5 Most Mobile Mid Laners in League of Legends

5 Most Mobile Mid Laners in League of Legends

When playing mid-lane champions, most players want to prioritize mobile champions that can easily roam the map as well. This not only allows you to have a better time in the laning phase but also helps your team across the map by roaming quickly. However, since the mid-lane has a large champion pool, finding the best mobile champions can be quite difficult. Worry not because this guide will show you the 5 most mobile mid-laners in League of Legends.

The 5 most mobile mid-laners in League of Legends are:

  • Katarina
  • Zed
  • Yasuo
  • Leblanc
  • Akali

These are the 5 best mobile mid-lane champions in League of Legends. There are tons of other champions as well that could have made the list but the ones mentioned here are quite strong and have a good reason to be here. If you are curious to know more about why these champions are considered the most mobile mid-laners, continue reading to find out. Without further ado, let’s get started.


Katarina Most Mobile Mid Laner in League of LegendsThe first champion on the list, Katarina is an extremely mobile champion that is quite annoying to face. After a few reworks, Katarina now can use her E to instantly teleport to a target. This is a point-and-click ability with a high cooldown during the early game. However, if you use your W, you will place a dagger on the ground. Step on the dagger to reduce the cooldown of your E.

Plus, you also place a dagger on the ground after using your Q. The best part is that you can use your E on your daggers to deal an AOE damage and instantly have a reduced cooldown as well. Place a W on your location and press E on the dagger which is placed near the enemy after Q. This will allow you to teleport all over the place easily without taking much damage.

Plus, if you get kills, all of your abilities will have reduced cooldowns as well. This is quite useful since you can teleport in, use your R to spin, get a kill and spam your teleport again. Katarina’s E is the reason why she is one of the most mobile champions in the game – especially in the mid-lane.


Zed Best Most Mobile Mid Laner in League of LegendsThis spot on the list was a tough choice since I was going to put Fizz here. However, thanks to Zed’s shadows, he is more mobile and has more outplay potential as well. He is an assassin that will always keep the enemy on their toes thanks to his abilities. Zed’s W summons a shadow that will copy all of his abilities. You can use this to easily poke the enemy from a distance or combine it with your spells and deal double the damage.

However, the reason why he is considered mobile is that you can cast your W again while your shadow is active to instantly switch positions. Now, you will be where your shadow was and it will be where you were when you pressed W. This can help you get away from ganks or chase the enemy with ease.

On top of that, you can use your R to become untargetable and teleport behind the selected enemy champion. It spawns a shadow at the location where you used your R. This allows you to have an additional shadow alongside your W.

You can either press your R or W to switch positions between the two shadows and keep your enemies guessing. This gives you a lot of mobility since you can basically teleport to two different locations just by a press of a button.

Not only is Zed a mobile champion, but he also deals a lot of damage thanks to all of his abilities and with the help of his shadows. After using your R, you can have two shadows that will copy your damage, allowing you to triple your damage output.


Yasuo Most Mobile Mid Laner in League of LegendsOne of the most annoying champions is Yasuo. He is easily one of the most memeable champions in the game. However, if used correctly, he can become a menace that is quite difficult to deal with. Thanks to his low cooldowns, you can spam your E to dash between minions and enemy champions easily. Once you dash through a target, they will go on cooldown and you’ll have to wait a bit before using E on them again.

This ability is best used on the minion wave so that you can close the gap and damage the enemy. Once you have done your damage, use your E on the remaining minions and head back to safety. Alternatively, you can use this to chase the enemy while they are running away in the lane.

His R is also something that can be considered a mobility spell. If an enemy champion is airborne, you can press R to instantly go behind them and slice them in the air like an anime. After a second, you will slam the enemy to the ground, dealing damage and gaining armor penetration. The reason why this spell is considered a mobility one is since it instantly teleports you behind the enemy from a distance. (dulcesdiabeticos.com)


Leblanc Most Mobile Mid Laner in League of LegendsGanking a Leblanc is almost impossible thanks to her mobility. Before hitting level 6 and getting her ultimate, Leblanc has one spell that allows her to dash in any direction. The best part is that you leave a mark behind where you can press W again to come back to your original position. This ability is great to dash into the enemy to poke them and press W again to return behind your wave and win the trade.

Plus, you can use this to go over walls as well. When the enemy flashes or jumps over the wall towards you, you can cast this ability again to go to your original place. This will waste the enemy’s flash and you’ll be safe.

Once Leblanc gains her ultimate, though, she gains even more mobility. Her ultimate allows her to cast the last used spell again for a low cost. If you use your W, your ultimate will also become that ability. This means that you can dash twice and also cast it again to return to your location as well. You leave behind two marks which will confuse the enemy since they will not know where you will come back.

Combine both of your abilities together and you’ll become an extremely mobile champion that will be impossible to gank or get away from. She is one of the best champions to juke the enemy with thanks to her abilities. Plus, you can even use your E to chain the enemy and root them for a few seconds to help you chase them even easily or getaway.

Most Mobile Mid in Laners League of Legends GuideThat’s not all, though. Her passive allows her to automatically summon a clone that can be controlled for a brief period. Once you reach a certain HP, Leblanc will go invisible for a short duration and summon a clone. You can use this to confuse the enemy since they will see two Leblancs heading in opposite directions. This gives you a 50% chance to run away and watch the enemy go after your clone. Her passive gives her even more mobility, making it near impossible to catch her, especially in the late game.


Akali Most Mobile Mid Laner in League of LegendsAkali is one of the most mobile champions in League of Legends. She has so many abilities that allow her to move around quickly while the enemy is scared of her. Starting with her W, she uses a shroud to conceal herself for a duration. While in the shroud, you can move around freely without being seen by the enemy. This allows you to gain lane control easily and avoid any incoming ganks as well.

While in the shroud, you can cast your spells or auto attacks and become invisible again. The best part is that you cannot be revealed even by control wards. Use this ability to zone the enemy or keep them on their toes and make your great escape.

Moving on to her next ability, Akali’s E allows her to jump backward while throwing a shuriken forward. If any enemy is hit by this, you can cast E again to jump to the enemy regardless of how far they are from you. You can use this ability to either dodge the enemy skill shots by jumping backward. On the other hand, you can also use this to put a mark on the enemy so that you can jump to them after they flash or use their mobility abilities to run away.

Most Mobile Mid Laners in League of LegendsYou can combine your E with your W as well. If you use your E while in your shroud, you can cast it again to come back to your shroud regardless of how far you are. Use this combo to confuse the enemy or poke them and return to safety. Regardless of how you use this combo, you will certainly keep the enemies on their toes.

Finally, her ultimate is another ability that gives her tons of mobility. You can use her ultimate twice since it has two stacks. The first stack has to be done on an enemy champion. This will stun them for a very brief period and you will jump over them and be on their opposite side. After a short duration, you can cast your R again in any direction and Akali will hastily slice through any enemy in that direction. You can use this to either execute the enemy or jump over walls depending on the situation.

You could have used her first part of her R anywhere but since that gave her more mobility than any other champion in the game, Riot changed it so you have to use the first cast on an enemy champion. Regardless of that, she is still easily one of the most mobile champions in the game.

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