Top 7 Most Annoying Top Laners to Play Against

League of Legends has many Champions within its ever-growing roster. There are some Champions, however, which we cannot stand. Whether that be due to their overtuned kits, typical for new releases, or just general bullcrap that’s been in the game for years. 

Yes, some Champions are genuinely and utterly annoying, and that’s what we’re here to cover. In a series of five articles, we will cover all five of the roles and show you the most annoying Champions for each. This is the first in line, so keep an eye out for the others on the site. 

The Top Lane has its fair share of annoyance, and I believe many new and intermediate Top Lane players struggle against the Champions from this list. A few of them are even considered the best of the best in the Lane, so make sure you read them all.

So, with the introduction out of the way, let’s begin with our list.

(It didn’t make sense for me to make this list numbered, so we’re going with no particular order.) 

7. Darius

Perhaps the most infamous example of annoyance on the Top Lane, Darius is more or less king of the Lane. There are so many things about him that make him the domineering force everyone fears. That includes insane damage, tankiness, sustain, CC, everything. Most new players will struggle against Darius and likely lose. 

He is the number one Champion to get fed with against newer players and even intermediate ones. This comes from the fact that Darius is a demanding Champion to face, and his annoyance is derived from that also.

Against players that deeply understand him, I don’t think they’ll find him too annoying. Of course, Darius can apply heavy pressure and zoning on players. Few Champions can directly counter him, as he is the best Lane bully on Top. However, there are some that counter him that are mentioned on the list, so keep reading to find out. 

Anyhow, Darius remains to be one of the most challenging Top Laners to play against, and it can undoubtedly be highly annoying to do so. He will constantly find ways to dominate you, especially if you give him the space to engage you. 

Be aware of this Champion, and pay attention to your and his position. To win against Darius, you have to understand him, and I recommend our website, where there’s more than enough information on Darius and many more exciting things. 

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6. Volibear

Volibear, like Darius, is an influential tank. He can brawl for extensive periods and has some of the most severe damage at lower levels out of any Top Laner. Volibear, since his rework, has indeed become the bane of the existence of all Top Lane players, myself included. Whether he is played on Top or in the Jungle doesn’t matter. He will still be rolling around your Lane, trying to find ways of decimating you. That’s just what he does.

Even before he hits level 6, Volibear can have an insane 3 spell all-in. After level 6, however, he gets insanely powerful and becomes exponentially more dangerous to face. If his Ultimate is up, it’s impossible to engage him, creating games where you are constantly zoned or shoved in. 

The boredom of gameplay against Volibear truly creates an annoying experience. He will pressure you, and if you decide to get closer, obliterate you with his big paws. As a true lore-friendly god of the League of Legends world, he is as strong as they get. 

To mitigate Volibear’s insanity and try to get a sensible game against him, you can pick up a ranged Champion or someone who is better equipped for direct and early game brawls. One of them, of course, is Darius and is a good counterpart (not counter pick) to Volibear. He will manage to fight him well, though not obliterate him in the usual ways Darius would do. 

I recommend you give Volibear a spin yourself before someone picks him up first. 

5. Malphite

Malphite is a simple Champion, and the annoyance of his gameplay comes from that single fact. His spells are not skill shots, apart from his Ultimate, and since he was designed to be a tank – the base damage does get a bit obscene. 

Malphite only takes a few levels to become powerful, which will happen around level 5. At this level, Malphite will have his Q buffed enough to do excellent damage without any items. If he happens to start with a Doran’s Ring, he will do even more damage. By level 6, Malphite becomes a lethal Champion despite being mechanically limited. 

Against most Champions, excluding those that tank up fast, he will have no problem killing them at level 6 upwards. Malphite’s damage gets worse and worse as the game progresses, especially if he decides to pick up some AP. Tank or Mage, Malphite will still have a ton of damage that can be genuinely annoying to deal with. 

To counter him, I suggest you pick up a good brawler that can pull him in and abuse his immobility. There’s a ton of them on this list. In fact, all of the entries are good counter picks for Malphite, so check them all out. 

I recommend Malphite to players who want easy games and be as annoying as possible while not being Teemo. 

