Top 7 Most Annoying Champions in League of Legends

With over 150 Champions in the game, some are bound to stand out. Due to most of the Champions being unique, there’s not much you can group about them. However, one thing can hold them all together – annoyance. Many Champions in League of Legends stand out in this regard. 

Everyone tends to hate their guts, ban them and avoid them altogether. Some examples are pretty infamous, and we will be listing them in this article. 

We’ve spoken about annoying Champions before on a per-Role basis. We’ve listed the most annoying Champions out there for Top, Bot, Jungle, Mid, and Support.

Out of those lists comes this Ultimate. It will be comprised of entries from those lists, and if you want to check them out in their entirety, you can visit them on the links above. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

7. Teemo

Teemo is the most annoying Champion in League of Legends, period. With that, he is also the most annoying on the Top Lane, and you just knew he was going to be on the list the moment you clicked on it. I know that I’ve said the list is in no particular order, but the magnitude in which Teemo is more annoying than anyone else in the game is so large that I just can’t help but mention it. 

First of all, he is ranged. This gives him insane leverage over most Top Lane Champions, which are often melee and immobile. You’ll never have a chance to farm against Teemo with a melee Bruiser. The Teemo player doesn’t even have to be good to zone you out of the game effectively, which adds to the annoyance factor. Everyone can and will dominate the Lane with Teemo. It’s just a given. 

He has blind, poison, the God-forsaken Mushrooms, and insane basic attack damage. He can quickly destroy you just by using his basic attacks that can chunk you for 100 HP, even at the earliest parts of the game. Utterly insane, Teemo represents everything evil in League of Legends, despite his innocent looks. 

Psychotic, powerful, and borderline broken, Teemo is the annoying Champion of League, and I believe there will never be one as bad as he is. 

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6. Aphelios

Aphelios is the most broken Champion in the entire game. He is nigh unstoppable on his onslaught in the right player’s hands. His kit is so overtuned, bloated, and overloaded that it’s not even funny. He will find ways to completely obliterate you from the face of the Summoner’s Rift, and he won’t even break a sweat.

Aphelios has some of the highest range in the game as well, which will give him enough safety to farm and harass you from a distance. His damage only keeps getting worse as the game progresses, and he keeps switching between those stances/weapons that he has. I have to come clean with you, readers – I have no idea how this Champion works.

I’ve only ever seen Aphelios in the game a couple of times, mostly on my own team. I’ve never had the chance to fully experience this Champion and how it feels to play against him. However, from some of my other experiences, I can safely deduce that he is annoying as all hell to face. There’s so much wrong with Aphelios that one entry on one list couldn’t even scratch the surface of it – but I guess that’s why he’s considered the lowest of all tiers on the ADC role. 

5. Vex

Vex is a recent addition to League of Legends and is already one of the most hated Champions the game has ever had. A few Champions can even compare with the levels of absurdity that Vex can be at, and I am happy that I’m not maining Mid in this meta. 

Vex can pressure you hard. She will spam her spells that only get stronger as she uses them. If she hits you with an upgraded spell, oh boy, are you in for a world of pain. Vex can keep spamming and spamming, and you can more or less do nothing about it. 

After getting level 6, Vex becomes an insane Champion nuke. Yes, you read it right – SHE becomes the nuke. Using it, Vex can make huge engages and do tons of damage to multiple enemies at once. It turns her into a pseudo-Assassin, and she will be going around the map sniping people, trying to get some kills. 

Vex is entirely busted and has received a ton of flack for a reason. She doesn’t require any skill to play apart from learning skill shots. But, then again, who doesn’t know how to use skill shots today? I’ll not answer that question. 

I recommend you play Vex while she’s hot. However, you will be cross-eyed by just about everyone in the community, so I leave it up to you to calculate whether it’s worth it. 

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4. Zed

Zed is definitely the number one Assassin in League of Legends currently. At least among the AD ones, anyways. He’s not that annoying to be classified in the same way as Vex. However, there are some things about Zed that are just too mindnumbing not to mention. 

