5 Most Mobile Junglers in League of Legends

5 Most Mobile Junglers in League of Legends

Jungling is a tough business. You run around the map looking for all sorts of opportunities, and even then it’s not always a sure success. You have to take note of all kinds of things like where everyone is, the large monster timers, your pathways to take, and all that good stuff. But this article isn’t a rant about frustrated junglers. Today, we are going to take a look at something more important.

With all the running you’re going to be doing throughout the game in between ganks, mobility helps out a lot. It helps you get from point A to point B a lot quicker, and in a game like League of Legends, that may be what results in either an early snowballing champion or a lost opportunity. Today, let’s look at some of the most mobile junglers you can find in Summoner’s Rift. Whether it’s how fast they can traverse the whole map or how well they can zip around during a clash, there’s going to be something for you here. So let’s get started.


Rammus Best Most Mobile Jungler in League of LegendsOkay okay, hear me out. I know Rammus is a tank and he’s not exactly the paragon of attack speed, but his movement speed is another thing altogether. But we all know how quick he can come out of the jungle, regardless of whether or not it is warded. Powerball allows him to move fast, and I mean, really fast. Toward the end of its duration, it actually gives you up to 235% movement speed. Early on in the game, it does suffer from long cooldowns, but one instance may be all that you need, considering Rammus is a tank after all.

In the late game, it gets even worse for opponents. Powerball has a fixed duration of 6 seconds. At level 4, it also has a cooldown of 6 seconds, not even counting ability haste. This allows him to always be on the move. When you combine Powerball with Soaring Slam, then this can be a team fight nightmare for your opponents. This is especially devastating when they all bunch up together, such as when they try to take Baron.


Hecarim Best Most Mobile Jungler in League of LegendsTo absolutely nobody’s surprise, Hecarim makes an appearance on this list. Why wouldn’t he? His kit revolves around increasing his movement speed. Even his passive incentivizes movement speed by giving him attack damage that scales with it, which pushes players to make decisions like taking Ghost in place of Flash that you can either use as a movement speed boost, a temporary damage steroid, or both.

Devastating Charge also gives him a 65% movement speed buff, and although it isn’t as speedy or frequently used as Powerball, Hecarim already builds enough movespeed by default, so it evens out. His ultimate Onslaught of Shadows allows him to initiate, disengage, or catch fleeing enemies. It works over terrain too, so you could use it to catch opponents by surprise.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin Best Most Mobile Jungler in League of LegendsIf you could only choose one answer to the question, “What is Lee Sin known for?”, the answer would have to be mobility. Sure, he doesn’t particularly walk fast, but with a host of utilities under his skill toolbelt, I think we can all agree he doesn’t need to. A lot of it boils down to his Q and his W, namely, Resonating Strike and Safeguard. Much like ninjas in the game, he uses energy, so he can spam it fairly often. In fact, this mobility and mana independency is what makes him so dangerous in the early to mid game.

Resonating Strike allows you to dash to wherever Sonic Wave hits, and it also works as a form of minor execute, mostly because of how it scales with the target’s missing health. The cool part about this is that you can actually delay activating it if you’re unsure of whether or not your opponent is going to Flash through a terrain, as it allows you to jump to him afterwards. Safeguard is what makes for some sick plays for the pros. It has many uses, such as dashing to an allied champion, minion, or even ward. When placed behind enemies, it allows you to use Dragon’s Rage to kick them toward allies. It can be a bit tricky to pull of at first, but it’s a nice combo when you’ve got your APM down.

Master Yi

Master Yi Best Most Mobile Jungler in League of LegendsMuch to the chagrin of a lot of people, Master Yi also makes it to this list. This is a list of champions who are the most mobile, and Master Yi qualifies at all ranks. While the combination of Alpha Strike, Double Strike, and Wuju Style give him absurd clear speed in the jungle, the clear winner for mobility here has to be Highlander. This skill allows Master Yi to gain up to 55% movement speed, 45% attack speed, all while being immune to slows. It only lasts 7 seconds by default, but the duration increases by 7 seconds when he participates in a champion takedown.

That isn’t all though, as champion takedowns also reduce Master Yi’s basic ability cooldowns by 70% by default, even when it isn’t activated. This essentially means that master Yi can use Alpha Strike, activate Highlander to get the most out of your 7 seconds by avoiding the animation, use his attack speed boost to pummel enemies, then get refreshed cooldowns after a kill. Alpha Strike makes him untargetable while he hits multiple opponents, and it’s also a reliable, point-and-click gap closer, so getting takedowns during Highlander is very, very common.


Talon Best Most Mobile Jungler in League of LegendsWith Talon becoming more popular in the jungle, he makes it into this list simply because of Assassin’s Path. While other champions on this list do offer great mobility, Talon is the only one who can vault over terrain in multiple instances in a short span of time. An argument could be made that the terrain used by this skill does have a large cooldown in the early game, despite the skill itself having a short cooldown. Because of this, it is often a one way trip considering you cannot go the same way you came in, but it still gives him a degree of freedom to choose where to enter and exit that not other champions on this list may have.

During the pharming phase, he’s also able to move around quickly because of this skill. Blade’s End also helps him clear large camps relatively quickly, especially during the early game. In an actual fight, Shadow Assault allows him to navigate quickly while invisible, which is always great when you consider how squishy he actually is.


No matter what your playstyle, it can be nice to switch it up every once in a while. Sometimes we feel like going stealthy like Evelynn. Some days we want someone tankier to just clap hands with opponents without thinking too much. Whichever way you go, remember to have fun! We hope this list helped you decide which champion may be right for you in case you were in the mood for that F1 adrenaline-inducing vibe.

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