Top 5 Mechanical Champions You Need to Master in LoL

Vayne is a highly mechanical League of Legends champion. You're gonna need to spend a lot of time before you master her, but it will all be worth it once you get good with her.

Just like in any other game, in League of Legends, you have two types of players. The first type are those players who enjoy playing mechanically easy champions. The second type are those players who enjoy taking on the challenge that mechanically difficult champions have to offer. 

How do we determine which champion is mechanically “easy” and which champion is mechanically “difficult?” Basically, this scenario is based on how many maneuvers or skill-shots a champion has. 

Many of us have at least one friend who chooses champions like Garen or Darius. Why do they choose such champions? Because they don’t require a whole lot of skill to passively play. 

Hear me out before you judge me because I said that Darius and Garen are easy-to-play champions:

We aren’t implying that the champions who have the “point and click” abilities are horrible because this couldn’t be further from the truth. It just means that these types of champions don’t require a lot of effort to play – they’re the type of champions a player would choose if they want to sit back and chill while playing the game. 

In this post, we will take a close look at the mechanical champs – we haven’t placed them in any particular order. Just be warned that these mechanical champions may be fun to play, but they’re going to be hard to master. If you’re up for the challenge, look at the mechanical champions you need to master in LoL 

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1. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is probably the most mobile champion in League of Legends, and therefore he requires a lot of play time before you get a grip on him.

Needless to say, Lee Sin is a pretty slippery champion as he jumps from ally to enemy. With his W – Safeguard/Iron will and his Q – Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike, he’s a pretty tough character. Still, he is super fun to play once you master him. He does a great job when it comes to bouncing over the walls and taking a Dragon (just the type of champion we like). 

If you have ever had Lee Sin behind you with his QW combo, you know you’re in for a surprise. From there, he can kick his enemy right into his teammates so fast that the enemy target won’t even know what hit them.

2. Ezreal 

All of Ezreal abilities are skill-shots, which means that you're gonna have a hard time hitting enemy champions unless you spend some time playing with him

When Ezreal was first released back in 2010, many League of Legends players took to him. Since then, he has been reworked quite a bit, but those reworks have made him an even better champion. If you’ve ever experienced Ezreal’s Essence Flux and Mystic Shot combo (WQ), you will know what we are talking about here. 

Nearly all of Ezreal’s kit is skill shot based, so it’s going to take some time to master, but it’s well worth it because his high damage potential is out of this world. He’s an excellent choice for those high ELO players that are looking to make some impressive moves. In any scenario, using his E, Arcane Shift, he is capable of engaging and disengaging, which will come in handy.

Mind you, if you’re a casual gamer, you’re probably not going to take very well to Ezreal, because he can take hours to master.

3. Vayne

Vayne is a highly mechanical League of Legends champion. You're gonna need to spend a lot of time before you master her, but it will all be worth it once you get good with her.

Vayne is a tremendous mechanical champion. In the beginning, she is a bit on the weak side, but you’ll start to recognize her strength towards the mid-phase of the game. Once you’re able to master Vayne’s mechanical skillset, you’re going to love this champion. 

You’re not going to see Vayne’s real side until level 6, which is when her ultimate ability becomes available for you to use. W, Silver Bolts are epic as they are capable of taking down tanks. With her Q, Tumble, she can roll and issue an enormous amount of damage to her enemy target.

With Vayne’s Q, Tumble, this champion has a lot going on. There are some cases where her Tumble ability can cause her to miss-roll, landing her slap dab in the middle of the enemy. Since she is such a squish character, she dies almost instantly. However, when she doesn’t miss-roll, she is capable of landing some skillful power shots. 

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4. Zed

Zed can win a game in a matter of seconds due to high enormous one-shotting abilities.

Zed is a well-known champion in League of Legends due to how his kit is designed. His kit is highly mechanical, allowing him to make some fantastic tactical kills and outplays. As long as the player does the right combo, this champion can dish out an unsuspecting death.

His mechanics work great together and are smooth. His ultimate R, Death Mark, and his W, Living Shadow, allow him to deal extra damage, become untargetable, chase, engage, disengage, juke and escape. 

Zed has a versatile skillset, so there’s no set way to play him – we’ve noticed that most professionals have their own style of playing this champion.

5. Akali

Akali has received numerous changes by Riot Games lately, and even though she's been nerfed, she's still one of the strongest champions in the game

Akali is the type of champion that does well in pretty much any ELO. What we’re saying here is that even low levels are capable of playing Akali, but she’s not going to reveal her real mechanical side until she’s at a higher level.

If Akali gets hit by Crowd Control, she’s done, so this is something she needs to learn to dodge. Higher ELO players know when to use a CC ability to stop a champion in their tracks. When you’re playing this champion, you need to know when to use your E (Shuriken Flip) to get onto targets and know when to use your W (Twilight Shroud) to bait or juke. Yes, Akali has simple aims, but it can take some time to master her.

Why would anyone want to play a mechanically challenging champion? The answer is simple; because it’s fun to train and master these types of champions because once you master it, you will deal a lot of damage to your enemies. So why not play a champion that is mechanically challenging? 

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