7 Best Mid Lane Bullies in League of Legends

7 Best Mid Lane Bullies in League of Legends Guide

There are tons of champions that you can play in the mid-lane in League of Legends. Depending on your playstyle, you might want to play aggressively so that you gain the prio in the lane and are able to roam around the map while your enemy laner is forced to sit under his tower. If you are curious to know which champions are ideal for bullying the enemy laner, this list will show you the 7 best mid-lane bullies in League of Legends.

Here are the 7 best mid-lane bullies in League of Legends:

  1. Heimerdinger
  2. Zed
  3. Yasuo
  4. Fizz
  5. Cassiopea
  6. Leblanc
  7. Talon

After careful consideration, these are the best lane bullies in the mid-lane. While you might consider some other champions to take their place, there is a good reason why they are mentioned here. With that said, let’s dive in and find out why these are the 7 best mid-lane bullies in League of Legends.

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Heimerdinger Best Mid Lane Bullie League of Legends GuideHeimerdinger is an extremely annoying champion to lane against. Thanks to his pushing powers and his abilities, it can be quite difficult to fight against Heimerdinger. His Q allows him to place a small turret. This is the bread and butter of Heimer’s kit. He can place up to three turrets that continuously auto-attack any enemy nearby. You can easily push the wave quickly thanks to this ability.

His W allows you to fire rockets in any given direction. You can use this ability in various ways. Depending on where you place your cursor, the rockets can either be spread out or all fire in the same direction towards a single target. This ability is great for pushing the wave or poking the enemy.

Heimer’s E fires a small bomb that stuns any target that is hit directly by it. If someone is slightly hit by it, they will take damage and be slowed. Plus, if this hits a target and Heimer’s turrets are nearby, all of his turrets will fire a laser towards the target. This ability is great to poke the enemy that is hiding behind minions. Plus, if you hit them in the center, you can stun them to land your rockets for additional damage as well.

Finally, Heimer’s R has a ton of uses. If you use R and press Q, you will place a large turret that will deal tons of damage with auto attacks and will fire a stronger version of the laser. It is basically a much stronger version of his normal turrets. Secondly, if you use R and press W, Heimer will fire a wave of missiles in a given direction. They deal tons of damage and are great to execute the enemy or clear the entire minion wave instantly. Finally, using R and pressing E will fire the bomb but it will bounce forward up to three times. For every bounce, it will stun, damage, and slow all targets in its radius.

Depending on the situation, you can use whatever ultimate you want. Usually, if you are getting ganked, you can put a strong turret and you’ll easily get a double kill. The reason why Heimerdinger is one of the biggest lane bullies is because of his unmatchable pushing power.


Zed Best Mid Lane Bullie League of Legends GuideZed is a champion that requires no mana for his abilities. He does have an energy mechanic, however. Zed can use all of his abilities to poke the enemy while staying behind minions at a safe distance. He is an assassin that deals tons of damage from the early game. If you master his energy use, you can become an extremely strong lane bully that will force the enemy to stay behind their turret or frequently go to their base.

His Q throws a shuriken in a targetted direction. This shuriken passes through all units and buildings. It deals a good amount of damage and is good for poking enemies from a distance. Plus, you can use this ability to clear minions while staying at a safe distance as well.

Zed’s W summons a shadow that copies all of his abilities. This is what makes Zed a dangerous champion in the lane. Use your shadow and use all of your abilities to double your damage since your shadow will also deal damage as well. Also, you can cast W again to switch position with your shadow. This is great to either chase the enemy or get away from a gank.

His E damages and slows everything around Zed. On its own, this ability isn’t that strong. However, if you use it combined with his shadow, you will deal tons of damage and slow the enemy as well.

Finally, Zed’s R has him become untargetable and teleport behind the enemy in an instant. After a while, depending on the amount of damage you deal to the enemy, they will take a lot of damage. If you use your entire combo on the enemy after using your ultimate, they will almost always die regardless of how tanky they are. Zed is the bane of any ADC or squishy champions existence.

In the lane, you can use his Q to poke the enemy and use your shadow once in a while to deal even more damage. Once they are low, you can simply use your R or continue poking them to force them to go back. If they stay in the lane after being low HP, you can easily finish them without getting into danger yourself. Just keep an eye on your energy meter and you’ll be good to go.


Yasuo Best Mid Lane Bullie League of Legends GuideWhile some players might not consider Yasuo a good lane bully, I have a different experience. He has a low cooldown Q that he can spam since his abilities do not take any mana. His Q deals a good amount of damage considering it has a few seconds cooldown. After successfully hitting it twice, you can fire a tornado that will knock up any enemy hit by it.

Yasuo’s W allows him to place a wind wall that blocks almost all projectiles and auto attacks in the game – except for the turrets. This ability can be used to block everything that the enemy has to offer so that they deal no damage. Plus, you can even use it to deny them the farm.

