How to Check the MMR in ARAM (Season 12 Update)

How to Check the MMR in ARAM (Season 12 Update)

MMR is simply a match-making rating in League of Legends. Its origins go back to at least season 2 and season 3 of League of Legends. A similar method of rating is also used in many other games as well including basketball. Riot didn’t actually start a ranked-tier system for the Howling Abyss where the League of Legends game mode ARAM is played. Instead, the ranked system began for ranked matches played in the Summoner’s Rift. The term “high elo” comes from meaning high rank in the League of Legends Tier system.

Accordingly, higher-ranked players are matched up with players at a similarly ranked tier to ensure competition remains healthy. Thus it seems MMR is only for matches played in the Summoner’s Rift. 


Is there MMR for ARAM as well?

However, many players have reported being faced with more formidable or more accessible opponents in the ARAM mode as well. This must mean that there some logic to how players are matched in ARAM as well. The MMR number represents a league of legends player’s skill level. It determines the opponents you play against. If you are new, it’s likely that you won’t be matched against higher-skilled players. Although players often use ARAM mode to warm up for Summoner’s Rift, which is the primary game mode for League of Legends, ARAM itself can be very challenging and fun to play.

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MMR is different for Queue types:

Your ARAM match-making rating will be different from your Summoner’s Rift rating. You can’t expect to win ARAM matches in a series and then expect to have a higher MMR for the classic 5v5 game as well. Similarly, your solo Q rating will be different from than duo queue rating. If you have a 5-member squad, playing with this team will affect your MMR in another way. So don’t start thinking if you are good at 5v5 in the Summoner’s Rift, then you are automatically entitled to play the best players in ARAM as well. The rating for each queue type and for each game mode is different for you. There is an entire match-making guide on the Riot Games’ website if you want to know more in detail.

How is MMR related to ELO?

Ranked game modes use the League Points or LP in addition to the MMOR to rank players. Your MMR and the average MMR of your tier/division determine your Elo in ranked matches. If you are on an unbeatable winning strike, then it means you are playing better than the average MMR for your tier, and you will get more LP per match. Conversely, if you start losing games, it will mean you are playing below the average MMR for your tier, and you lost more LP points.

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How to check MMR for ARAM?

Although MMR records and ratings are kept internal to Riot Games, various fan-made tools can help you find your own MMR. One of the tools is, which explains what MMR is and its relation to Elo. You have to have played in the last 30 days to get an MMR rating. This tool is not available in all servers yet, unfortunately. Similarly, the website offers a very extensive guide into ARAM and how to improve your performance in this game mode. Both these websites are fan-made. Riot had no part to play in this.

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