplay in 2016 and offered players the opportunity to win new skins, champions, and limited edition content.

What is a Masterwork Chest?

There are two types of chests in League of Legends. These are Hextech and Masterwork. Through these two types of chests, the player can win various items to update his collection. You can only get the Hextexh Chest in matchmade games like normals, ranked, ARAM, etc. To win the basic Hextech Chest, you or someone in your premade party needs to earn a minimum S rank during the gameplay. A maximum of 4 chests can be won in one month, and each champion can only win one Hextech Chest during one season.

 Chest Set consists of a key and a chest. To open the chest, you need to collect three key fragments, and they are obtained during the game. Through gameplay, the player can win both types of chests; however, what distinguishes them is that owning a Masterwork Chest increases the chance of winning certain items, but that is why Masterwork Chest is more expensive. For example, they can contain orange essence you can later use to craft skins.

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What are the main differences between Hextech and Masterwork Chest?

Difference between Hextech and Masterwork Chest - The Ultimate Guide

These two chests are relatively similar – to open both chests, you need to collect three key fragments, and both hide a variety of exciting items for even better gameplay. Unlike Hextech Chest, Masterwork Chest is a little harder to get, though. Owning a Masterwork Chest requires sheer luck; that is, it can be won by opening Hextech Chest or buying it with Riot Points.

In addition, another free way to win is by exchanging a gemstone for it from the Loot. Gemstones can drop as bonus loot alongside standard content. But what sets them apart the most are the odds of getting these specific items. Depending on its content, prices for Masterwork Chest range from 165 RP (225 RP for a chest and key) to 2250 RP (a bundle of 11 chests and keys) and are purchased at the League of Legends Client store.

Hextech Chests Drop Rates: 

Reward Drop Rate
Skin Shard 50%
Champion Shard (4800+ Blue Essence) 25%
Emote Permanent 10%
Ward Skin Shard + 150 Bonus Orange Essence 11.5%
Summoner Icon Shard + 150 Bonus Orange Essence 3.5%
Gemstone 3.6%
Bonus Chest + Key 10%

MasterWork Chests Drop Rates:

Reward Drop Rate
Skin Shard 70%
525 Orange Essence 10%
Emote Permanent 10%
Ward Skin Shard + 150 Bonus Orange Essence 10%
Summoner Icon Shard + 150 Bonus Orange Essence 3.5%
Gemstone 3.6%
Bonus Chest + Key 10%

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In conclusion, we can say that owning both chests (Hextech Chest and Masterwork Chest) is quite convenient when playing because we can win different champions, skins, and other items. Given the above differences, it is easy to see that Masterwork Chests are quite exclusive because they contain much better content, which means that it is worth paying a certain amount of money for them.

Of course, we will not make a mistake with any choice because according to the rules of the chest, there are no cheap champions shards in the chest, only those that are more expensive than 4800 Blue essence and skins whose price is 520 RP or higher. So if we don’t want to set aside money for Masterwork Chest, we can gamble and collect Hextech Chests and hope that we will win a bonus chest within it and that it will be the exclusive Masterwork Chest.

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