His E allows you to dash through enemy targets. It has a low cooldown as well, so, you can dash through enemies all over the place. Use this to close the gap and damage the enemy. After using your combo, dash back and return to safety. You can even use it to chase the enemy in the lane as well.

Yasuo’s R lets him instantly teleport behind an enemy that is knocked up in the air and slash them. After a while, Yasuo will slam them to the ground, gaining armor penetration and damaging them. Thanks to his high mobility and tons of damage, Yasuo is a great lane bully that can 1v1 almost anyone if they are not careful.


Fizz Best Mid Lane Bullie League of Legends GuideFizz is a good champion that can become quite the lane bully if played properly. His abilities allow him to be quite mobile while dealing tons of damage. He can deal a lot of damage and run out of the fight without taking any damage himself.

His Q allows you to dash through an enemy, dealing damage and placing you behind them. This is a good gap-closing ability that lets you get close to the enemy champion without wasting any summoners.

His W is a strong auto attack that also deals damage over time to the target that is hit. You can easily last hit minions with this since you gain the mana and its cooldown back if it kills the enemy.

Fizz’ E is what makes him quite the bully. He becomes untargetable while standing on his trident. After a short duration, you can make him slam down in any direction. You can either use this to damage this enemy or run away from them while they cannot target you.

Finally, his R throws a fish in the direction of your cursor. After a short duration, a large shark appears from the ground and damages everything in that area. It also knocks up all enemies in the area. This ultimate is not only a great tool for CC but also one shots most squishy champions without a second thought.


Cassiopea Best Mid Lane Bullie League of Legends GuideCassiopea might be a little bit of a controversial pick since she requires a little skill to be a bully. Otherwise, you’ll mostly be out of mana while the enemy slaps your around. However, if you know how her kit works, you can bully the enemy and force them to sit under their tower.

She has a lot of damage and all of that applies a poison debuff on the enemy. Even after they are done fighting you, they will take a little bit of damage over time. This allows you to win most trades since the enemy will take more damage than they deal to you.

Plus, her ultimate is quite handy in most situations. You can use it to stun any enemy that is directly staring at your champion. This allows you to deal a lot of damage while the enemy is stunned and cannot do anything.

On top of that, her W throws a poison line on the ground – for a lack of a better word. Any enemies that are in that poisonous area will take damage over time and cannot use any movement abilities. This stops all mobile champs right in their tracks since they cannot use flash or any other movement abilities.


Leblanc Best Mid Lane Bullie League of Legends GuideLeblanc has a lot of mobility that she can use to confuse the enemy and keep them on their toes. Thanks to that, she has a lot of lane presence and is almost impossible to gank. You can easily waste the enemy junglers’ time when they come to gank you.

Her Q marks an enemy, slightly damaging them. However, the major damage comes when you hit the marked enemy with the rest of her abilities. The marked enemy will take tons of damage.

Her W lets you dash forward, leaving a clone behind. She can cast W again to return to her original position. This can be used to bully the enemy out of the lane. Use this to go forward and use your combo on the enemy. After you used it, simply cast W again to return to safety.

Leblanc’s E throws a chain that sticks to the first target hit. After a short duration, the target is rooted. This allows you to either chase the enemy easily or run away from them.

Her R allows her to use whatever ability she last used. This means that you can either use two W’s to dash twice as far or chain the enemy twice for a longer root. The possibilities are endless and it comes down to what the situation demands.


Talon Best Mid Lane Bullie League of Legends GuideDid you know that Talon has the highest first blood percentage at level 2 in League of Legends? This alone makes him a giant lane bully. His abilities are extremely powerful since the start of the game. Plus, thanks to a rework, he can now have a lot of map presence as well.

Talon’s Q allows him to jump to an enemy and use his blade to damage them. This is a good ability to either gap close or executes them since it deals more damage when you kill someone with it.

His W allows Talon to throw a few of his blades in front of him, damaging and slowing anything hit by them. The blades go forward and come back to Talon, damaging anyone hit on the way back as well. Use this to poke the enemy from a distance or hit them while they are running away after using your Q.

Talon’s E allows him to jump over any wall in the game. The wall will become red and have a cooldown before you can jump over it again. While this isn’t an ability that will help you in the lane, you can use it to gain an advantage on the map. If your jungler is in trouble, jump over the wall and help them out. Plus, you can use this to gank from various locations or run away if the enemy is ganking you.

Finally, Talon’s R makes him invisible for a short duration and he throws his blades all around him. Once he hits a target, all of those blades will damage the enemy, slowing them as well.

All of his abilities are extremely strong that deal a lot of damage since the early game. Use them effectively and the enemy will certainly die a lot in the lane.

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