5 Most Mobile ADCs in League of Legends

5 Most Mobile ADCs in League of Legends

ADCs are the main DPS of the team and they can dish out a lot of damage to the enemy team within seconds. However, for that, you need to be quite fed and have a good amount of farm so that you have the items required to deal the damage. Since there are a lot of champions that can jump, dash, teleport, and other mobile abilities, you should pick an ADC that is quite mobile against those champions. That is why this guide will list down the 5 most mobile ADCs in League of Legends.

The 5 most mobile ADCs in League of Legends are:

  • Vayne
  • Ezreal
  • Kai’sa
  • Zeri
  • Lucian

Keep in mind that you might prefer some other ADC like Kalista to be on the list but the champions mentioned here have a good reason to be here. If you’d like to know why these are the best mobile champions in League of Legends, let’s dive right in and check them out.


Vayne Mobile ADCs in League of LegendsWhen you think of mobile champions, the first one that should come to your mind is Vayne. She is a hyper carry that is one of the best champions in the game to carry the game by yourself. She has a low cooldown Q that is a short dash – or roll. Vayne rolls a short distance in the direction of your mouse and she gains an empowered auto attack as well.

When chasing someone, this ability will practically have a 1-second cooldown in the late game since, after every time you hit someone after your Q, it will go on cooldown. Once you use your ultimate, your Q will always be up after every two auto attacks. The best part is that your Q will make you invisible for a short duration if you use it while your ultimate is active.

Combine both of these abilities and Vayne is easily the most mobile ADCs in the game. Not only do you have a low cooldown dash but you also can become invisible for a short duration as well. A fed Vayne will easily 1v5 the game thanks to her insane damage and outplay potential. However, it takes a lot of skill to properly play Vayne or you’ll be dying constantly trying to outplay the enemy.


Ezreal Mobile ADCs in League of LegendsWhenever you want to play a safe ADC that can run away from the assassins, players often pick Ezreal. This is for good reason as well, since Ezreal’s E allows him to essentially have an extra flash. While the cooldown is high – especially in the early game – you can make use of Ezreal’s passive and Q to reduce the cooldown.

For every Q that you hit, your abilities cooldown will reduce by 1-second. While this doesn’t seem like much on paper, during the game, you can land your Q after every second or so. So, if your E has a 20-second cooldown, you can bring it down to 6 or 7 seconds by hitting your Q. This allows you to flash away from the enemy and continue hitting them while they are trying to chase you.

The best part is that you can use this over the walls like you would use your flash. This allows you to either chase or run away from enemies really easily. If the enemy flashes towards you, you can use your summoner flash and go even further.


Kaisa Mobile ADCs in League of LegendsWhen Kai’sa first came out, people called her the better version of Vayne. While that isn’t exactly true, her abilities do suggest that. Thanks to her E and her ultimate, she is an extremely mobile champion that can get away from a lot of sticky situations. Not only that but you can also use these abilities to chase down enemies that are trying their best to run away from you.

Kai’sa’s E allows her to run swiftly but she cannot auto-attack during that duration. After her “charge up” duration ends, you will have a higher attack speed. While this ability on its own is quite nice, you can make it even better after evolving it. After building enough attack speed, Kai’sa will evolve her E, giving you a new effect alongside the previous ones.

Before, you were often vulnerable while using your E since you cannot auto attack. Now, you become invisible – like Vayne during her ultimate – for the duration of the charge up. Use this to reposition yourself and confuse the enemy. Plus, this ability doesn’t have a high cooldown later in the game and you can even reduce it by auto attacking the enemy champions. While it doesn’t compare to Vayne’s mobility, Kai’sa still comes close.

If that wasn’t enough, Kai’sa’s ultimate allows her to dash towards an enemy champion if they are marked by her passive. Any enemy champion that is hit by any CC, your abilities, or your auto attacks will become marked. You can use your ultimate to dash towards that enemy while gaining a shield as well. This is a great ability that has multiple uses.

You can either use it to chase the enemy or reposition yourself and gain the shield while fighting the enemy. If the enemy is far away, you can use your W to fire a long-range projectile and mark them. With all of these abilities combined, Kai’sa is an extremely mobile champion that deals tons of damage.


Zeri Mobile ADCs in League of LegendsThe latest champion on the list, Zeri’s entire kit revolves around her being mobile and extremely difficult to catch. Not only does Zeri gain a lot of movement speed, but she also has a dash on her E which allows her to move forward a short distance. What makes this ability even better is that she can use it to travel over walls.

Regardless of how long the wall is, you can use her E to traverse that entire wall and end up on the other side. If used right, there is no way that someone can catch you. Also, speaking of movement speed, once you use your ultimate, you gain a lot of it. This makes it extremely difficult to catch or hit Zeri with skillshots during a fight. Use your ultimate and kite around with your Q to deal a lot of damage while being almost impossible to catch.

If the enemy does start hitting you by some miracle, simply use your E to escape and dash a short distance or over a wall. Once you are safe, start attacking the enemy with your Q again.

If you are good at kiting, Zeri is one of the best ADCs right now that will annoy the enemy team due to her high mobility. Try her out right now and practice your kiting skills to climb the ranked ladder!


Lucian Mobile ADCs in League of LegendsDespite only having one mobility ability on his E, Lucian can quickly reduce its cooldown by making use of his passive. The more enemies you hit with your passive, the quicker your E will come back. This allows you to dash multiple times during a teamfight once you level it up a bit.

I have seen Lucian players use their E after almost every 2 or 3 seconds thanks to their low cooldown and passive. This makes it extremely difficult to catch a good Lucian since he will constantly dash away while dealing tons of damage. On top of that, you can even synergize his ultimate with your E. While Lucian is using his ultimate, use his E to dash in any direction and start damaging the enemy if they are running away.

Also, needless to say, Galeforce has made Lucian even more mobile than before. Not only do you have a short cooldown dash that you can use multiple times but also an item that gives you a short dash alongside dealing damage to a single target. Even if you do not want to make Galeforce, you will still be a high mobility champion that any enemy will fear – especially in the late game.

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