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4. Fiora

Fiora is the absolute counter pick for Champions with reliance on CC. Jax is almost completely invalidated by this Champion, among others. She is super powerful and has many mechanics that will drive you insane. 

One of these, which is also the primary, is her passive. It does extra true damage whenever it lands, and she can consistently spam it, doing massive damage in the process. A good Fiora player will rarely miss the hit, and that should be the first thing you want to master when learning Fiora in general. But we’re not here to say good things about these Champions, but the contrary.

Fiora’s passive gives her enormous Lane pressure and allows her to commence easy zoning. If she gets a kill or two, she’ll have a significant advantage that will take you ages to come back from. Fiora easily snowballs, and her annoying nature makes this process even faster. 

Countering her is not easy, and I can suggest only to beware. Keep your distance whenever you don’t have to close it, as Fiora will use every opportunity she can to get that passive hit. She will also heal from those hits, so make sure you don’t give her HP if you get her low enough to zone. 

Never play against yourself. Fiora tries to make you do that constantly. Use your brain, and you’ll have a less difficult time against this powerful dueling Champion. 

3. Teemo

Teemo is the most annoying Champion in League of Legends, period. With that, he is also the most annoying on the Top Lane, and you just knew he was going to be on the list the moment you clicked on it. I know that I’ve said the list is in no particular order, but the magnitude in which Teemo is more annoying than anyone else in the game is so large that I just can’t help but mention it. 

First of all, he is ranged. This gives him insane leverage over most Top Lane Champions, which are often melee and immobile. You’ll never have a chance to farm against Teemo with a melee Bruiser. The Teemo player doesn’t even have to be good to zone you out of the game effectively, which adds to the annoyance factor. Everyone can and will dominate the Lane with Teemo. It’s just a given. 

He has blind, poison, the God-forsaken Mushrooms, and insane basic attack damage. He can quickly destroy you just by using his basic attacks that can chunk you for 100 HP, even at the earliest parts of the game. Utterly insane, Teemo represents everything evil in League of Legends, despite his innocent looks. 

Psychotic, powerful, and borderline broken, Teemo is the annoying Champion of League, and I believe there will never be one as bad as he is. 

2. Jayce

Jayce is the best ranged Top Laner in League of Legends. Yes, there’s Teemo and Vayne, but bear with me. Jayce has the unique capability to switch between stances, and this alone makes him the best. However, the quality of the spells in both stances is robust, and it boosts Jayce to the position of king. 

He can switch between melee and ranged with a single button press and can be challenging to adapt to. You will have to constantly calculate two different ability kits with different utility and uses. It can get tedious to do so, annoying even, and Jayce will use that against you. He can be safe and farm/harass from a range, but still a melee Assassin that can all in you and likely one-shot with his Q-W-E combo. 

Whatever he does, he is certainly annoying to the very core. Jayce is super hard to counter with most Champions, but I’ve found success when playing Jax against him. Other ranged Top Laners are good against him but not necessarily counter picks. 

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1. Vayne

In the current patch, Vayne has become strong beyond comparison. The new Lethal Tempo changes made Vayne a rapid shooter who can consistently get her passive off. She can spam this for insane damage, especially against enemies with a ton of HP, and tend to get tanky. 

I’ve had little success in games against her recently, and as you know, Vayne can snowball pretty quickly. With the new runes and items, this process is considerably shortened, and you will see Vayne get insanely powerfully insanely fast. By level 6 and following it, Vayne will become nigh unkillable by most Top Laners, and your best bet will be to gank her constantly.

I’ve only won games against her where we made 10 ganks in a row, but she still was hard to kill 1v1. It’s mad how powerful this Champion is in the current patch, and you just have to try her out. If you don’t, be sure to ban her to avoid getting her in a match occasionally. Trust me – it’s not easy to play against her. It goes beyond annoying. 


As we can see, the Top Lane is home to the most annoying Champions in the game, among others. There are many classes present, all with a different degree of annoyance. However, one thing remains true for all of them, and that is that they’re all utterly brain-numbing to play against. 

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles.

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