His shadows will drive you nuts, and the damage they can do is just something else. Zed, as an Assassin, is specialized in killing you as fast as humanly possible. This sometimes exceeds even the inhuman limits required, and Zed will completely obliterate you. You’re often left entirely defenseless, just waiting for yourself to die. This annoys the hell out of me, especially if I win the Lane against him, and he just goes for a few roams. 

That brings me to my second point. The roams, oh God, the roams. Zed can fly across the entire map, be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and will get all the kills he needs to get fed or back into the game in mere seconds. The low cooldowns and severe damage make Zed a literal demon that haunts the enemy team for the entire game. 

It’s not easy to contain him, and he becomes very exhausting to play against. Good Zed players are real Assassins cosplaying as “gamers” and are likely just playing with us. At any rate, Zed is utterly broken and remains the best of the best in the Assassin sphere. 

Be afraid. You have every reason to.

3. Yuumi

Yuumi, like Lulu, and some others on this list, is an Enchanter. However, she is a little bit different. While your usual Champion in League goes around casting spells, putting themselves in life endangerment – Yuumi does something… else. She attaches herself to an ally, becomes invulnerable as long as she remains at their side, and then casts spells and does all the other usual stuff. 

This makes her playstyle super unique but also quite annoying. You see, to kill Yuumi, you first have to kill her ally. Either that or catch her off guard while she is wandering about alone for no apparent reason. While killing Yuumi’s allies, while she can still cast spells, is somewhat tedious. 

You see, she heals – a lot. The amounts that Yuumi can heal can sometimes be considered borderline insane. Apart from that, Yuumi can also do damage, slow and root enemies, etc. She has a ton in her kit that can be utilized in many different ways.

Laning against her, especially early on, isn’t that bad. However, as the game progresses, Yuumi can become unbearable, and her utility truly makes her one of the strongest Enchanters in the game. 

Yuumi goes well with just about anyone, but her buffs will prove most sufficient on Champions that love fighting. Like Lulu, Yuumi goes well with the likes of Master Yi, and everyone dreads to see Yi running towards them with Yuumi at their shoulder. 

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2. Leona

Leona is a tank disabler that everyone loves to hate. She is a Champion that you will see so often that you might not even need to read this bit about her. I suggest you do, though, as I try hard to explain and make it a fun time of knowledge for you. 

From level 1, Leona can already apply powerful stuns to her enemies. By level 3, she will have 2 stuns and some extra damage and defenses ready for use. It becomes borderline impossible to Lane against her if you’ve got the wrong composition of Champions since she can singlehandedly zone you out from ever getting a single minion kill.

Despite being melee, Leona can close this gap instantly with her E, which makes her a constant threat to be aware of. Combined with the right Champion, Leona can dominate her Lane without breaking a sweat. From level 6, she will have 3 stuns in her kit available at almost all times. These stuns are not some short mini-bashes either; they last – for a long time. 

For these reasons, we’ve included her in some of our best CC Champions list, among others. She is super annoying to play against and can drive you insane with her consistent crowd-control. But she is fun to play as, and I suggest you give her a try before someone else picks her and destroys your game.

Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em – join ‘em. Simple as. 

1. Jayce

Jayce is the best ranged Top Laner in League of Legends. Yes, there’s Teemo and Vayne, but bear with me. Jayce has the unique capability to switch between stances, and this alone makes him the best. However, the quality of the spells in both stances is robust, and it boosts Jayce to the position of king. 

He can switch between melee and ranged with a single button press and can be challenging to adapt to. You will have to constantly calculate two different ability kits with different utility and uses. It can get tedious to do so, annoying even, and Jayce will use that against you. He can be safe and farm/harass from a range, but still a melee Assassin that can all in you and likely one-shot with his Q-W-E combo. 

Whatever he does, he is certainly annoying to the very core. Jayce is super hard to counter with most Champions, but I’ve found success when playing Jax against him. Other ranged Top Laners are good against him but not necessarily counter-picks. 

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There are so many Champions in League of Legends that drawing only 7 annoying ones is simply not enough. You will have to check out their primary lists to really grasp how annoying each role can get. Each of these Champions is genuinely a bane of the League player’s existence, thus being included on this list. Though, as I’ve said, 7 out of 159 is not a representative example, and you will have to explore and play a bit more to understand the annoyance of some Champions truly.

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift!

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