Micro vs. Macro in League of Legends – Explained

There are two such words that are frequently used in the League of Legends community that, unless you just downloaded the game before reading this, I’m sure you’re familiar with at least a little – micro and macro. 

Despite their widespread use across the scene, you’ll discover that there is no scarcity of individuals who, even after having played the game for lengthy periods of time, don’t know how to define these terms or even recognize how they relate to the game and how you play it. This article will look to explain what micro and macro are and why they’re important to know.

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The Basics of Micro and Macro

Micro is more focused on being precise with your actions. This includes things like focus on targeting the right enemy, using crowd control at the right time, or managing cooldowns more effectively. In contrast, macro is more focused on which moves to make based on each situation – for example, when to push a tower down and whether it’s worth going back to base to buy items. 

Both styles are important in League of Legends and many other MOBA games, but you might find that you prefer one over the other. It’s perfectly okay if you feel that way too! And before we get into specific tips about how to improve your micro-focused skillset or your macro-focused style of play, let’s look at each one in a little more detail.

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The Micro-focused Approach to League of Legends

Micro is about controlling your character – or champion, as League players call them – with clinical precision. Taking out an entire minion wave by yourself is a good example of micro. Knowing the exact moment to activate abilities so you deal all of your damage can be considered micro too. Basically, if any situation requires you to target an enemy or ally very precisely, it’s probably best done through micro tactics.

Examples of micro include but aren’t limited to:

  • Your CS
  • Your ability to kite
  • Your ability/efficiency at trading (timing and extent)
  • Your ability to land skillshots
  • Your KDA
  • Clearing camps in the jungle

So what are some tips for improving your micro skills? Here are some things that will help: Get used to paying attention to cooldowns – knowing when enemies have just used their crowd control abilities on cooldown is key if you want to go in for the kill. Many times, you’ll want to avoid using your own abilities until that time too. 

Keep track of summoner spells cooldowns – especially if each player has one! Pay attention to which enemy abilities are on cooldown – even better, keep a mental note of this so you can get an upper hand by predicting when they’ll come back up. Knowing when allies’ ultimates are available – or if they’re still on cooldown – is also good at helping you win fights.

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The Macro-focused Approach to League of Legends

Macro is less about focus and more about being strategic in your approach to League. This doesn’t mean that macro players have lower skill caps than micro players, just their style offers other benefits over the more intense style of micro. 

Macro is all about timing and teamwork. It might be tempting to push a tower alone when you have your ultimate available, for example, but grouping with your team is almost always the better move in most situations.

Examples of macro include:

  • Lane swaps
  • Invades
  • Where, when, and how you set and deny vision

The best macro tips are… Keep track of how long it’s been since teammates have died – especially if they haven’t returned to base in a while! If you’re low on health or mana, don’t be afraid to check out what items are available in the shop either. 

Always know when each player returns to lane after going back to buy items – just like keeping track of when people die, knowing if they’re coming back soon lets you know when certain cooldowns will reset too. Try not to be a burden on your team, especially when you have strong players who can carry – so never go back to base if your teammates continue to fight!

Importance of Micro and Macro Together

As has probably become evident by this point, micro and macro are both important in League of Legends. Getting better at one isn’t necessarily going to make up for what you’re lacking in the other. (https://idigtexas.com/) However, improving your individual skills is definitely the quickest way to get out of Gold or lower (if that’s where you currently sit), while improving macro skills will help raise you higher into the ranks. 

So don’t neglect either style when learning League! And finally… work on getting comfortable with both styles of play! There’s nothing wrong with preferring to be either a micro or macro player! It all comes down to personal preference and how you like to play League in the end.


League of Legends is a game that offers two different styles of playing. Micro focuses on more precise targeting and kiting while the macro play takes into account teamwork, timing, and the importance of objectives. The most important thing to do when learning League is not neglecting either style of play but instead focusing on improving your individual skills in both styles or which you prefer to focus on!

You will be able to level up faster by focusing solely on one type of gameplay if it suits you better than another; however, mastering both can help improve your rank significantly. Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with preferring micro over macro (or vice versa) as this all comes down to personal preference- what helps make League fun for each player individually!

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